Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Resources

Annotated List of Example Minimal Wardrobes

Wardrobes curated by various people for various lengths of time. I do not include travel wardrobes, though they can be a fantastic resource for inspiration capsule wardrobes. I reference publishing date for fashionista minimalists.

Taylor Peters: I Only Have 33 Items of Clothing Jan. 8, 2014: pretty, feminine aesthetic with emphasis on multiples and office-worthy items.

3 Months with 23KG  Nov. 13, 2013: Dutch heartbreaker Sabrina Meijer of afterDRK plots a wardrobe to see a tomboy minimalist romantic through three months in LA working as a fashion photographer. I found this wardrobe incredibly personally useful, i copied it down on a used security envelope and have been carrying it around in my purse the last month and a half. Maybe her next suitcase will get sucked thru a bagging wormhole and end up in my closet?

Minimalist Mom: My Capsule Wardrobe Basics Jan 5, 2014: A mom on a wet, windy Isle strips her wardrobe down to absolute bare bones in the interests of sanity. Fourteen items. The easiest way to get dressed.  Appropriate for those who love a uniform and doing ALL your thinking about clothing on the front end, once a year. Contains links to a week of posts on building your own capsule wardrobe, from a non-style-blogger perspective.

Michelle Slatalla: Closet Cleanout: The Only 10 Pieces of Clothing You Need Dec 26, 2013:  Fun and well thought out piece in Gardenista magazine. Author Slatalla found her motivation to get on the small closet bandwagon when she discovered a passel of adorable kittens mewling in her shoes....her cat had been tenderly suckling them in her wardrobe for weeks, unbeknownst to Ms. Slatalla. This followup article showcases wardrobe workhorses from the closets' of several of her fellow Gardenista writers. I like these articles for the inspiration on splurge basics - if you've stopped shopping and have three or four hundred bucks to spend on a black dress, what can you get which is basic and also makes your teeth ache with happiness?

Debbi Roes: What Is Your Ideal Wardrobe Size?  Mar 27, 2014: Ms. Roes tackles this thorny question using her own spectacular wardrobe as an example. This article is a combo 'how to' and thought experiment, addressing how to calculate your optimal wardrobe size thru analyzing how many outfits you can and want to wear per season, laundry frequency, etc. Ms. Roes' blog, Recovering Shopaholic, brims over with resources and strategies for people who've realized their own shopping habits, sadly, no longer inspire the joy they once did. Make clothes fun and neurosis-free once more!

Dawn Michelle of Minimalist Beauty since Jan 2010:  Dawn Michell is a flat-out stunning professional dancer and model living in southern California who has been exploring minimalist dressing since January 2010. In 2013 she decided to create and dress from capsule wardrobes comprising 15 core pieces. I linked to her tag of 'capsule wardrobes', which has a list of around twenty posts she's written documenting her Spring 2013, Fall 2013, and Spring 2014 wardrobes, specific items, lookbook from her capsule wardrobe, and her changing thinking on this topic. Ms. Michelle shops strictly second hand, and her capsules stray pretty far from the 'neutral basics' which so many recommend for these sartorial pursuits. Wonderful inspiration for those especially interested in colorful feminine, boho, artistic style.


  1. Hey Dashing Steph,
    I'm trying to find just a few words to describe how you have changed my color/clothing world! I've been plowing thru your blog all weekend. One thing led to another, then I dug thru my fabric stash and closet. Totally dig your style. Thank you so much. I will be a committed follower/reader of your blog. Simply amazing.

  2. Thank you Leslie!! it's really nice to get this positive feedback, i appreciate your taking the time :) Even better to think i helped precipitate a little sewing!! Let us know how it goes, and have fun!! steph

  3. Great resource. Thank you. I especially enjoyed Dawn Michelle's approach. And, of course, I'm a long time fan of your approach. Mary