Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Surprise For Mom!

Guess who has always liked my hair SHORT.  No ifs, ands, buts, or etcs. That's just how ma rolls......

Frankly, for me, shorter hair always requires more maintenance - on a daily basis, yes, but also in terms of more frequent visits to 'the salon'. The cost of haircuts add up, but even worse is the truly hit and miss quality of haircuts. I've had two stylists in my life who consistently gave me great cuts. The performance of the rest varied from so-so to a recipe for certain despair. As a result, over the last year or so i've taken to trimming my locks myself. With lots of long, wavy-to-curly hair, any mistakes kind of got 'eaten up' by the overall volume of hair involved. And i've enjoyed wearing my hair long for a number of years now.

However, the last couple of months i've felt ready for a change. I've been enjoying the look of my hair more when i wear it up, but even more important i was feeling that my hair just wasn't adding much to my overall look. I believe you need to have all your areas working for you and working together in order to really be stylish, and the hair could be doing more. I wanted something edgier, and with this much and this type of hair that means going short.

I've worn my hair this short (and much much shorter) for many years, through my teens and twenties and thirties, so i wasn't worried about being traumatized by a 'big whack'. But how to find a stylist? I mean, this isn't just a wee bite here and there, we're talking Big Commitment.

Well, anyone who knows me can recite the rest of this story.......after all, if 'the worst' happens, how many hats do i have?

At first i thought 'well, i'll just try a little bob' - half an hour later i remembered the several times in the past i've tried a bob, with different stylists. It looks beautiful in theory (with my hair 'pinned' into a bob), but in practice it's 'instant dowdy'. So i snipped and snapped my way to this tried and true (for me) style. Don't look too close! I still need to neaten some up, and cut in some thinning to lighten up the top and sides. But i'm happy with the overall shape, and it's always so fun to have a new look!

As it happens, Angie wrote a piece recently about the centrality of hairstyle to overall style. She says, "...I’ve found that a person’s hairstyle has a very dramatic effect on how they view their current and future style. By addressing a client’s hairstyle right from the start, things naturally fall into place. Often the new hairstyle alone makes my client’s style feel completely different. And sometimes it is exactly the impetus they needed to get out of their comfort zone." Well observed, and i agree completely!

Cynthia at Be Fabulous Daily writes about how to find quality at any price point, (with an adorable shout out to me - i laughed out loud!). And the Sewing Pixie posts her first 'v-log' with some very interesting information about sewing knits and painting fabric. All my questions answered in an easy to understand (and hilarious ) manner! This look of The Style Crone shows my favorite colors to wear - warm, clear, a little quirky. These colors are just so hard for me to find - especially in cashmere - though she looks so yummy i know i'll be keeping an eye out, whether i mean to or not!

It's only been a few days since i performed 'the big whack', and i'm really enjoying the change. And it's great to feel like my hair is pulling it's weight, style-wise. So i'm happy.

But the most important part is - mom should be thrilled!!!!


  1. I love that top so much! You always have the prettiest outfits. ^_^ (I have a hair-raising, hair murder story from the past: . Don't worry though, I fixed it a few days later and it looks good now.)

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! I'm glad I was entertaining. ^_~ And I can't imagine paying 80$ to learn to make a sock doll.

  2. I think you look great with shorter hair! I know your style is eclectic, but this is giving your overall look a more modern edge. Two thumbs up!

  3. Oh, I love this! What a grand surprise this morning - thanks for the head's up email, darlin'! Also, for the links you provide in your post. Sigh - so much to learn, to do, so little time (maybe).

  4. I love your hair short. Oddly enough, my mom loves me with short hair too. I have been thinking about cutting it because my curls are out of control lately. After seeing your lovely new 'do, I'm seriously considering taking the plunge!

  5. oh Meg, i just read your saga and that was not long ago at ALL! that is just a rotten experience, i'm glad you fixed it and frankly not going back to the salon so they could 'fix it' was pry your best bet. really. and thank you again for the vlog! the fabric painting info was just what i wanted to know to get started : )

    Thank you Ms. Pesu! modern - how fun! it is nice that it looks more up to date, but has enough of a 'vintage' feel to fit in with the rest of things. i always did like this style...

    heehee mom, you did have a very gratifying reaction: 'you REALLY cut it? this isn't some type of trick photography, is it?' (yes, my mom is adorable!)

    Hi Gracey! thank you! that's fun to know about your mom - & you do have really pretty texture to your hair. recently you wore it really close to your head and it showed off your face so nicely. aha! it was the 'Ms. Green Pants' post. uhoh, now i'm becoming a 'haircut enabler'! welcome home & very excited to see your Santa Fe pictures!!

    take care everybody! steph

  6. Thank you for the mention! I love your hair and you are truly courageous to cut it yourself. Multi talented I must say. As usual, your outfits are unique and stunning.

  7. Thank you Judith! well, you always look great, but those colors are sooooo delish! especially together. and Congratulations on the Best of Denver award! enjoy, steph

  8. Ha, my parents have always been on me to keep my hair short. They seem to think that it makes me look "younger." I LIKE your cut and envy the curls. I had to smile at what you wrote about the curly I have visions of that for a flapper look at the September wedding in our family. BUT, achieving the look I'm after would require a permanent, something I haven't done since childhood.

  9. Hullo Terri! that's funny about parents and short hair - i'm noticing a trend here....i think my mom has said that it reminds her of when i was a little baby (long, long, long, long ago...)

    you would look super cute with a flapper bob! i decided long ago that the simplest thing to do is to just go with what my hair wants to do. it's just too time-consuming and frustrating to make it all straight and neat. i admire ladies who have the stamina for that, it's so fun to have different looks, it's just not for me.

    have you considered a wig? i admit it doesn't seem like 'you' (?whatever that means...?) but there are some fun ones out there and ladies who carry them off with style! anyways, good luck and have a fun weekend! steph

  10. I'm off to the coiffure!You inspired me to go for the long overdue did an excellent job and proved to be brave.The end result is so cool.I have nothing but praises to say.Thanks for the really long comment.

  11. Yay Angie! the big question is, will you be able to take a pic that conceals your identity, but still lets us see your gorgeous new cut? personally, i think you can pull it off (vis. post of feb. 28 this year). your hair has such a nice wave, and there's lots of it - can't wait to see!

    Thank You Sheila! it's not red, but it'll have to do ;)

    have a great Saturday! steph

  12. A wig is actually a good idea before I commit to a cut and then a permanent.

  13. hmm, when you put it that way it does sound quite sensible. really! especially as you've been growing your hair out so long, and perms are, well.....permanent.

    actually, you can see part of the scar between my eyebrows in that last pic - esp. by the eyebrow on the right. happy sunday! steph

  14. Wow! Hard to believe you did this yourself (at least for me, who's only attempt at a do it myself haircut ended horribly) It looks fantastic! :)

  15. oh thank you Stef! i have been practicing, reading books, watching videos, and of course i always watch my stylist when they cut. it does help to get clips to hold hair out of the way of what you're doing, and to get some decent scissors.

    i told my mom about your april fool's post today on the fone and she was screaming laughing! thank you again, and have a great day! steph

  16. You look sassy with that new do! I think it really brings out the features of your face. Perhaps thats why your Mom likes it short so much. She can more readily admire her handiwork;)

  17. You look really good with the new hair do.

  18. Hullo NEChic! wow, those pix of momma robin are beautiful - i can only imagine how welcome after all that snow, too! thank you - i love your take on ma's love of the short!!

    Welcome Rainbows! Yay, a quilter! AND a sewer!! woohoo! thank you - and that ideinc site looks very very interesting.......

    have a great day! steph

  19. You have the prettiest curls!
    I've cut my curly hair short too, but while I imagine yours becomes very Maxfield Parrish-esque and floaty, mine turns into kind of a teenage boy sort of look. Not as great! =)

  20. Hullo Ravina! thank you (blush) i don't think your hair looks teenage boyish, but i have a few ideas if YOU think so - i'll pop over to your place....

    & looking teenaged at all ain't so bad! ;) steph

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