Thursday, January 5, 2012

Legs Legs Legs

Well, i wore my "Olive Cocktail" dress for our traditional New Year's Eve outing to Cesar's. You have seen that dress plenty of times, and it got me thinking about a fun or different way to photograph the outfit. Since i spent most of the time seated, i took the logical route.

Looking at the pictures i couldn't help but notice how twisty my legs look! And after the first couple of shots i found it so distracting that i quite consciously attempted to 'straighten' them out while posing. No luck. I do see models with similar very curvy legs now and then, though on the whole the industry seems to prefer straighter, more angular gams. After taking and scrutinizing so many pictures of myself it's a kick to see  something new!

Cesar was founded by Alice Waters' ex-husband and is located right next door to the legendary Chez Panisse (at one point i saw Mr. Cesar retrieving, then later returning, an extra chair from chez next door). The hostess seated us right next to the front window where we could see all the happenings on the street - the limos pulling up to pick up people after their haute cuisine repast, the disappointed would-be Chez Panisse patrons who neglected to make a reservation, the panhandlers, the neighborhood denizens giving poochie his evening constitutional. Combined with the view behind the bar, we enjoyed entertainment galore!

I'm chuffed that these pictures finally convey some of the charm of this Peruvian Connection sweater.  Most of the time it just comes across as a black crew neck cardi (yawn.....). But in reality it's composed of several wonderful stitches witih plenty of openwork in various designs. And can you beat the zig - zag edging on the hems!

Mr. Cesar likes to make the lovely co-eds of UC Berkeley feel very welcome at his establishment, and they return the favor with sequined miniskirts, metallic bustiers, lurexed spandex. I have to say i felt a wee bit dowdy and out of place there off and on, with my cotton stockings, button up cardigan, and leg-enveloping skirt. As i was fanning myself our host stopped by to top off our drinks, remarking, "I love your fan - it seems so southern!"

I didn't have the heart to tell him it was menopause. The odd thing about my vague discomfort is that most of the people frequenting this establishment are my age or older, mostly locals with intellectual/artistic/cultural interests.  In other words, not all that different from me. Do you ever feel out of place at places where you can't really see any 'rational reason' for that feeling? I don't think my feeling had that much to do with style or dress, but i'm curious what you think anyway!

Little Old Lady Cardi: Peruvian
Belt : Betsey Johnson
Dress: Nine West From Krasa in Berkeley
Socks: Sock Dreams
Shoes: Clark's
Necklace: gift (thank you mom!)
Location: Cesar on Shattuck in Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto (no longer affiliated with barcesar on Piedmont in Oakland)


  1. Fun evening! I love your total look and the tights are great!!

  2. Yes, I have had that dowdy feeling, even when I am not dowdy(and you are most certainly not!). But I try to fight it, and remind myself that when I was a young hottie, I was insecure about how I looked -- so I better have some confidence now, 'cause this is my only time : >

    Love, love your tights and your lacy sweater.

  3. I have always felt out of place. I think it is some weird mental thing on my part. Like being a stranger in a strange land or something. I am an introvert for sure and I really don't like being in crowds.
    You look beautiful in your dress. I really like the color combo. Unusual yet beautiful.

  4. You look lovely! Happy New Year, my dear!
    I wore a Bettie Page style wiggle dress for NYE and felt a little out of place amongst the other bar-hoppers but all my friends were dressed up with me so it wasn't that bad. =)

  5. I feel out-of-place most every place but home. We didn't go out on New Years, so I think it's great that you found such a colorful place to go. And I love the legs some they actually look disconnected from the body.

  6. I do love that sweater and that dress - a lovely, striking combination. What I'm really finding interesting, though, are these comments about feeling out of place. I often felt this way in the past and I chalked it up to basic insecurity. I'm thinking introversion may explain a lot of it as well. It may be that that place just isn't your scene? Living in a foreign country as I do I think I've just become accustomed to being out of place, though I do feel this acutely on occasion...perhaps amongst people I know to have a lot more money than I have. I sometimes feel out of place on some of the blogs I visit! I go there for the visual interest and to see other 'cultures' as it were, but knowing that I have little in common with their outlook. You've raised a really interesting issue and I think I may have to have a think about that. Best wishes for 2012!

  7. Lovely legs shots! They are frame-worthy.

    Those tights are really great. But my fave is the cardi. Love it. Truly love it. Peruvian Connection has some really nice things.

    I was born out of place. I fake it most of the time to get by, and I suspect this is pretty common. :)

  8. Happy New Year Pam!

    Hi Patti! "I better have some confidence now, 'cause this is my only time" THAT is a line to keep in mind! tho on the whole i generally am worrying about other things and figure, well, i put in an effort and now on to life!

    Hi Debbie! "I am an introvert for sure and I really don't like being in crowds." oh, same here. altho i learned some techniques in kundalini yoga that help me cope much better in crowds these days, for which i am quite grateful. I love that color combo as well - i was so excited when i saw this dress! i LOVE color, just the ones i like to wear are rare.

    oh Ravina that sounds dangerously cute!! i sure hope some pics show up :) and there is a comfort in going out in a little gang!

    Hi Terri! "I feel out-of-place most every place but home." yes, or the out of doors. i was struck by that about the legs too - (just checked) - yep, they're still on!

    Welcome Shelley and thank you for your very thoughtful comment! i think with the introversion you have struck a chord. it's interesting how all of these introverts spend time at home blogging - and then end up 'with' all these other people! i've wondered now and then if there is a similar psychological profile amongst've given me lots of food 4 thought!

    Thank you P for the lovely compliment! i had lots of fun with GIMP :)

    "I fake it most of the time to get by, and I suspect this is pretty common. :)" i suspect so as well.

    Happy Saturday All! steph

  9. wow that dress is beautiful and suits you to a tee !!!!!!!