Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bombing Around

Hi! Well, a generous neighbor has given us WiFi access and a generous parent (I love you Dad!) has lent us a WiFi network adapter. Result? We're back online. DH is researching various internet access options and i'm starting to feel vaguely caught-up with 'the world wide web'. Of course real life is pretty hectic, but what can you do. I do have to say that being forced to use our new phone as my only online access for a couple of weeks made me learn a lot more about it than i ever would have otherwise.

On Edit: i actually planned on linking this to Visible Monday, hosted by the gracious and gorgeous Patti at Not Dead Yet Style. But i'm out of practice posting and forgot to mention it! Go on over there and take a look at all the other participants to give your week a stylish start. I hope the connection between a bombshell look (especially at 'my age'!) and visibility is obvious.

There was a big controversy a week or so ago over at YouLookFab about bombshell style - is it a personal style, a style of dress, how is it defined? *** I personally love to 'bomb out' on occasion, and realized i hadn't in awhile. So i whipped up this look.

Yes, the shoes are new. A while back i saw a YLF Forum member drooling over these Fossil Savanas, and realized that my thirty-year-long quest to acquire my own pair of heeled oxfords had a distinct possibility of coming to fruition. I had Christmas money, they were available in my size, "someone" had internet access at work so they could be ordered online (too fussy to do over the smartfone even for "someone" - who found them for 27% off).......oh yeah, baby - come to momma!

Ay carumba, this heel is as high as i can ever go. But do i love these shoes! And wearing them makes clothing designers' love of sky-high heels ridiculously obvious. Add an extra half foot to any reasonably built person and proportions become a snap. You have a lot bigger margin for error, and precision dressing is a thing of the past. In other words, you can be lazy and not worry about detailed restrictions imposed by an individual body; you're much more free to pursue flights of fancy. My two cents.

DH has also been rabidly shopping for a new pair of spectacles. He's found a gorgeous pair and they are on order. In the meantime, while dragging along to all these opto stores i found a beautiful pair of sunglasses - while wearing this very outfit.  As it happens, with our current coverage and my anal obsessive care of my day to day specs (resulting in scratch free lenses at date of publish) i will end up with my first-ever pair of Rx sunnies! I am beyond thrilled, and since i already have cataracts sun protection has more than one attraction.

In other developments, after almost a year of expensive and unsatisfactory haircuts at salons, Mr. E has agreed to give me a whack at cutting his hair. As he puts it, he has plenty of hats and if it's too completely horrible he used to shave his head.  I like to think that, complaints to the contrary, my own tonsorial efforts have been noted. Wish me luck!

So - what's been going on with you? What's happening around here anyway? Any tips or links you can point me to so i don't seem hopelessly out of it? Thank you for your input - it is nice to feel not completely cut off from the larger world.

*** To read the bombshell conversations in order:
"Is this a 'bombshell' pencil skirt combination?"
"In defense of bombshell"
"More style musings...."

Jacket: YMI lets UBU
Blouse: Bobeau
Skirt: own design: get Hot Patterns Slouchy Fly Front Skirt to make your own
Over The Knees: Sock Dreams
Shoes: Fossil Savana


  1. First, I'm glad you're back! I've missed you. Love the new shoes...a style I've been looking for in the thrifts and may never find. Have never had a pair of prescription sunnies, though I have had a pair of regular prescriptions that darkened on contact with light--terrible for photos. Would like to see the results of DH's haircut. I've cut my husband's a time or too or did my daughters' when they were much younger. Now off to read about bombshells.

  2. Interesting observation on heels - I think it's true that heels at least help to loosen up some of the 'rules'.

  3. You are indeed bombshelling it here, Steph, and looking fabulous. I agree about the heels, they can have a magical effect. : > It's great to see you back -- come on over and post at Visible Monday later today if you can, and you can catch up with a lot of cool bloggers there too.

  4. Wow, you look fabulous. The tights are a great touch.

  5. I've cut my husband's hair for years. Sometimes he gets asked for the name of his barber. :) I have a limited haircutting style but it works.
    I attended a parent meeting in elementary school and a local salon owner showed us how to cut hair by pulling it straight out or up from the head and snipping. Wish I could cut my own! Need one of those mirrors you hang around your neck and can see the back.

  6. Aw, thank you Terri! i missed you guys, too! it seems heeled oxfords are a hot item amongst certain ladies for short periods of time and they can be hard to get a hold of even if you're willing to pay full price. Fingers crossed for you!

    well, i cut Mr. E's hair yesterday and if i say so myself he looks even more handsome than usual! For me it's very freeing to cut my own, and i like to live in ways that are outside the market economy as well. Hope you find the b-shell dialogue interesting!

    hi P! it was a 'd-oh!' moment, for sure ;)

    Thank you Patti! it's a fun look to wear! Visible Monday is a genius idea and it was developed by a genius, too!!

    Hi Debbi! you are very kind :) i gotta admit i love those stripes!

    Hi Vildy! "Sometimes he gets asked for the name of his barber. :)" heehee, i am not surprised - does he let them know about the 'expanded services' you offer? Pretty scandalous - don't let the vice squad bust you! (heeheee)

    re: cutting your own...i've been pleasantly surprised by how far back the sides actually go on my head, at least. I had a boss who's mom was a hairstylist, and my boss used to cut her own hair. She had a pretty short 'do and said that she mostly cut the back 'by feel', which gave me the courage to try that on my own. It works better than you would think!

    but then i'm a big-time do your own thing enabler, so take that into consideration before doing anything rash!! :)

    Happy Sunday!! steph

  7. That is a great look. Love it! Great fit and that blouse with the beautiful jacket is fabulous.

  8. What a great figure, I'm envious! I have to go look at my denim stash now.

  9. Thank you Sylvia! Mr. E actually found that blouse - he is the best stylist for me ever! Your post on Madonna and aging is v. interesting. We have to put in effort to stay healthy and strong to do what we want at all ages, and i think that part of the backlash against the holy M is disturbing. of to read the comments and do so meself!

    Oh, Paula, you are very sweet but it is all posing. Welcome and what a treat for me to discover your blog! you take on denim for Lincoln's B-Day is just fantastic - i love looks that combine perfect comfort with style and flattery. The Trifecta!!!! w00t!

    Happy Day! steph