Saturday, April 21, 2012

Suddenly Summer

 After a chilly, damp spring which lasted until about Wednesday, we're predicted to hit 90F today. The weather is changing that quick! Well, that dratted 'real life' has been getting in the way of my blogging duties this last week. I managed to drive too much, thus missing Closet Housewives last night (J's wonderful craft - music - food gatherings). I'm keeping to hearth and home (and out of any cars) for the next few days to prepare for the Bread-i-nar coming up Saturday. Mom has generously agreed to teach a few of us greenhorns the ins and outs of sourdough French country bread. Wish us luck, and send mom a nice web-based group hug!

I've seen local stylist Jennifer Robin's book Growing More Beautiful at several local bookstores. It's very differently written and illustrated than any other book on how to dress yourself. I find myself more and more drawn to her outlook and wisdom, though at first encounter it seemed too touchy-feely for me. You know how sometimes you're just kinda stupid about things? Yep, that was me about this.

A few days ago i saw the book again and just had to write down some of her thoughts to share with all of you. My mind is too stuffed with ideas to write coherently, so enjoy Jennifer Robin's thoughts and please share any of your own reactions with the rest of us.

On shopping and identifying 'enough', how to know when you're hungry and when you're feeling satisfied: "Our consumer culture counts on you feeling like you are never perfect enough......Knowing I am in this for the long haul helps me stay focused...." 

"...even if money weren't an issue it isn't satisfying to have more clothes than you have days to wear them."

On living and dressing yourself in an authentic and creative manner: 
"We grow and learn in a messy and inexact way . To live a creative life, you need permission to do things poorly."

Not many letters or words, but how much would you have to change in order to embody their meaning? Jennifer's whole book is full of these kind of paradigm-popping ideas.

Heigh-ho, looks like our heroine Ms. Robin has been doing a wee bit o'bloggin' herself! I'm heading over to check it out as soon as i post this - why not you too?


  1. Missed you last night! Hope your leg is feeling better with some rest. I'll give you a buzz this afternoon.

    Sounds like a good book. I find stuff like that truly inspirational, and helps to remind myself that it's OK to have the occasional snafu as long as I learn from it.

    I had to smile at your retro look - you pull it off beautifully, and (lucky you!) the curliness of your hair is icing on the cake!

  2. Are those lacy socks peeking out? What a nice and unexpected touch.
    I really like the quotes you shared. Thank you!

  3. I like Jennifer's blog - thanks for the link! You look relaxed and happy in your rolled jeans and bare feet : >

  4. This is perfect! I snapped a photo of myself in jeans like this today...though I can't do a top like this so well as you do. I love the lacy socks with the boots, but love the bare feet even more. That last quotation is so very true...

  5. Thanks for the Jennifer Robin tip. I used to have both of her books. I tend to pass most style books along once I've read them. I've been spending time now on catching up with her blog and viewing some of her videos. I'm surprised myself that her combined emphasis on artistry and intuition didn't suit you at first glance. (I also do avoid the touchy feely as much as possible :D )

    I laughed at myself when I came across her advice to pull things out from the closet and put a small assortment to work with on a rolling rack. So that's who I should blame! I'm addicted to this method and the rolling rack becomes permanent.

    I've been absorbing her idea that it's wise to dress honestly so that you can attract people to you for yourself. I've been being a phony roleplayer for so long, I doubt I know what that is anymore. And yes, I've done her spirit term exercise before in the past.

  6. Hi P! leg is calming down some, should be back to where ti was by late week. Just in time for more scrambling around!! ")

    "it's OK to have the occasional snafu as long as I learn from it." it's possible that the occasional snafu is actually a sign that you're progressing and learning instead of stagnating. IOW, a good sign! and thank you!

    Thank you Debbi! i've been reading more of Ms. Robin's blog, there's a LOT there. Glad you enjoy it too!

    Yay Patti, i'm happy you like Ms. Robin's blog :) I feel like you and she would be a good fit! heehee, i love bare feet altho Vahni of Grit and Glamour once said it was something she hoped she would never see on a style blog! but it gets so hot here and i want to be honest with you, there are ways to do it a bit more stylishly.

    or so i like to think ;)

    Hi Terri! thank you! i can see you in all type of fun distressed jeans. You have those nice long legs and a bit of a boyish figure, you will look adorable! can't wait to see your pictures!!

    Hi Vildy! yes, i think i had a bug up someplace the first time i ran across her book. But at the same time, i zeroed in on her advice to buy for your dominant climate immediately and made it one of my main style mantras! Oh, you're getting me very hot on the idea of a rolling rack.

    Which would give my poor husband hives!!

    "I've been absorbing her idea that it's wise to dress honestly so that you can attract people to you for yourself. I've been being a phony roleplayer for so long, I doubt I know what that is anymore." ah, i hadn't run across this idea of hers, and it is quite wise. Sounds like this could be a very fascinating and productive journey for you to take. Full of surprises, too.

    Maybe you can do the spirit term exercise again? Let us know what you come up with!! Interestingly, while i despise that type of exercise constitutionally, i want to do hers! ?

    Happy Monday! steph

  7. Well, Steph, because she's a visual artist, the exercise is extremely visually based. Quite opposite to the Style Statement workbook, which can give you the heebie jeebies: What kind of friend am I?

    The rolling rack I use is just a cheap one and of course it could be
    easily collapsed down to about waist or hip level and could even be
    stored away vertically. You could kind of do the same thing with one of those metal over the door hangers. They collapse down, too, against the door. But they do eventually mar the top of the door. And then there's the shower rod.... :D

  8. I don't have your email address (or twitter or facebook fan info) or else I would message you privately. I want to THANK YOU, dear dashing Eccentric aka Tiny Junco aka ? - for leaving my +40 blogroll on several forums- you have driven quite a bit of traffic to that blogroll, and some people who are glad to discover they're not alone in loving style and being over 40. Thank you very much! -Bella Q (my email: bella(at)

    twitter: @citizenrosebudz

  9. What kind of friend? The most thoroughly paradign-shifting philosophing provocateur, that's what type!! hmm, your rolling rack description is making things sound kind of do=able....however, i've cleaned out a fair amount of closet space and if i keep things tidy i have a decent 2'-3' of rod i can use for playing around. And on the plus side, it's behind a closed door!

    Hello Bella Q!!!! i just sent you an e-mail, you are very kind to let me know how my plans for world media domination are percolating along ;) your blogroll is a godsend and reflects an incredible effort on your part (not to mention a true talent for scoping out new blogs). i don't think that 'the media' gets the revolutionary aspect of a bunch of old ladies taking their pics and putting them out there in public yet - but looks like the masses do!! hooray!

    Take care, steph

    1. I don't know if I ever got your email-- please try again or tweet me your contact info-
      I've got a new +40 Bloggers badge made and I'd be HONORED if you'd post it on your sidebar!

  10. I know you're not lost, but are you wandering? Elle