Saturday, July 9, 2011

What Can I Say

 Real life got really lively....

Got a case of the heeby-jeebies about the 'avatar', 'is it real of Memorex?' issue.......

Didn't have anything style-related to say......

After about one and a half years of knuckling down on my wardrobe and my style, getting dressed became - just super easy. No thought, just grabbed 'the obvious' from the closet, threw it on and loved it. I'd reached a tipping point where all that thinkin' and plottin' paid off. 'The goal' is reached, resulting in not much to say!

But mom left a pitiful sounding comment, pining for the 'glory days' when i'd post OOTD looks several times weekly. Vildy has been putting some amazing thought into her wardrobe by using my outfit checklist (and referring it to web-friends as well!) I had a blogger meet-up with Ravina Sniper, an incredibly sincere and sweet lady who looks even more like a glam Sarah Jessica Parker in person.....

and then our Styling Fairy Godmother plunked her magic twanger in my direction (read to the end). I figured i better show up here soon, after all what can a quarter hour of blogging hurt, every now and then?

Only one way to find out!


  1. Yay - you're back! Love the shoes. Are those new? I don't recall seeing you wear open toed shoes before in your ootd.

  2. The styling in the first picture is genious!!!Totally worthy of a come back! Glad to hear from you and keep posting

  3. I happy to learn that there is a point where all the style-thinking pays off!

    [By the way, I did go ahead and cut my own hair and I dare say it is the best haircut I've ever gotten. It's very simple, just a blunt cut but it works, just the way I'd hoped it would!]

  4. Oboy! 8-)
    I'm glad my whining paid off - too bad it didn't for you when you were growing up, as I recall. I was a mean mom, but look at the results! (Oh, now I'm just bragging....)

  5. OMG! The first part of the
    'Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy!' was
    'I'm Buster Brown, I live in a show. Here's my friend, Froggy, he lives in here too!' Then came the famous dictate to plunk your magic twanger.
    Thank you for finding that, Steffi - and for posting it! OMG! Way too exciting for a Saturday....

  6. So happy to see you again! Yay for your mom! So you've got this style thing down, now you can share more with us : >

  7. A lively real life is always good, but so are outfit posts!

  8. Wow, you ladies are Quick!!!

    hi ilegirl!! nice to hear from YOU! tony spotted them for me in a Aerosoles store. i really like them! they're patent leather with a nice soft footbed combined with a stable last.

    hi angie! thank you! you've been going great guns at your place, speaking of genius....

    hullo Ms. M! i was surprised when it happened, but very happily so!!! that's awesome about your haircut, right on!

    hi ma! of course i was thinking of you when i wrote that ;)

    hello Patti! hooray for mom indeed! & i'll do my best, but teaching is harder than it looks ....

    ha Cynthia, you crack me up!!! and you're looking just so easy and beautiful these days, it's quite an inspiration for posting OOTDs!!!

    take care everybody! steph

  9. Oooh gosh, Steph! SJP, ohmygosh I'm so flattered! It was so lovely meeting you and seeing your style live and in person, you are just the sweetest! Love, love, love that hat by the way, it is so summery and perfect. =)

  10. Ravina, i'm surprised you don't get the SJP comparison all the time! similar face and figure, plus that same real sweetness.....i'd say study her style if it appeals at all, and steal like there's no tomorrow!!! ;) take care, steph

  11. Oh shucks! I have always admired her fearlessness. =) Thanks for the kind inspiration!

  12. I'm glad you're back...but I do think we all need to take breathers now and then. Give your mother my thanks!