Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rhetorical Question ***

Is this an outfit that a grown woman should wear?

 The hoary old admonition to wear decent underwear lest you shock the tender sensibilities of your local emergency workers came up recently on the You Look Fab forum.  A real, live Emergency Room Worker chimed in to say that tattered knickers were generally attributed to whatever chain of events landed the person in the ER. However, a woman who arrived sans any 'small clothes' whatsoever did cause more than a small amount of gossip.

What would these grizzled individuals have to say about a middle aged woman dressed like Minnie Mouse?

*** "... employed for rhetorical effect; especially : asked merely for effect with no answer expected: a rhetorical question" definition courtesy Merriam Webster Dictionary


  1. Rhetorical you may be, but I have to answer: wear what makes you feel wonderful! I just wrote about this yesterday; we have to be ourselves because everyone else is already taken. And, you are the Dashing Eccentric!

  2. Although it is a rhetorical question, I think it's a good question and one I find myself asking more often as I get older. And I wonder if it's something I truly need to worry about. I shall go ponder.

  3. I think you're golden unless you've got mouse ears under that hat. & also wonder that about my outfits sometimes.

  4. I think I have risked crossing the line this month, but I was so excited to see this pic come up because I have the same pair of clogs and similar pair of socks I've never thought to pair with them...

  5. Yay for the socks!!!!!! I bought my first pair of ankle socks this week since Sixth Form, yes I will be wearing them. I love this outfit:)) xo

  6. oh, you people are just tickling my funny bone!

    Patti, YOU are a sweetheart and a gem - and '...everybody else is taken' are wise words indeed.

    Hi Gracey! uh oh. frankly, this outfit didn't bother me at all - but when i thought about "this look + this blog" it occurred to me that i could play it for laughs...especially if any of my readers have seen "Eating Raoul". altho i do have to accept that there are certain looks which i am too poor to wear ;)

    Cynthia - mouse ears!!!!!! oh my goodness!! i can just see you in a pair, i have to admit - you have such an adorable little nose :) (but it mite be too overstimulating for the kitties)

    Yay Terri for getting close to 'the line'! sure beats dying from lack of excitement - i'll be keeping an eyeball out for those socks....

    Greetings Desire, the True Doyenne of All Things Sock!!! whew, good to know royalty approves ;) ankle socks are very practical in hot climates, they soak up 'glow', keep blisters at bay and spirits up!!! have a great time with your socks!