Monday, April 11, 2011

Spookily Came The Postman

beautiful package! i love Teri's little card - it's living in my jewelry box

 As you may know, Terri of RAGS Against The MACHINE had a giveaway recently in celebration of her reaching 125 followers. Meg of The Sewing Pixie brought this milestone to Terri's attention, and this, combined with Terri's fabulous and iconic use of  Meg's 'Skelly' cameo, made the choice of giveaway prize clear. (At least to me!)

I'm not much for entering giveaways. I know that they are great tools for driving readership and commenting, and i support this goal. But, as you all know, i'm so frikkin' picky about what i wear. I'd hate to win a prize that would just sit in the closet while someone else would wear it week in and week out. As i put it in my entry comment:

"hee hee, i never enter giveaways because 9 times out of ten, the prize doesn't suit me anyways, so why not let it go to someone it will.


 As luck would have it, i won!  It came at just the right time, too. I'd been feeling horrible for weeks with a sinus infection. Round one of antibiotics didn't do the trick. Round two caused a severe reaction (102F fever, joint pain and swelling). Round three didn't do diddly either since my regular doc was on vacation and the front desk decided i didn't deserve to speak to the doc on call and i got prescribed the same antibiotic that didn't work the first time......on top of all this i have a horrible history of asthma (multiple hospitalizations, etc.) and sinus troubles are notorious for triggering asthma. So i was constantly anticipating worse days ahead. One day it just hit me, how awful i'd felt and how i was making no progress at all - and then two wonderful things happened. First, my amazing prize came in the mail!

Then, my noble camera died in the line of duty (sob). I didn't secure it properly and it fell on it's head and could no longer focus - the neurological damage left if effectively brain dead. We had to pull the plug. This camera came to me from my brother, a retired Air Force man. This little Kodak circled the world not once but twice, documenting the chickens of Diego Garcia and swimming in the Indian Ocean. My point and shoot had led a full life. It was time to let go.

mom feels this bee has had her privacy invaded

As a result, i got a brand new, full of features camera! Wow! It's nowhere near a top of the line DSLR, but i am amazed at what it can do. I took some pictures of my jewelry and it was like using an electron microscope! My favorite feature is the 'dog' and 'cat' face detection feature. That's two different settings - one for dog faces and one for cat faces. You can set your camera for 'cat face' and then program it so that it automatically trips the shutter when a cat face is electronically detected. Wonder if they have cameras with bigfoot detection capabilities?

The necklace is great, and nicely made. The clasp is secure as well as easy to use, and the chain is delicate, interesting, and smooth as silk.  The button earrings are perfect. The oxidized silver wears easily with everything, and the foliage arabesques tie into to all the lines of my wardrobe. Nothing beats a pair of earrings that enhance every look with no thinking necessary! Here's Meg's etsy shop - you know what to do.

I wore this look to go grocery shopping. The butcher who generally helps me seemed to like it, but showed no sign of 'reading' Skelly.  Interestingly, i ran across a comment from Terri of RAGS herself a day or so ago. As i recall, she said she likes wearing subtle items that are a little 'off', partly in order to test people's observation skills.

I've loved to do this myself for years. In fact, i did it last Saturday at ilegirl's Fancy Pants World Tour. ilegirl arrived early  to pick me up for the drive down to Danville. Shortly after getting in the car i noticed my skirt was inside out. Well, putting your clothes on inside out without realising it is supposed to be good luck, plus i wondered if anyone would notice, so i left it. No one noticed, or didn't feel like telling me. Within an hour i was in a dressing room, trying on clothes, so i turned it right side out. And, yes, i was wearing my new Skelly necklace from Meg and Terri....

Wheels within wheels. Just how is our universe arranged, anyways?

Cameo Necklace: Meg's Ragged Edge etsy shop
Dress: Converse One for Target
Jacket: own design
Heels: Clark's Passion
Nude Fishnets: Sock Dreams
Earrings: Tail of the Yak, Berkeley, CA


  1. Oh I love it on you, honey! The whole outfit- dress and shoes and tights- I just love it! I'm so glad it could help you feel better, I hate being sick. ^_^ Thanks for all the pluggs- Terri is like, one of my best blog friends, so I was SO EXCITED to do this for her. ^_^

  2. Hi Meg! i'm glad you like it :)

    i still have to do a 'shoot' for you. i've settled on the location, still working on the outfit & date. it's outdoors, so rain is out but some clouds would be great.

    yeah, Terri is something else. i swear, you could take ten days travel on plane, helicopter, canoe, tank, foot, dogsled to someplace in outer Siberia and Terri would be sitting there drinking tea with the town elders....she's EVERYWHERE! take care Meg! steph

  3. ha ha ha the part about terri made me laugh out loud at work. I came back on to tell you I showed your post to my mom and she said to tell you that the necklace looks amazing on you.

  4. aww, Mom, thank you so much! i think my favorite style blogs are the ones with 'mom action'. and i'm all for laughs! take care, steph

  5. This necklace is perfect on you - and I absolutely love that picture of the bee. It makes me very happy.

  6. Ooooh, that cameo is fab! I'm also still chuckling about the features on your camera. I definitely would not want to point it at myself while it was set in 'dog face' mode, lest it go off; even if it was a malfunction that could be a real ego bruiser. ;-)

  7. Thank you Gracey! i love bees, too. i was so excited that the camera took that picture! that tree only stays in blossom a few days, it's humming with all types of bees the whole while.

    oh Audi, you bust me up! but really, if the camera went off on 'dog detection mode' it means it detected a face of selflessness, devotion, nobility, love, eagerness and boundless energy.

    if it went off when on 'cat face', however... ;)

    have a great evening! steph

  8. Congratulations on 'the win' and you wear it well. You are truly a story teller and I love your sense of humor.

  9. Thank you Judith! it was a lot of fun to win this one - it's a great piece on it's own, and i've grown quite fond of Meg and esp. Terri (who i've 'known' longer). so it gets the sentimental vote. Take Care and give Nelson a hug! steph

  10. So true, Steph! I've got a dog-centric post coming up tomorrow; I hope you'll stop by and share your thoughts.

  11. OH, wow, a new camera too. I am jealous now. The skelly is looking good, though I wonder now if anyone would notice if I wore my clothing inside out!

  12. Hullo Audi! Yay Pookies! how fun! whew, that red dress is somethin' else, woman! yee-haw!

    Hi Terri! i am very fortunate. let me tell you, i was cryin' real tears when my little kodak took his fall.

    heehee, i cheated a little on the inside out - it's hard to tell with that skirt indoors. but outdoors in the sun, well.....definitely you should try it, it's a blast!

    have a great friday! steph

  13. Wow, that necklace is STUNNING! It looks gorgeous on you, congrats on the win!
    Bummer about your camera, but good to know you got a new one! I'm still trying to replace mine that got stolen while traveling. =(
    Love your blog!

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  15. Hi Ravina! i'm sorry about your camera - it's a creepy feeling when a person rips you off :(

    thank! steph