Monday, February 24, 2014

Truly Visible Monday

Well i just had to post this look on one of Patti's Visible Mondays. First, i wore it last Monday. Second, i wore it to the mall to get a jean jacket (previously scoped) and try on some jeans. And i got a lot of appreciative looks -

- but only from men. My feel is that it had to do with the outfit being so ladylike - dress, heels, hat. The mall is more for sexy-style ladies, not necessarily lady-style ladies, so my anomalous outfit attracted attention.

Well, it's a theory. I'm wearing an adorable Coldwater Creek silk dress, which is cut across above the bust with that little embroidered bow and has a couple of straps, over a vee neck tee. Doreen next door picked this dress for me from her thrift shop volunteering swag, it's a gem.  I've come to terms with princess seamed dresses and tops. My minimalist side always loves the idea of a straight cut crew neck tee or dress, but in real life it's just fussy and too bulky here and too tight there and my shoulders are straining against the sleeve caps and the crew neck is bothering my it looks a jumble, not the clean easy lines i want in my head.

But princess seams allow the fabric to skim over my particular bod, and vee necks break up my upper body and are more comfortable to boot. It's constantly a question of "how does this inspired idea manifest in my individual circumstances?" I try not to get stuck on the exact visual of any particular inspiration image, but i still get tripped up.

During my shopping trip, i tried on the Gap's Sexy Boyfriend jeans. (Lord, what a ridiculous name).  As soon as i spotted them, online somewhere i think, i realized they could be a great replacement for my Faconnables. They're real big old men jeans which also came thru my fairy godmother. I knew i'd keep them, if only for the juicy mango labels, yum! But i tried them on as a hoot, and now they're a workhorse.

Thus, i've been on the lookout for a replacement, and a possibly more refined look. I didn't have much hope, getting jeans that fit off the rack has been a major bane of my style existence. But i was at the mall anyways, and my Faconnables are really ripping through the knees, and the thighs are thinning badly too.

Be still my heart! Those sxy byfrnd jeans even look great under a dress!!! List price is $70, as nice as these fit and how much i love them i'd happily pay that amount.....

....unless of course by a little patience and research i can find them on significant discount. Keeping my fingers crossed, there's some likely looking markdowns online. That's all from here, have a great week!


  1. Thanks for taking us along on your shopping trip! I love that! Great idea. Jeans? I haven't worn them in about 20 years. My uniform is black ottoman stretch pants. I have 8 pair. Two of each style. I make them now that I've found the fabric here and there.

    Your style is so darned cute though I may have to reconsider!

  2. Your look is ladylike and so individual as well - love those shoes, as well as the hat of course! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  3. Found you on Visible Monday, love your blog title. Your outfit is is great, specially love the great hat. Good luck with the jeans.

  4. Should have been women casting admiring glances, as well. You look great, and the combinations are spot on! Jeans are always tough. I've given up looking for the perfect ones ... I just get what is close and then alter them to fit. Wish it were different, but it's a plot. I know it is.

  5. I love how you are so comfortable in such juxtaposing styles … a true sign of fabulous personal style!

  6. Got to say I agree with you about the dress so cute. The jeans I know that they are so 'in' but I like the ones you made a while back.
    After I gave birth to my second child I had 40 lbs to loose, I started wearing my husband's jeans that look is like the current boyfriend jean look. But back in the late 80's when I did this I got so much criticism that it stuck so I am not a fan of the look.

  7. hi everybody! i apologize for the delay in response to comments - i got mixed up.

    oh thank you Gayle! you know, i wouldn't have thought of jeans except for having them so easy - my next door neighbor picks out likely pieces for me, it's free, it's right across the carport.....

    and i have a very big utilitarian/equestrian/outdoorsy/rugged component to my style. my two style icons are amelia earhardt and isak dinesen, so jeans are a great way to convey that....nowadays the whole military/safari/camo thing is really big, so i like to veer away from that being a (contrarian). And denim is for me a nice way to bring in blues, which i love.

    it's all a matter of what you personally like and want to project. With black pants so much depends on cut and fabrication - it can go from very edgy (see Deborah here on YLF):

    to verging on frumpy business safe. This gets discussed on a recent thread on You Look Fab, i found it interesting. (discussion begins a bit down the thread):

    But i'm not in business business, and neither are you i take it? oh, ottoman is so wonderful. How luxe to have black silk ottoman pants! (i've had silk on the brain recently and the idea just popped in and sounded divine.....)

    Hi Patti, thank you - really you provide such an amazing event for us all the participate in and take inspiration from. Big Hug!!

    Hello Jill James!! thank you for stopping by, i'm looking forward to checking out your blog :)

    Welcome Jan! aw, thank you :) you know, i think it's a polt as well....seriously, i mean how many different ways can a pant NOT fit? i've altered as well, tho it can be difficult sometimes with super bulky seams.

    Ms. Beardsley, you make me blush! Have fun in Pismo!!! Many fond memories camping there growing up, it's nice to see it's still going as a town.

    Hi Adrienne! i like those jeans as well, they're basically skinnies which is the other jeans cut i favor. in fact, that i've been reaching for those skinnies and the faconnables so much is what makes me feel confident in stocking up a bit.

    that's kind of a bummer when you get so much grief it sours you on a look. It definitely happens, though! The way i look at it, there's so much variety out there, and so many many trends considered fashionable, that if you don't like one or two (or three or four) why worry. It's not at all like so many earlier decades, where one particular item was IT. Now there's a lot more leeway to dress how you like, personally i love to see everyone looking unique!

    Happy Day All!! steph

    1. yes I like the variety that we all can enjoy now a days too.

  8. Hi! I just found your blog & I love your look! I need to gets me a signature look! I have an idea about your jeans problem: since you sew you can absolutely copy your Facconables jeans. You might look up duct tape pattern copy (I've got the link someplace.....) if you don't want to destroy the jeans to make a copy, which is the other really good option I think. Rubbing off a copy only works just 'OK' in my experience. Carefully cut apart your jeans then trace the pieces onto jeans fabric that is similar in weight & drape to your beloved originals. Add your seam allowances & sew them up. If you've not made jeans before, there's quite a bit of information available online to assist.

    Also, since you are an Alabama Chanin fan, it also occurred to me that you could adapt their reverse applique technique to mend/patch the knees....

    I probably won't comment for *years* - I love to lurk! But I'll be around. :o)

    Your newest fan,

  9. Found the link. It is:

    Good luck!