Friday, January 27, 2012

Back To Nature

 Ah, my faithful readers. Sometimes we humans find ourselves swept up in events which take place on a scale beyond the mere personal and individual. A huge solar storm sends pulses of unimaginable radiation surging through cosmic space, playing with our usually reliable technologies. Magma heaves and wrests itself free from the mantle of the earth, creating a new sliver of paradise. Arctic fronts slam into the living body of a continent, destroying fortunes and rending families.

Or sometimes your husband decides his considered plan for moving the household towards better communication technology at lower long term cost involves no DSL for a  month. Keeping up with blogs and so on is doable, if a pain, with the smart phone. But input is pure aggravation.

Please excuse any lack of response or new posts on my part during this brief hiatus. In case of emergency, send me an e-mail and i'll give you my phone # - we have unlimited minutes!

This post made possible by the generosity of my parents. Thank you!


  1. No DSL for a month? Quelle horreur! I'll miss you terribly, hurry back.

  2. Oh, I can sympathize. My dear husband authorized a switch to fiber optic...without pondering to think how many days of work I might miss. This too shall pass.