Sunday, June 30, 2013

Just An Outfit And Some Deets

I really liked this look so i wanted to post it. Yes, those are new shoes to the blog - Fluevog Wonder Everests, in fact. I saw these shoes a year ago last January at the Union Square Fluevog store. I tried them on and took a couple of pictures, then waited more than nine months for the price to come down. Thanks to the holy mother mountain goddess and various Fl-Angels my size was still available.

Using this picture as my computer wallpaper for most of the interim may have played a factor, i don't know. But, in addition to being gloriously beautiful and quite walkable, these shoes bear the name of a significant obsession in this household.

I see there's a number of missing titles (in the attic right now) including: Boukreev's book The Climb, Dickinson's The Other Side of Everest, Breshear's history of Everest climbs with the section on finding Mallory's body, and Dead Lucky by Lincoln Hall. That's just the ones i remember of the top of my head, and just the ones on climbing Everest in particular rather than high altitude mountaineering generally.

I love this little bubble cardi, it actually provides a wee bit of warmth while being quite comfy even in a fair amount of heat. How, i have no clue! I finally purchased a bit of cotton netting with which to replace the nylon now comprising the edging and cuffs - more comfy and i think a nicer visual weight, calling more attention to those fun details.

Close up shot of the shoes. The stitching is dark grey. I actually prefer these to the black and white pair, you can go from low to high contrast by choice of socks or hose. Same with adding color - very flexible for such a statement shoe!

Here's a picture of the snap details from my Katherine Tilton jacket for Butterick from the last post. I used light dusty pink and violet embroidery floss, and like how the floss and dimples show on the right side.

Lastly, go to sham's blog and check out her outrageously divine Geisha Faces Duster! Let me tell you my friends i would be gnashing my teeth in stomach-gnawing envy at the sight of this creation, or at least dusting off my B & E skills, were i not 80% finished with a pretty great piece myself. I'm not saying it's up there with sham's duster, but i am pretty pleased. So, until we meet again, i'll be getting to work and wholeheartedly enjoying the sartorial awesomeness of my sisters in style!