Saturday, May 19, 2012

Smooth Sherbet In Summer

My Fairy Godmother picked this top out for me about a month ago and i love it! It's 100% cotton dotted swiss from Talbots and fits my criteria for summer tops in every respect.  When i was planning and scheming about my summer wardrobe needs i hit on the idea of 'structured tops'. This top doesn't have much structure, yet it fills the bill. So i've tossed the idea of 'structured tops' for 'tops with presence'.   Basically something that has the outfit-making capabilities of a jacket without the heat (and longer sleeves).

The top is a tasty light sherbet-orange. So refreshing in the heat! I love the way it sparks against it's opposite on the color wheel, the indigo blue of the denim jacket. It's also fun to have two different silhouettes in one simple outfit, simply by donning or tossing the fitted jacket.

I recently ran across this free blouse pattern by Colette Patterns. It's simple but with just enough shaping and detail to have that 'presence' and only takes about a yard and a half of fabric. A couple of sewing bloggers have even drafted a wonderful sleeve add-on to increase the flexibility of the Sorbetto. In the original spirit of the thing, the sleeve pattern is also free. The Sorbetto top has taken the sewing world by storm - check out the infinite variety and beauty of just this one top (by the way, perfect for beginners!) at this Flickr stream.

Of course i've already printed out my Sorbetto pattern, though i've yet to tape it together. I have my eye on a sweet cotton voile - it's dove grey with dandelion puffs shadowed in white.  The well-documented, stunning success of the many Sorbetto ladies on Flickr and around the web is encouraging me to think that my plans to develop a nice bunch of tops with presence is within my grasp!

Now i'm off to a day of birding along Mines Road in Livermore, CA. Possibilities include eagles (bald and golden), orioles, tanagers, phainopeplas, roadrunners, grosbeak, lazuli bunting, still my heart!  Go out and find something heart-stopping to do for yourself today, okay?


  1. I love the idea of a "top with presence" so a jacket isn't needed. I shall add that to my requirements for summer tops. Your pale orange sorbet blouse is so lovely.

  2. That top is lovely and you're right, the two silhouette in one outfit, with or without the jacket, is very cool.

    Loving the Sorbetto top too! I'm almost tempted to try it, even with my negligible sewing skills.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Steph!

  3. When I saw this outfit, I thought immediately of your amazing Fluevogs...perhaps they'd also look great with this skirt and blouse?

  4. It's such a pretty top...and I agree that it ought to be cool during summer months. I paused to think that I don't see much dotted swiss in the thrifts where I shop...but it is a fabric I miss.

  5. I think this blouse would also look great with your striped jacket.

    My wedding dress was a white dotted swiss, and I loved it. So pretty.

    I checked out the site you referenced, and was pleased to hear that the sorbetto top pairs well with a coconut-milk/basil shake. I suspect it would also complement a combination of French vanilla and raspberry gelato. ;)

    Hope you had a fantastic day birding!

  6. Hi Patti! we are glad to be of service :) and Thank you!!!

    Gracey, that would be very cool if you got up to a little sewing! And this pattern is beginner-perfect in so many ways - free, takes small amount of fabric, no sleeves....and thank you, i did!

    Hullo Anon - you nailed it completely! can't believe i didn't think of that myself....good think i have a blog with canny readers ;)

    Hi Terri! happily these last couple of years there's quite a bit of all cotton dotted swiss in the fabric stores, including white (so easy to dye). so if you feel crafty, it's there.

    Hullo P! oooh, you ladies are dressing me quite snazzily! that will be great! You did look so very pretty at your wedding (sniff....). aw.

    heehee, nothing beats the combo of great food and great clothing! good thing that top is loose in the waist ;)

    I'm happy to report we saw two golden eagles at 11:30am - wooT! also got a nice long look at a singing Rock Wren, live bird for me. Beautiful beautiful day! steph

  7. Hi there1
    You are looking beautiful as always and the rose pendant is so pretty with the ruffles!
    Big hugs

  8. Aw Reva you are even more sweet than gorgeous - an amazing lady! take care, stay 'warm' and have fun!!! steph