Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Fairy Godmother...

I have a fairy godmother who lives right next door.  As my faithful readers are well aware, i stink at thrifting. I've tried my hand at it time and again, always with the same result. So i just don't.

However, there are those who have 'the touch'. 'D' has 'the touch' for sure, and what's more she keeps an eye out for me when she volunteers at the Cancer Society store.  A few weeks ago she came across this Max Studio dress.....lucky me!

I wore it styled the first way in the evening to run out to a couple of stores. I didn't feel like 'leading with my assets', so a jacket was in line. Buttoning only the top button, along with the empire waist of the dress, creates almost a trapeze silhouette. The dress by itself was great during a day that peaked out close to 80F. I wore these Dansko pumps because i'm trying to figure out how to style them so as to get more use out of them - they really are very cute! Plus, i was having a crummy day and thought i may as well look cute, even if i was just bombing around the house.

Around a month ago the weather was still pretty brisk, but i didn't want to wait to wear my new dress. I layered a tank under the top and a jacket over, and wore over the knee socks as well as a chain belt.

 I've always had trouble wearing any all-polyester knit. I stink and sweat (or is it sweat and stink?) Either way, yuck. I just avoid the fiber. Happily, i can wear nylon (as in this dress) perfectly comfortably, which is nice considering the many easy care benefits. The black with white print of this dress is such an easy fit into my wardrobe, and reminds me of a very special experience i had many years ago.  This experience actually lies at the root of my love of black.

How many of you have 'fairy godmothers'?

Next Up: a package arrives from Kansas.......

Dress: Max Studio
Top Jacket: Royal Robbins
Bottom Jacket: own design
Belt: Betsey Johnson
Boots: Bass Lamont
Pumps: Dansko
Socks: Sock Dreams
Naja: Gathering Tribes
Bracelet: custom order by Justina Leigh


  1. I love your new dress! Also your dansko pumps. I think you styled the dress perfectly all three times. ^_^

    Gee, I wonder what was in your package from Kansas.

  2. This dress is great and I loved all the different ways you styled it...very versatile and flattering! It's great...I kind of feel the same way about thrifting, but I am trying to improve at does take time to make the rounds!

  3. I love the many ways you have styled it, though the first look seems most characteristic of you. I've got to keep trying boots with dresses...Sadly, I have no fairy godmother who thrifts.

    The Dansko pumps look like my usual classroom shoe.

  4. Best fairy godmother ever. That dress looks amazing on you in every iteration.

  5. oh, thank you Meg! heehee- i'll just have to wait and see ;)

    Hello Pam! thank you! and it's heartening to know that someone as stylish as yourself also flunks thrifting ;)

    hi Terri! yes, i think #1 is the most 'me' (i liked the hair too!) and that's interesting about your 'teacher shoes'.

    i suspect that YOU ARE the fairy godmother for many! :)

    Hi Gracey! i agree - best ever! thank you!

    have a fun weekend everybody! steph

  6. All three looks are interesting. I love the boots in photo #1. And your backgrounds are always beautiful!

  7. Thank you Judith! lord, i was thrilled when i got those boots -i love the look and i can walk in them all day long! woohoo!

    re: backgrounds, that's all mr. e. he's the decorator of this house. have a great weekend & give Nelson my best! steph

  8. Everyone needs someone to look after them. I'm happy that you've found yours. I have a nice friend that does the same for me ( waves to Mikey). That dress is a great score, and you have worked your magic to style it perfectly!!!

  9. Hello NEChic! Yay, you have a fairy godmother too!! Go Mikey! thank you, and have a great sunday! steph

  10. What a beautiful dress- I love the detail of the print, and the way you made it look different so many times.

  11. Found your site through Patti's Visible Monday. I love the outfits you assemble. I will follow in the future. Check out my site at