Tuesday, July 19, 2011


 I wore this look on one of the first really hot days this summer (mid 90's F). My landlord complimented me on it, and asked what i was planning that day to get so dressed up. I let him know nothing special was on the calendar, i just like to look more put together on hot days to counteract how frazzled the weather makes me feel. He got a laugh out of it, but acknowledged the wisdom of it.

I've been a big fan of adding a touch of high contrast to outfits for decades. A monotone beige/ivory look gets a dark brown belt, an all black ensemble cries out for a strand of white pearls. But since Mr. E spotted these nude patent leather sandals for me, i've been spotted in low contrast nude on nude get ups frequently. I suspect it's especially fun as my body's aesthetic is low contrast to begin with, so the clothing seems to be just playing along. And it's reassuring to do something different, and see some evidence that i'm not completely in a rut.

I finally got a pair of sunglasses. But they aren't prescription, so i do the old lady thing and wear them over my correction spex. The sunglasses are big enough that it's not flamingly obvious right away. Or so i like to tell myself.

I made this little skirt out of the material left over from these cargo pants.  On first glance there was plenty of material to make a knee length, straight skirt. In the real world - i made like Piet and pieced like crazy! i'm very glad i stuck with it and eked it out. This skirt is comfy and especially great to wear on hot days, as it's cool feeling, doesn't bother my legs, and lends a 'pulled together' vibe to many tops. I can see it working well in my wardrobe in olive drab, dove to charcoal gray, black...this Hot Patterns design offers an opportunity to make something similar but with a cool slouchiness to it. I love it when all my plotting and scheming actually pays off!


  1. You look fantastic! The neutral color palette suits you so well, very chic and elegant. =)
    I often wish I was on the other side of the hill, it just isn't warm enough over here in Berkeley for me!

  2. Lovely chic summery looks! I like the concept of nude tones but there never really is anything on the market that matches my skin tone to class as "nude" on me - its either pink or pale beige and I would have to subject it to soaking in cold tea to get it the right colour!

  3. You look amazing in that skirt and blouse. I agree with Ravina that this neutral color palette suits you very much.

    You have to get prescription sunglasses! I finally got some a few years back and they were a great investment.

  4. You look wonderful and cool. I also have low-contrast coloring, and I like to wear white with ivory or khaki. I'm going to start calling it "going nude".

  5. Your clothes fit you so amazingly well!! It is great that you can sew and make sure that happens...you are a testimony for great fit!

  6. Yeah, but do YOUR sunglasses have hot pink earpieces?

  7. Thank you Ravina! yep, it's all about the microclimates here in the sf bay area. August-october should be warmer, take heart!

    Hello Veshoevius! thank you! it's true that 'nude' is a different color for everybody, from cream to charcoal black. i've spent more than my share of time 'tea soaking' items as well!

    Thank you Gracey, nice to see you! i'm sure that rx sunglasses would be very worth it, but i just haven't actually done it - don't know why.

    Hi Patti! i love it - we can start a 'nudist colony', ha!

    Hullo Pam! i'm more and more convinced of the power of fit the longer time goes on!

    heehee ma, of course i'm not as cool as you are!

    take care! steph

  8. That skirt is smokin' hot on you, Stef! Just smashing!

    I love the "nude" aesthetic on you - it really suits you.

  9. Thank you Sheila!! well, you know YOU are the one who got me to take the 'pencil plunge'. i like the 'nude' feel more than i thought i would - it's fun!

    and i FINALLY found an appropriate thank you card for you - will send it soon!!! give Inigo a smooch from me, steph

  10. This all looks great! I have a tendency to go for brights, and recently I've been trying to add more earth tones/ neutrals to my wardrobe. Thanks for the inspiration!

    And also, your hair is simply glamorous. :D

  11. Looks wonderful! And thanks for the Hot Patterns reference. It looks exactly like my
    favorite skirt. Tempting, though I haven't sewn anything from scratch for ages. Long ago enough to have eyes widen at pattern costs nowadays.

  12. I meant to comment on this earlier. Oops.

    The monochromatic theme is really slick, and it means your delicate complexion isn't overwhelmed too. I like it!

  13. Welcome Becky! you & i have the same kind of pale-ish, low contrast coloring going on. i think you'll look great "going nude"!!!
    & thank you!!

    Hi Vildy! very exciting to hear that you're thinking about sewing again....i've found PatternReview.com to be pretty helpful in evaluating patterns (tho i don't think the searches work all that well, maybe i'm missing something. and you have to register to see all the reviews, but it's not a big deal).

    re: prices you are not kiddin'!!! altho the Hot Patterns are the only ones i've paid retail for in decades. they are a small, mom and pop business and i'd like them to stay in business so i don't mind (and i got some birthday money, why not splurge?!!)

    hmm, that could make a good post - how to get good patterns for less.

    Hullo P! thank you - it's fun, and that IS one of the reasons i like this look - it's easy for my body's aesthetic to get overwhelmed. some of the looks we came up with for you in the closet dive are pretty similar.

    Happy Sunday Everybody! steph