Friday, July 4, 2014

Parakeet Shirt and Lavender Lace Socks

Hi you guys! I have some projects i'm working on which squeeze out my blogging time, but i miss it and i like having pictures of my outfits readily available. So i'll be doing some OOTD posts for a while.

Hope you all are doing well. Have a great day! steph


  1. love the birds on that shirt!

  2. I love the placement of the embroidery on that shirt. I am really into machine embroidery these days and you have given me new inspiration. I love this look on you too.

  3. Thank you Patti! Mr. E found this shirt at a consignment store, but never wore it as it was too femme for him (even over in SF!). So i bided my you can see my diabolical plan worked!

    Hullo Adrienne! oh i feel like a noodle, of course i know you're loving embroidery but it didn't even occur to me when i posted this one! I agree that it's very nicely done on this piece, you know growing up we had parakeets and they are quite smart and lots of fun to see what they get up to. I am very glad you liked this one, enjoy your sewing Adrienne!!! steph