Sunday, January 22, 2012

True Confessions

I wore this jacket for this first time in months a few days ago. It's made of coat-weight wool, so very warm. We're having a colder and drier than usual winter here in the SF Bay Area, and i fear i still haven't adjusted to dressing as nattily as i might. This tends to involve wearing wool tights, layered knit tops, etc. I have to think out the mechanics of what i'm going to put on before i start, or it's a true hassle to start over. And it's more likely to bother my leg.

Which means that wearing a sweatshirt and super stretchy jeans is easy and comfortable. But i cannot argue that it will set the style world on fire! At least i got a couple of new sweatshirts in bright colors (hot pink and lime citron) to wear instead of my standby heather grey. But really! It's kind of boring, and what's more as a style blogger it's mortifying.

Yesterday i spent a few minutes creating a folder of knock-out looks i've worn the last few months. I was pleasantly surprised! I'm contemplating doing a little 'shop your closet' sketch of some outfits as well, if i can set aside the time. I can't recall ever doing this before, so it will be fun to try something new and will be good experience generally. One way or another i need to put a little more effort into dressing or i'll be askeert to leave the house!

I enjoyed this outfit a lot. I love the boxiness of this blouse because it's counteracted by the flowing drape of the fabric. I decided to play off the boxy shape and my straight shoulders by creating a line from the shoulders straight down to my feet. What was even more fun was the presto-chango way i created a whole new silhouette just by tossing on this jacket! I so enjoy playing with shape and this outfit just tickled my fancy no end.

I'm also wearing my new watch. My trusty old Fossil is eating batteries in just a few months, which i fear is signaling the end. I wondered why i was so antsy for a new watch - when i sat down and thought it out, i've been wearing my old one about twenty years! I really liked Fossil's 'Stella' watches, but how happy was i when i found this one - my favorite low contrast beige and about one third the cost.

Are any of you still thrashing around with the seasonal transition - more than half way through January? New, fun things are happening here wardrobe-wise, but i'm scattered about it, nowhere near focused in taking advantage of these new energies and things. I feel kind of embarrassed about this, but what can we do but admit where we are.  Any advice gratefully accepted!


  1. This coat is incredible...I love it and I really love it with the blouse you wore here..a great look!! I wrote last week that our winter here is about over, so I am trying to wear all my favorites, before the warm weather sets in for good. I love winter clothes!!

  2. First - the new watch is lover-ly - and what a great price. Your climate and mine are not marching in tune with most of the country so we tend to get a little restless, wardrobe-wise. I think your falling back on your favorite shapes and pieces is wonderful. You look smashing in that floral blouse and shapely jacket!

  3. Echo the smashing, incredible comments! What a wonderful drape that supposed-to-be-heavy jacket has.

    We have had almost no winter here. Except today. Icy sidewalks, maybe
    12 degrees this morning. I felt panic. :) Did I even own clothes warm enough to run an errand? Well, you know I do since my husband jokes how suggesting going out in the cold tends to make my eyes roll back in my head. I do think you're right that it takes some pre-planning. Maybe set aside an outfit or two for when there's a real chill. Then you can just grab it without a whole lot of unnecessary fiddling. I found out, btw, that with only lightweight jeans, no thermal underwear, a warmish but lightweight acrylic sweater, short coat with a split up the back for walking, and good gloves and a furry hat, I was quite fine at 12 degrees. Coat is a faux glazed caramel "leather" with loads of fur trim. I got compliments at the convenience store. :)

    Congratulations on the new watch! I have been craving a watch - vs. cell phone - and must have looked at well over 500 by now and nothing
    tickles me. And I don't like to shop, either. Just waiting for the lucky day I find one I can tolerate because it doesn't have all the dealbreakers.

  4. You know, you look tall and thin to me. I love the jacket. It is just perfectly tailored to you. The blouse is gorgeous!
    We have weather that is below freezing one day and above 50 the next. It is just crazy. Very hard to dress for that kind of temp variation.

  5. This winter has been difficult styling wise. It has been unseasonably warm in our area, with very little snow. This jacket is beautiful and it certainly DOES dress things up. If the little mouse could see me blogging, I'm dressed first for comfort.

  6. oh Pam, that is funny! i know what you mean about trying to 'sneak in' a few faves before time is up - it sounds like something a little kid would do, a few more trips down the slide before recess is over. How wonderful to still have so much fun!

    Hi Patti! thank you :) hmm, sounds like we have "restless wardrobe syndrome"!

    Thank you Vildy! your recommendations make a lot of sense! i think coming up with a few 'default' looks for common situations could be next on my list. And glad i'm not the only one who gets panicked a dressing for the cold (tho in my case it's more like 50F).

    i feel your pain on watch shopping. Oy! i still can't believe i found this one so easily - i'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)

    Hi Debbi! thank you! it is very nice when two favorites play so well together :)

    whew, that weather sounds just crazy-making! how long does that type of yo-yoing go on in your area?

    hi Terri! I can imagine that it being too warm for cold weather things doesn't leave you with a lot of options for using those too heavy items. Bleagh! what can you do, wear 20 sundresses on top of each other? Dressing for comfort sounds smart to me!

    squeak squeak!! steph

  7. It's my second winter in the Bay Area and I am still trying to get the hang of dressing for the strange winter weather. Whenever I leave the house, I find myself packing extra knee socks to go over my tights, arm warmers, cashmere sweaters, etc. I love cashmere because it's light but warm, making me look less bulky and taking up less space in my bag.

  8. I like the new watch!

    Interesting how adding the waist-conscious jacket changes the entire silhouette. Makes it ever so much fun to layer up. Finally, we're getting some chilly days but yeah it isn't a typical winter by any means!

    I'm going through a sartorial drought myself (perhaps in secret sympathy with the weird weather), and am reminding my inner impatient self that inspiration doesn't just happen - it needs the right circumstances and sometimes even an incubation period. I think I'm in that silent space myself, letting things sort out inside before I break through and spread my wings. Perhaps you're there, too.

  9. That jacket is divine! I'm definitely enjoying the mild winter, but I have to admit I'm somewhat sad not to be able to wear my warmer items. It is making dressing more of a challenge than usual.