Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In Which I Tenderly Smooch Some Blogging Patootie (part two of an Ongoing Series)

A while back we were talking about jewelry when Wendy B chimed in, saying she's become interested in working hands into some of her pieces.  We lurve us some hand earrings here Chez Eccentrique. I decided to test my new camera's macro features and share my hand earrings with you all.

The first earring is my first hand earring, my first Thomas Mann earring, and my first 'one only' earring. My mom has commented before about how she got me this piece at Tail of the Yak as a Christmas present for me. She was perplexed that it was only one, not half of a pair, but also thought it was unique and wonderful. The arrow and the black and white piece both move around, and the hand is solid brass - it has heft!

You can see the artist's signature on the back of the hand. That's one of my favorite parts of this earring - later on he switched to a stamp.

This earring is one of a pair. I gave the other to my sister - it had two brass feathers going crossways where the rabbit is, and a red heart attached with the bolt. This hand originally had an amethyst-colored half sphere attached through a center hole with the bolt. It disintegrated, and i've used the bolt to attach various items. Now it's wearing an antique Chinese carved piece which used to decorate clothing (these were sewn on to fancier clothing, much like beading or embroidery).

Here you can see the stamp, with which Mr. Mann still uses to sign his jewelry - a "T" & "M" combined. The ear wire came out of the top of the piece, but it broke off after about 15 years. I've twisted some wire around it in order to attach it to earwires or studs, but it hangs crookedly. I added the blue bead because i like it against the orange. Any ideas on fixing this piece are very welcome!

I also got these earrings from Tail of the Yak in Berkeley. They were made by a Mexican company which dates back to colonial Spanish times, and supplied jewelry to none other than Ms. Frida Kahlo herself. These originally had small blue briolettes in place of the pearls i added.  Regretfully, i've never been told the name of the company (despite specifically asking salespersons) or been able to research it. I'm curious as hell to find out!

Nothing fascinating or insightful, just hand earrings today. Mostly i'm thinking about the rotten events in Joplin. I watched a video recorded by a person who survived the tornado, along with about 10 other people, in a walk-in freezer. There's very little to see, as all the power was out, but the soundtrack is terrible to experience. It really brought home what the people there go through - the horrible waiting to see if you'll be hit after the warning is sounded, raw animal fear as the tornado passes over, not knowing what you will find if you emerge. These traumatized souls then have to clean up the mother of all messes.

It made me appreciate earthquakes - you have no time to work yourself up, just BOOM it's happening, and there's no rain to drench everything for days afterwards while you sort through your belongings and search for your loved ones. I think that the video affected me especially as it's the only recording i've come across that conveys something similar to my near death experience in my early twenties. Here's some resources for helping the people in Missouri. Don't forget to hug the people you should. Needless to say, you all get a big (((((( ))))))) from me for reading this.


  1. Now I have to dig up my hand earrings from high school and photograph them for you!

    I also like that wiggly arrow!

  2. I love these earrings...how fun is this!!

    But, I have to add that I grew up in north Texas in what is called tornado alley...I have been terrified of them ever since. My prayers are with Joplin and those in Oklahoma in fear tonight.

  3. Hullo Ms. B! that sounds like a hoot!! - either that or a plan...?.....that's a fun earring. whenever i wear it i'm fiddling with it all day, it just feels good.

    hi Pam! oh no, i hope this isn't bringing up any difficult emotions from your past. frankly, being terrified of tornadoes sounds pretty sensible - they are terrifically dangerous, but also mesmerizing. here's hoping our prayers do some good, steph

  4. I love the rabbit! And the fact that you keep creating around him - wonderful. Those last earrings are gorgeous too - and what a back-story they have.

    I feel so much for those tornado victims. We survived three hurricanes here in 2004. They are terrifying, but we had plenty of warnings and could get away. These poor souls just had a few minutes! Thanks for the links Steph.

  5. What fun and unique earrings!

  6. Hi Patti! i'm glad you enjoy these ones! oy, three hurricanes! all that escaping would be it's own form of hell, but like you say at least you have a good lead time to save your skins - as opposed to 15 minutes to get in a basement.

    my brother lived in Nebraska for years - he survived one twister by scooting up in the space where the embankment comes up under an underpass, with a lady and her two girls. it's beyond belief, yet it exists.

    Thank you Ms. Sniper! i had an inkling these would be up your alley ;)

    take care, steph

  7. I love love the hand earrings with the fresh water pearls!! amazing!


  8. Amazing close ups of unique pieces. Looks like your macro feature is working!

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