Sunday, December 18, 2011

Inaugural Repeat

Recently I've been writing about my evolving style epiphany: that repeating some outfits i just love would be a habit worthy of cultivation. For decades now i've been on 'No Repeats Ever' autopilot, but now i've decided that this habit no longer seems sensible or even aesthetically compelling. Throughout my teens i would repeat especially flattering or fun looks and i quite enjoyed it. And it did nothing to destroy my stylish rep ;)

Now, it has begun. For a recent memorial service i wore a slightly modified repeat of this look. I wore a simple black satin belt and sheer black stockings instead of the fashion forward stud and grommet belt and grey lacey stockings. I felt very appropriate, was physically comfortable, and even received compliments. Success! This encouraged me to continue on with my new style resolution.

Monday is wedding anniversary number 12 for me and Mr. Eccentric, as part of the festivities we went to see Tori Amos Friday night at the spectacular Paramount Theatre in Oakland. Anyone with interest in Art Deco architecture will already know of this exquisitely restored gem, i can only say it glows even more brightly in person. On the theory that one most dress for her surroundings, i came up with the outfit based on my new green dress. Decidedly festive, i especially liked the fit and flare look achieved by layering my new blouse over the sleeveless dress - you never know if these idea will work until you try it!

Work it did, and i had another hour until we expected to depart. At this point you may well wonder why i brought up the whole 'repeating outfits' idea at the start of this post. Well......the last month or two my legs have been unhappy. Painful, limpy, maybe not the paragon of grace. As flat on my back rest helps calm things down, i'd taken to my bed at around 5pm the two nights before our outing so as to have more reliable legs for our night out. The rest had made a noticeable difference - as did time in those stockings. A difference for the worse. The pressure started bothering me after just a few minutes, after twenty or twenty five i knew that an alternative outfit was needed in the worst way. Outfit MayDay!

You ever have times when you thank your past self for coming up with a pure genius idea? Last Friday around 4:45pm was that time for me - instead of trying to come up with a new going out look in 5-7 minutes flat, i only had to cast back to amazing outfits past! My new bootcut jeans were freshly washed, comfy and warm and made an excellent base piece for the outfit i swiftly donned for the concert. I simply switched out the jeans on this look, kept the string of pearls, and was on my way.

For years i felt visible, in a very awkward kind of fashion, whenever my outfit wasn't sufficiently "different" from looks i had worn before. But in this look i felt i looked great, and happily i flat out felt great too! Be sure to check out the rest of the posts in Patti's Visible Monday! Many thanks to Patti for being such a gracious hostess to so many wonderfully varied blogs.

Dress: Nine West from Krasa
Blouse: Kay Unger (thrifted)
Shoes: Clark's
Coat: Tahari
Jeans: from Palmer & Pletsch The Perfect Jeans McCall's 5894
Pearls: gift


  1. Well I love both looks and often wondered why I beat myself up trying to look for different looks. It is genius to keep the same looks if they work. You've done it again! PS sorry to hear about your legs..

  2. I love reading about your style journeys, Steph. (So sorry about your legs though, hope you're better v. soon). It is a wonderful skill to switch out pieces on the fly, and feel good. And look good, which you most certainly do! Thanks for participating in Visible Monday.

  3. Hi Adrienne! well i think i've figured out an incident which may have set me off in the ' no repeats' direction. i plan to post about it soon! Angie of You Look Fab is big on repeating great looks but not many other blogger seem to be. heehee, maybe if more of us 'come out of the closet'! Thank you!

    Hi Patti! i'm glad, you know that i love to read about other peoples journeys, relationships with their clothing, breakthrus, etc. VM is great! you've made it so easy to join in that i think it draws many bloggers who would be too intimidated by some of the challenges which require more commitment. So you end up with a really fun mix of people! Very smart of you :)

    Happy Evening! steph

  4. One of my style mantras is: Life is not a blogpost. :D You look great. That 2d outfit is
    pure Parisian Chic. Whole adds up to greater than its parts. So deceptively simple - keep looking at this kind of thing and puzzling over Why does this look so amazing. :)

  5. "Life is not a blogpost" Hear, hear!! A fascinating, compelling blog does not coincide with a stylish life! Thank you :) i have been thinking more and more the last month about "what is the key to great outfits? how does that translate to a working closet?"

    so my of style and fashion blogging focuses on buying fantastic individual pieces - which doesn't mean a great overall look. Am pondering how to convey the few ideas on this i do have!!!

    Happy Monday! steph

  6. We are on the same page here.I I will also wear repeat outfits but with a small twist to make it a bit different.

  7. Awesome skirt! I found you from Not Dead Yet style. I hope you'll take a moment and share your fashion over on Momtrends we host a Monday Mingle

  8. I like all your looks. Your jeans are just amazing, all the more so because you made them.
    I repeat outfits, but generally don't post them. Sometimes it is laziness, sometimes it is because I feel so right in them.

  9. "Moreover, tens of millions of Americans, the uncool as well as the supercool, have become amateur stylists—scrupulously attending, as never before, to the details and meanings of the design and d├ęcor of their homes, their clothes, their appliances, their meals, their hobbies, and more. The things we own are more than ever like props, the clothes we wear like costumes, the places where we live, dine, shop, and vacation like stage sets. And angry right-wingers even dress in 18th-century drag to perform their protests. Meanwhile, why are Republicans unexcited by Mitt Romney? Because he seems so artificial, because right now we all crave authenticity."

    [would've taken his political reference out but that seemed too coy. :D]

  10. Yay angie! if i'm following you i'm on the right track :)

    Welcome Nicole! Thank you! hmm, can you count as a 'mom' if your child has whiskers, pointy ears and claws?

    Why thank you Debbi! :) i say start repeating more of the looks you love! i was talking to my mom on the fone yesterday, her reaction to this post was, "Lord, if you like something and it makes you look great you'd be crazy not to wear it over and over!!!" Really, she has a point.

    Vildy, what a fun article! and everyone please feel free to speak your mind here - i'm not about tip toeing around. how boring!

    the wild thing is as soon as i read the first part of your VF article i realized it was laying out a constant theme of another blogger i read (Dean Mitchell of LUMINOSITY). I hopped over to his blog and lo and behold another reader has already posted it for him!!

    heehee, it's not often i am accused of being on trend. love it!!

    Happy Day All! steph

  11. First, Happy Anniversary! And how was the concert? I like both looks (the big flower on the skirt), but the pearls with the tailored blouse and jeans are PERFECT for a concert. Hope those legs get to feeling I type, my left eye twitches!

  12. Hi Steph! I gave you a Liebster Award today, it's in my post. (not a Lobster, a Liebster : >)

  13. TERRI!!!!!!!! what a treat to see your name here! Happy Holidays to you and yours - i hope the newlyweds are having a special time :)

    oh, the concert was a blast! Ms. Amos is one of those performers who draws energy from an adoring crowd, after 2 and a half hours she was going even stronger! beautifully designed light show, incredibly talented quartet backing her up - if you're a fan make sure to catch her on this tour!

    Patti, thank you so much! what a touching award, and one i will make sure to pass on. :) (big hug) steph