Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mom Tells It Like It Is

 Received an e-mail from ielgirl this am, horrendously disturbing upon first glance. My groggy eyes immediately leapt to a few phrases which jumped off the screen: ".....i had him shoot me.....i beheaded....."  - - -  What!?!?? My mind barely grasped the meaning of these phrases, leaving my heart paralyzed as my eyes automatically continued skimming along: "....and i posted it to my blog." Aaah! Someone's posted her first outfit of the day!  Whew! I did pause to wonder how she was managing to send an e-mail after all that brutality. Ya got me on that one, P!

Continuing with my 'e-mailbag' theme, mom had some remarks on my recent tule fog post. Mom was born and reared in Fresno, CA, smack dab in the center of the California Central Valley, birthplace of tule fog. Take it away, mom!

"Hahahahahaha! I know why you used the tule fog picture you did, but THAT's not REAL tule fog (see, old lady here).  This is tule fog:

(i can't find the pic she attached to her e-mail - it's just a bunch of fog anyway with one foot of road visible in the foreground)

and it's not real bad in this photo.  Pictures of real tule fog have to have a 'no fog' before picture and the tule fog picture as a referent because in real tule fog you see nothing but the grey.  In this picture, you can actually see the line in the road and some other object(s); in really bad tule fog, you have to drive with the passenger car door OPEN, not just the window, and have the passenger keep their eye on the side of the road as you creep along at 5 mph.  And when the road intersects - oh, hell, that's why I love living outside the Central Valley.  Of course, if you don't stay out late and drive home before 2 am, then it's not such a problem - more cars on the road, however.  Like most of life, it's a crapshoot. 8-)"
We stand corrected!

(Note to Readers: looks like the text formatting went haywire around this point and i can't figure how to fix it. Please accept my apologies! It seems to be just this post.)

I was getting into the top half of these outfits there for a while. Looks like Gracey has been into this dolman sleeve thing too - check out how great she looks when she's "not putting in any effort".  I guess yard-long legs make any outfit pop!!  Anyways, I liked the shape the wrap cardi made over slim-sleeved tees or light sweaters, and played it out with two different skirts, both with dramatic lines. I kept the accessories and other styling to a minimum in order to accent the silhouettes.  I think that the denim skirt look would've been better with a bit of a heel and my hair up or in a low ponytail. Next time.

I've taken so much inspiration from Elsita's blog The Hidden Seed. It seems she no longer posts there, but the archives are up and completely worth your time. I tried duplicating one of her trademark poses with this outfit, seeing as the skirt design was sparked by one she wore, but i've got a ways to go. Elsita's slips don't show unless she wants them to.

Wrap Cardi: Nine West
Grey and Black Sweaters: Target Merona
Denim Skirt: repurposed from J. Peterman wide-legged denim trousers
Beige Skirt: own design, inspired by The Hidden Seed
Slip: own design
Legwear: Sock Dreams
Shoes: Maine Woods
Belt: ???
Bracelet: Justina Leigh


  1. tinyjunco--the first e-mail made me laugh. In teaching creative writing, I've had some crazy e-mails from students and a time or two I've had to remind them to avoid certain key words because the NSA is watching everything we type!

    And your mother, what a wonderful spirit. I drove this way once and plowed into a neighbor's car!

  2. I love that denim skirt - great shape!

  3. Heh ... er, sorry about that.

    The wrap cardigan is really cute. I like the versatility. This seems like a great piece for general layering, and you know how I dig layering!

    The denim skirt looks great with your hair down. The short front slit adds just a bit of drama without detracting from the neat profile. Great outfits!

  4. oh Terri, that's so funny! when we were little and went to the airport to pick up my dad, my mom would be VERY SERIOUS in telling us not to mention anything about bombs or guns or violence at all, or we would attract the attention of security!

    oh no, a crashed car! i should've said, the point of driving with window/door open in the fog is to 'drive by ear' since you can't see for sh7t. i'd like to hear your story of that crash!

    Thank you Sheila! hmm, i don't think i've seen you in a skirt that shape....

    ha ha ha. of course it helps that i'm pretty darn gullible...actually, i wear this cardi a LOT more than i thought i would, and have been plotting to make one or two copies. and there's quite a few of these type of pieces out there these days, which is nice. Thank You!

    Happy Friday Everybody! steph

  5. Hooray, dolman sleeves! That cardigan is fabulous. I especially like it belted. I also love that you're doing the mid-length skirts. I want to do them, but I think they frighten me a bit. Yes, even at my height. I am determined to figure it out though, so I'll be popping by for more inspiration and ideas.

  6. Had to laugh at your text going haywire. Been there!

  7. Hi Gracey!! it's dastardly of me to take a break right after you've become a follower - i'm sending you an e-mail with links to my past mid-calf link stylings to show it's nothing to do with you!!

    Hi Wendy! i know - 'Welcome to Blogger!' pfft. but we could look at it as passing some kind of milestone, i guess.......(more like 'millstone')

    happy saturday!! steph