Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Haircut Revisited

 It's been a couple of months since i cut my hair to this shorter length. I'd been wearing it somewhere around shoulder length for around 13-14 years, although i had it short like it is now for decades in my teens, twenties, and thirties.

Three or four weeks ago i was putting away some laundry in 'the pirate chest' (where hubby keeps his drawers) when i saw these Mossimo shorts of Mr. E's. An outfit sprang from my forehead - unbidden, as it were. I tossed it on and took a few pix for future reference (a habit i've developed along with this blog).

another 'better short' look
The first thing i noticed when looking at the pictures was that those shorts look better than they feel! But right afterwards, it struck me that i wouldn't have been able to pull off this look with my previous haircut. With my long hair worn down, i feel my hairstyle would have been a little too 'old' for this look, while an updo would look too fussy. (Which goes to show it is all to do with 'looks', not reality, as this shorter hairstyle takes more work than an updo, though not much.) 

 Since then, this idea has been on my mind, and i've been sooooo happy that i cut my hair! I know that "we're fashion/clothing blogs so we talk about clothes and shoes and jewelry". But i've always been more interested in style than fashion, especially so on this blog. Hair and makeup, even posture and verbal accent, all come together to create a stylish impression. But hair is so personal and emotional, often tied in with feelings about family or different times of life, that it's difficult to take an objective look.  Does your current hairstyle jibe with who you are now, in your personal style, your lifestyle, even your professional or community self?

longer hair for comparative scrutinization

 If you haven't recently, though, or if you feel there's just 'a missing piece' in your style jigsaw puzzle, consider updating your hairstyle. You don't have to take off half a foot in your own bathroom. A few highlights, an inch-long trim, some layers around your face, using texturizing balm instead of mousse - any of these changes can freshen up your look and bring it more in line with your overall style. The Citizen Rosebud took the plunge last month and looks even better than before! She didn't make a huge change, but the new crispness in her 'do really shows off her edgy personal style.

one more 'short rules!' for argument's sake

ilegirl also updated her hair to great effect this season -  a couple inches off the bottom, wispy bangs, and soft layers around the face. It's flattering, pulled-together, and (as far as i know) low-fuss. Think to your fave stylish ladies. How many have great hair that is integral to their style? Angie of You Look Fab and Audi of Fashion For Nerds come to mind, as well as Sheila of Ephemera and Bev of Style Underdog (my choices here are surprising no one). But honestly, Bev in a pageboy? Just try to picture it - i dare you!

Any hair-related style stories out there? Have you ever made a hair change that's opened new style doors for you? Do you feel that your current hairstyle is doing everything it could be for your individual style?


  1. Hairstyles are so tricky! I've had hair down to my waist, pixie short and everything in between! I've parted it in the middle, on the side, had bangs, worn it up, etc. Purple streaks, pink, blue, red, black. Basically, you name it, my hair has done it!
    I prefer my hair at least chin length and no shorter. My curls are so fun I just don't want to hack them off again! Paying for a haircut is my least favorite thing ever. I don't trust hair salons because I've had more bad cuts than good. I guess I'm still trying to find that perfect style! =)

    P.S. Love the short hair on you, it looks great!

  2. You look so pretty in the first picture!! It's a great look!

  3. I like your new look; it's very modern.

    I have lots of hair stories! My hair has been a big issue throughout my life.

    Until I was in my mid-twenties, I had very short hair because my mom was convinced that it would be too unmanageable if I let it grow. I blow-dried it straight and had it cut every 6 weeks. Lots of product and lots of maintenance.

    As an adult, I decided to let it grow very, very long. Lo and behold, I had beautiful long curls with no maintenance required! I moved to a new city where no one had ever seen me with short hair, and they all assumed that my long hair was a lifelong "signature" look.

    Nowadays (in midlife) it's shorter, but still a long look. I'm just about ready to cut it into a bob-- not super-short, but not long either.

    I'll be cutting it myself at home. I don't know what it is about salons and curly hair, but it seems I always do a better job with careless chopping than they do with careful clipping. :)

  4. oh Ravina, it can be so difficult to get a decent haircut - especially with curly hair! you do have glorious curls, i would say any great look for you should showcase them :) OTOH, some people's chameleon approach to hair is their trademark!

    Thank you Pam - it was really fun, i need to think of the right occasion to wear it (and convince Mr. E to let me borrow his shorts! )

    Welcome Ms. M! your story is more typical than people realize, i think - for so long we are heavily influenced by other people's ideas (even tho they have no experience with our particular situation).


    i've been doing this around a year now. i would get a pair of hair scissors and use them for hair ONLY. Sally's Beauty has them from $17.95. get some of those butterfly clips to keep the hair you're not working with out of the way, and a fine-tooth comb you can use to part your hair.

    i found a couple of old (20-30 years) books and VHS tapes on cutting hair at the library. no up-to-the-minute tips, but the basic concepts were very helpful. i also pay a lot of attention whenever i can see a pro at work. online videos are a better source for texturizing tips, etc.

    LASTLY: it always grows back ;) good luck, steph

  5. I just discovered your blog today, and am so enjoying it! As a fellow curly-girl, I love what you've done with your short cut. You have great thick curls, and you can go long or short. Change is fun!

    My curls are fine and fragile, and right now they're trying to get to shoulder length. I like them though, they're a little different every day. : >

  6. I love your short hair, Steph! It really suits you - it gives you a real 40s sort of vibe.

    Thank you for the shout-out! So sweet of you. :)

  7. Welcome Patti! (the name of your blog has been crackin' me up for months!) Thank you - i'm glad that i can go short and still have rowdy hair ;)

    i think that's the beauty/curse of curls - they ARE different every day! i'm glad you're likin' yours!

    Thank you Sheila! OF COURSE i included you! just last week with your dress and scarf week, your hair worked so well with your looks (esp. the one with the long scarf hanging down the back - genius!)

    Happy Monday! steph

  8. Your long hair is beautiful, but I do like the shorter fresher do. Nice!

  9. I think that new do makes you look Sassy, and tell me who does not strive for sassy;)

  10. oh, Thank you Bella! what a sweet thing to say :)

    Hello NEChic! thank you very much!! Looking 'Sassy' should give people a head's up on what's ahead - heehee!

    happy day! steph

  11. Interesting - catching up on your posts, and reading this one as well as the one directly after, and for me I'm picking up on being open to change. I dig change, consistently change my hair, and 100% in agreement that there's almost no down side: one can always grow it out again. Thanks for the post - fun and thought-provoking as ever.

  12. I think keeping your haircut fresh is one of the keys to great style. I love messing around with mine and trying new shapes and colors, although keeping it short is an enduring element of my style. I absolutely love your shorter cut, Steph. Many people seem to get very attached to long hair in particular and develop a lot of anxiety about cutting it. But it's just hair; it grows back!

  13. Thank you ilegirl! yes, being open to change is important. i think it also helps you get used to change in general, so that the changes that come up in life maybe aren't so stressful (?) how to balance change with the core that keeps your style your own is the *** BIG ONE *** (eyes wide)

    Hullo Audi! your comment ties in with what i was saying to ilegirl - you have a consistency in keeping your hair short, but you'll change the color, texture, etc. Kudos to you for finding 'the mystical balance of the hairdo'!!!

    "Many people seem to get very attached to long hair in particular and develop a lot of anxiety about cutting it. But it's just hair; it grows back!" so very true! you see it all the time, and it IS very emo. but if you can find a way to let it go, you can reap great benefits!

    happy day ladies! steph