Sunday, July 6, 2014

Eight Gore Skirt with Jacket, Hat and Boots

Another signature look.

I made up this skirt after Shams of Communing with Fabric pointed out the pattern on one of her Vogue pattern release round ups. I didn't care for the look of the jacket at all, so i ignored the skirt. It's easy to make and fit, and fits nicely into my wardrobe.

I saw Shams at a recent sewing blogger event at Britex in San Francisco. This notorious hermit had a fantastic time!

I even heard another attendee or two refer to how odd it is to be in a group of like minded people when we're all drawn together by such a solitary activity.

yes, it's linen - why do you ask?

I sure hope Britex continues with these events! I had a blast, and my eyes were opened to some products they have of which i am in dire need. I had no idea prior to this occasion, frankly i never had much luck shopping at Britex in the past. But now i am planning a trip before the next month or so.  Hopefully this testimony will encourage the powers that be at Britex to forge ahead!

Happy Day!!  steph


  1. Love the skirt, and you're my hero for the no-nonsense footwear.

  2. oh STASH, thank you! well, lucky for me i like a utilitarian edge in my outfits, and these Fluevogs are lined in leather and absolutely glorious to wear. Have a fun day! steph