Monday, March 26, 2012

Please Accept My Regrets...

for the unintentional preview of upcoming posts! Why blogger puts the 'Publish' button right next to the 'Save' button i'll never know - but i do know why it's a bad idea.

On the run today, i am sorry for any inconvenience, steph


  1. That alphabet soup really made me feel like having a liedown to see if it tuned up the brain.

    Your comment about a saturated color accessory must have made me buy a saturated turquoise tee in the supermarket today. :) They don't sell much in the way of clothes but a rack appeared and turquoise was the only color color. Wore it with my faux sheer wool pants outfit that's one of my favorite colors: "not". Not grey, not brown. Those colors where if you match it with grey, it goes brown. If you match it with brown, it goes gray. Turquoise looks great and makes it behave itself.

  2. "Alphabet Soup"!!! those were my 'notes to self', which i often just jot down in blogger and save as a draft. i realize it's gauche to complain about a program that's free, after all. but still.

    That turquoise with the brown/grey/not sounds so wonderful! And those slippery, hard to pin down colors rock me world. i love all things unidentified (as should be apparent now given the books in my color wheel!).

    You're a peach to comment on my 'opps' post, even more to have submitted my post to the YLF links. Thank you so much and have a great day!! steph