Monday, July 16, 2012

My Best Dressed Award

Truth to tell i felt a wee bit too visible in this first iteration of this outfit. Stripey dress and mismatched stripey socks? I did that type of thing in grade school, which was fine then (1970) but feels a bit twee at age 50. However, out on our community walk and bike path i got a lot of smiles and 'great outfits!'. This culminated in my being pronounced 'Best Dressed on the path today!' by a passing group of lady walkers. I knew right then i had to post this look.

Later in the day i changed out a  few accessories for a different vibe. I like the ladylike feel, at the same time it's not saccharine or fussy. This outfit brought up another perennial style question: Is it possible for clothing be too comfortable? While i didn't experience that uncanny moment of looking down in horror to make sure i am clothed, i did feel a lot like i was strolling about the house in my slip. As i was just doing housework, etc. it didn't make much difference. But if i had been out in public i think i would have felt awkward and distracted.

This whole issue is even loopier in my case because i'm so concerned with comfort because of the nerve damage in my left leg. Apparently, i want my clothing to be comfy enough to not cause distraction due to pain, but still i want enough 'contact' to feel awareness of my clothing. I hate that startled sensation of 'Oh my goodness, i'm naked!' which occasionally sneaks up on me whilst wearing too-comfy garments.

I suppose that my threads need to hit a very particular 'sweet spot'. It's the Goldilocks syndrome. Do any of you have similar criteria with clothing - things have to be 'just. so.' or it drives you nuts?  Of course, i an very happy when my clothing fits these requirements. But it can truly be a pain when it comes to acquiring clothes! I would like to bring up Patti of Not Dead Yet Style at this point (not just because she is the gracious hostess of Visible Monday - check it out!). But Patti embodies, to me, that type of effortless style and grace which makes envisioning her driving herself nuts over clothing choices just about impossible. Even if i can't stop fretting about these matters, i hope i can at least attain that wonderful, effortless vibe - even if it's simply a facade.


  1. I'd say you were definitely best dressed for walking and later in the day as well. Very nice outfit.
    It is so hot here that walking is not an option even early in the morning. We are also having high ozone levels which make it hard for me to breathe.
    By the way, I like those mismatched socks. I got some at QVC that I think are really cute and if people don't like them, tough luck. Keep on wearing them proudly!

  2. I love this. Great close-up of the beautiful blouse, and I love your no-nonsense footwear.

    I have to say I have never felt undressed, or dressed only in my undies, when I was dressed. That is truly a comfortable outfit!

  3. I don't think this is twee at all. I think it's playful and fun, but not twee. I love the mismatched socks especially.

  4. Thank you for the gracious compliments, Steph, they mean a lot! You do look effortless today, a perfect blend of comfort and un-fussy style. I do love the socks, too.

  5. Love both iterations of the outfit! And the hats are both fab! ;) I am always happiest when my clothes are comfy enough to sleep in. If anything pinches or pulls or is even vaguely uncomfortable it either doesn't get purchased or doesn't stay in my closet. ;)

  6. This is an interesting point--the awareness of the feel of my clothes. I'm much more aware of it with uncomfortable clothing--like scratchy wools or too tight jeans, but I'll admit that silk does sometimes make me feel naked. Perhaps that's why I don't have much of it in my closet.

  7. I'll usually add a slip to a dress that feels too bare (some of my swingier skirts are like that too. I like to feel reassured that I'm clothed and that nothing is showing!

    You look fabulous - the 2nd outfit is my favourite.

  8. I have to admit that your striped socks made me smile, too, and they are likely perfect for a good walk. But I like the understated elegance of your switched out accessories better. I'm truly convinced that a nude or beige shoe makes our legs look much longer. But bein' a shorty, I could just be lyin' to myself.

    Like Sheila, I have to have a slip if a garment's not fully lined, and I own a ton of slips in every length. As I've gotten older, I don't like my clothes to squeeze or squish. I am picky about over-accessorizing but have to have jewelry on, either bangles, a necklace, or earrings - but no all three together. Pet TV anchor woman peeve - big statement earrings with matching necklace. Ugh, the horror! lol And I do like feeling really good in what I'm wearing. If I don't, it hits the consignment or donation pile very quickly.

  9. I can't wear knit pants, except at the gym. They feel too much like pajamas, even the nice "dressy" pants.

    I tend to wear slips under dresses, too.

    And I often feel undressed if my shoulders aren't mostly covered. I'll wear sleeveless tops, but not with narrow shoulder straps.

    I'm not one to wear lacy camisoles, etc. as an accent under sweaters, even if everything's covered. I guess I just feel the need to differentiate very clearly between lingerie/sleepwear and public wear.

  10. Thank you Debbi! "It is so hot here that walking is not an option even early in the morning. We are also having high ozone levels which make it hard for me to breathe." oh no, that is brutal. take care and i hope you air clears up soon!

    re: the socks. i have nothing against them generally, it's just that i wore a lot of outrageous types of socks in my younger days and now i think i'm just kind of bored of it (i can't believe i said that on a fashion blog!) ;)

    Hi STAshworth! yes, it was 'shockingly' comfy!

    Thank you Gracey! your comments make me feel like i hit the style 'sweet spot' - quite nice! it's funny, i was out of town this last weekend and saw a young woman in the elevator who looked quite like you - then i noticed i was looking her in the eye. i register at 5'6", so i realized no way ;)

    Patti, those are strictly honest words :) and how nice to hear 'effortless and relaxed' from of such the queen herself!

    Welcome CC! thank you :) and very nice to hear from a 'total comfort or it's out the door' adherent. There is much to be said for that point of view, and with today's stretchy fabrics it in no way rules out uber-stylishness either.


  11. Hi Terri! "...but I'll admit that silk does sometimes make me feel naked. Perhaps that's why I don't have much of it in my closet." ha! another member of the 'don't make me feel naked!' club!

    Hello Sheila - that's interesting, i wear slips a lot too. i hadn't linked it to the 'anti-naked' trait before now - could be. and thank you :)

    Hi Lynne! i prefer the second look as well, but the first was MUCH better for my walk :)

    "I am picky about over-accessorizing but have to have jewelry on.." ah, anther area where it's important to find the sweet spot. Your examples of the TV anchorwomen is alarming and seen much too often! a lot of women find (especially metal) jewelry uncomfortable in the heat. i'm glad that i don't as like you i feel it adds that finishing touch.

    i'd like to see your slip collection....

    Hi Ms M!!!"I guess I just feel the need to differentiate very clearly between lingerie/sleepwear and public wear." it seems like this sentence sums up your feelings on this topic quite nicely. And there's a lot to be said for this viewpoint - i think many of the issues people have with the 'degradation' of public dress have to do with this distinction disappearing.

    Hello Bella! "I guess I wouldn't want to feel naked- but you remind me that the clothes I do wear (like pants!) are painfully uncomfortable and I should weed that feeling out of my wardrobe." well you know that of course i will encourage you in this project!! that's funny, i never would have pegged you as one to wear anything that uncomfortable.

    and you touch on one of my pet peeves, as well. Pants are supposed to be so much more comfortable and freeing than skirts, but in many cases it just ain't so!! oy, nothing worse than a rigid seam biting into some of a lady's most delicate 'tissues' - dont' make me get more graphic about this!!! ;)

    whereas a nice, knee-length full skirt of soft fabric allows complete freedom of movement with no binding. ah.....

    ladies, free those pins!!! and Bella you are very kind :)

    Happy Day! steph