Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dashing Eccentric Designs Spotted At New York Fashion Week!

 By coincidence Mr. E traveled back to 'the old country' to visit family during New York's recent Fashion Week extravaganza. His outrageously gorgeous sister took his picture at the universe's style omphalos - the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week sponsorship banner. And most delightfully, Mr. E sports a shirt of his own design, constructed by myself. I had no idea we would be so spectacularly represented at this pinnacle of world fashion events!

Mr. E, as you can see, did not neglect visiting the major cultural monuments, of which there are so many along the eastern seaboard. I tended towards housefau-type duties while the man of the house pursued more intellectually inclined activities.  Here you see a typical outfit from that week, whilst i attempt to look pulled together as temperatures climb ever higher.

Another of the slouch fly front skirts, in a very nicely stretchy black denim, another Butterick 4985 iteration, my trusty Aerosoles, slacking on the patio sweeping apparently, and ......... could this be? Whu - let us look a wee bit closer......

Yes, that would indeed be a vintage Coach bag. In a case of truly jaw-dropping generosity, i received two beautiful new pocketbooks from a wonderful blog reader during Mr. E's vacation (say the word and you will be outed, you who knows who you are!). This is one. I have enjoyed Coach items (generally from afar!) over the decades, but have never had one of their purses. Mom did for years, a classic unlined leather one. My vintage leather belt has done yeoman's service in my wardrobe. Coach scarves are beautiful, the workmanship in each piece impeccable.  However, the overly logo-ed fabric bags, while gorgeous, never spoke to me, and the 'classic leather' purses were a wee bit Puritan for my tastes. My favorite Coach bags were, and remain, from the brief period when Coach started to branch out into more stylish bags, and before they started using a lot of the logo fabric.

The precise period, in fact, from which a * certain someone * chose a bag to send my way. I have to tell you it still leaves me a little flummoxed how this happened, but very delighted and thankful! It is one of those incidents which make you feel that there is much more to life behind the scenes than we generally let on. And that particular individuals have a gift for opening the door of the mundane to let you take a peek beyond.

Fashion Week was a memorable one in many many ways here at Eccentric HQ. Here's hoping that you all make many wonderful memories this fall as well!!


  1. Ha! what a pleasure to see a bit of your handiwork at New York Fashion Week. And what a lucky girl to receive such a fine gift.

  2. What a delightful account! The mister looks wonderful in his custom designed and *fitted* shirt. I immediately wondered whether people kept trying to speak to him in Italian. And you, as always. Enjoyed your riff on the Coach bags. You have indeed picked their shining moment in the sun. I was once gifted a small navy unlined shoulder bag that, over the years, started to turn bronze. I wish now I had kept it on account of it asserting itself in that manner.

  3. Mr E. looks so dashing in his/your designs! (The duck! Where is that duck?) How lovely to receive a Coach bag, and I agree that this design is among their best. Happy Friday!

  4. The duck is classic!! How fun to have your designs modeled during fashion week and with such a special model!! I really love your skirt..I have always been jealous of your sewing abilities..great talent and now also jealous of your vintage much fun!!


    the ceremony pictures were sweet, too - i grew up going to the WPA designed rose garden in Berkeley for many weekends of picnics and the huge hillside slide. of course, often weddings would be taking place in the public garden, and we'd scamper around the edges of the festivities. wonderful memories! (hope your feet/back feel better by now!)

    Hullo P! you called it right - he has one set of grandparents from Ireland, the other from Sicily. He does have that 'European' flair. i'll have to draw his attention to your comment, he'll get a kick out of it!

    and that DOES sounds like a remarkable bag!!! ah well, it's hard to hang onto everything :)

    Hi Patti! it's on Long Island, i don't know where. i was trying to describe it to my dad, 'well, it looks like it's made out of papier mache but it can't be because it's been out in the open so long.....'. plus the expression on the duck's face is priceless.

    yes, our dear reader truly outdid herself!!!!

    Yes, Pam, i just loved getting this picture! and thank you - i am indebted to my younger self for sticking with sewing through the years ;)

    to quote Patti - Happy Friday!! steph

  6. Mr. E looks fab, as always! Lovely bag, too, what a kind and thoughtful gift! =) Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Coach is a terrific brand and so well made!
    Great shots,LOL!

  8. Loving this outfit! It's very of this moment. You look fab!

  9. Great shirt on Mr. E and the gift that you received is truly wonderful. One of those surprises that makes life fun and interesting!

  10. Thank you Ravina! i really enjoyed the polyvore you did on 'yellow', the outfit with the grey fedora is especially cool!

    Hi Reva! the FW shot seems like one you would especially enjoy!

    Thank you Sylvia! 'of the moment' is a fun tag, not so usual for me either : )

    Thank you Judith!! "One of those surprises that makes life fun and interesting!" I could not have put it better myself!!

    happy thursday all! steph