Monday, September 12, 2011

It Turns Out It's All True!

 What they say about accessories, that is. I tossed on this dress and jacket a week ago to cope with a fairly hot day. The dress is a sundress, with just straps at the shoulders, and the jacket fabric is quite thin, providing sun protection without additional heat. For my morning walk i wore my flat riding booties (great for walking as well!) and a little hat. I ended up with a 'Depression-era country farm girl makes a little extra cash by moonlighting as a private detective in town' look - a vintage feel with a dash of kookiness.

When i got home i washed my hair, kicked off my shoes and jacket. When it was time to go grocery shopping, i decided on my nude sandals, along with the same jacket. This second look is much more up to date, almost 'Smart Casual' to use Angie's term.

The idea of using one rather 'clean', solid color dress (usually black) as a background to express various fashion personalities through prudent deployment of accessories is a hoary old canard. Many suspect it's not even true. But i was very struck by the difference a hat and different shoes made in this outfit.  Especially as this look is hardly equivalent to a 'little black dress' (plaid, big buttons, turn back cuffs and a studded belt, for goodness sake!).

I have to say that after this experience, concerning the power of accessories i'm convinced!  (time to go shoe-shopping.....)


  1. Hi Steph - the shoes make the outfits so different, don't they? Very nice photographic evidence : > Very cute dress and btw, your hair looks fantastic.

  2. Both the dress and jacket seem to be great "blank canvas" pieces for you. I second what Patti said about your hair, looks great!

  3. WoW, you are so right! And I had suspected it wasn't much true, either. Can't fool me with those fashion pix of black sheath dresses "changed up."

    Love your farm girl depiction, too. You know I
    *completely* understand. :D That farm gal turned into a city slicker right quick.

  4. Hello Patti! it seemed so obvious that day! and how very nice to receive a hair compliment from the Queen of Gorgeous Hair!

    Thank you Ms. Pesu! it's funny what's a 'blank piece' for different people, isn't it?

    Howdy Vildy! Yeah, i was pretty cynical myself.... heehee! never lived on a farm myself but have a pretty rough and ready ancestry! you're not the only one who likes to play the actress now and then...

    Happy Monday!! steph

  5. How very true. Accessories are everything, especially the hat and the shoes. And of course gloves!

  6. Oh, I like the plaid dress and I was amazed at how the change of shoes dressed it up. Well done.

  7. Hello Judith, it's nice to 'see' you!! heehee, you're the last person who needs convincing on this topic!!

    Hi Terri! Thank you! yes, a plaid dress doesn't seem the likeliest of 'blank canvases', does it? live and learn!

    Take care!! steph