Saturday, July 12, 2014

Lavender Moto Kwik Sew 3764

One of the reasons for my lack of blogging is increased sewing.

Due to my years of thinking, pondering, and experimenting (much of it documented on this very webpage) it's been very successful and enjoyable. Nothing is worse than sewing an ugly garment which you hate to wear and for which you have no use. Conversely, nothing beats making a garment of which you love the look and style and details, which fits and is comfortable and massively useful in your current life.

Again, i have to point to other sewing bloggers as a wonderful resource. I constantly complain of my underabundance of casual jackets.

About six months ago i decided to wrassle this wardrobe hole to the ground. Through much research on available patterns, their review by various bloggers, and experimental outfit creation, i decided to purchase this pattern - Kwik Sew 3764.

I stuck to my guns and waited two months until i could get my hands on a paper pattern (i didn't want to download as this had a good possibility of becoming a TNT pattern, i didn't want to pay the postage, and i wanted to give my money to a local sewing shop).

This pattern is very easy to put together, as well as easy to alter. The directions are straightforward and easy to follow. Plans are in motion for version the second.

In the meantime, i've already worn it a couple dozen times. And the little cami top i'm wearing with it has definitively bit the dust. The fabric has become alarmingly thin of late, in the last wash (in the lingerie bag on delicate) it developed a hole.

Fortuitous timing! I just now finished another little linen sleeveless top, a near-dupe of this one.

So it looks like i'll avoid running nude in the heat for the next little while!


  1. I love the use of the hook and eye tape. I made and love the jacket for autumn/winter - my climate is very moderate.

    I may just make it again in a lightweight fabric with the hook and eye tape.

    Good job.

  2. Welcome Sharon! i agree it's a winner for a moderate climate. I plan to make another in a mid-weight cotton with zips, and then i'm keeping an eye out (haha!) for a warmer knit for our SF Bay Area winters. Thank you for the nice thoughts and keep on sewing! steph

  3. I love the hook and eye closure on the jacket - it really gives it a nice edge. Love your elegant style in the heat!

  4. Love the shape and shade of your new jacket - and the whole look is so cool.

  5. Very very cute! It looks so different in linen and your whole look is summery and cool!

  6. Hi hi hi Sheila!! i am SO GLAD i got two yards of that hook and eye tape on sale a couple years ago! like you say, that type of detail can make a garment. shams, who commented down thread, gave a great talk at Britex Fabrics in SF a couple of weeks ago that i was lucky enough to attend. Her talk focused on closures - she has some really great ones, lots of new ideas from unlikely places,
    and thank you! i hadn't realized how wrinkly i was, but hey this is a reality-based blog ;)

    Thank you Patti! you know, i got this linen a couple of years ago and it was a beautiful, clear shell pink. So so pretty, but i realized i would never wear it. So i threw some RIT Pearl Grey on it, when this gorgeous stormy lavender came up i was thrilled!

    Hello Sharon! thank you for your helpful review, it does look quite different in the linen - although i think if a person wanted that trad moto structured feel, you could block-fuse interfacing on the back of your fashion fabric. But it's way too hot here for that :)

    Happy Sunday Ladies! steph

  7. Glad I found your blog! (through Communing with fabric)

  8. Welcome Janet!!! Communing with Fabric is great on it's own, but also as a hub for other blogs and sewists out there. Have a great day! steph