Thursday, October 6, 2011

Age Inappropriate Dressing

I wore this for dashing around town on what looks to be one of our last 'summer' days. My husband has been ranting about my style tendencies recently. Apparently i'm giving Mr. Chaz Bono a run for his title of Premier Bull D7ke of the Western Territories. Far be it from me to nudge a cultural icon out of the spotlight - in a swing to the distaff side, i've been sporting these little Ann Ferriday tops.

Most of the day was spent with the scarf worn as above. The ultra femme qualities of this little shell should be obvious. I have three Ann Ferriday tops, which we bought on sale at a boutique three or four years ago. The colors and textures Ms. Ferriday combines in her tops are complex and just wonderful - as it happens, many of these lovely tops are for sale on e-bay at very reasonable prices. As she only makes one size, shopping for a loved one could not be easier!

This outrageous scarf was a present from Mr. Eccentric a couple of winters ago. The colors, patterns, and textures (wine velvet!!! swoon.....) are perfection itself. But somehow i never hit on a really good way of wearing this scarf. Incredible frustration! Happily, while wearing this outfit i tied it in a way i learned from Paula's blog, and bob's your uncle! Long line, stays in place, warms the neck, shows off the scarf........i am ecstatically thrilled that this scarf will be getting worn to rags this winter!

The bag is also a gift from Anonymous. It's a lovely glazed chestnut color, with perforated strips outlining the major seams. It adds such a rich, colorful sheen to a look while also being ultra-practical.  Mrs. You Know Who You Are, thank you again and have a fabulous day out there!!!!

Hat: Berkeley Hat Company
Scarves, Handbag, Jewelry: gifts
Jacket: YMI lets UBU (thrifted)
Skirt: own design
Fishnets: Sock Dreams
Shoes: Clark's


  1. Cute top, although I doubt they mean me when they say "one size".

    You look great. I am not sure what is age inappropriate about this. Is it a mystery?

  2. Hi Cynthia! 'one size' - yeah, i can see why she does this from the production side, but it's pretty boring.

    re:post title. it is kind of a secret message to someone in particular........ ( ahem ) .....also, i just liked the phrase! plus it just struck me while wearing this that it was very far removed from any idea i had when i was around 11-16 years old of how i'd dress at this age. who knows? ;) steph

  3. Well, I really do like those lacy, feminine tops over on eBay. I may have to try a cream colored one. I don't want to be mistaken for Chaz, although I like him very much : > (btw I don't think you resemble him at all either!)

  4. Oh those smart alecky husbands. :D I never would have believed that I would find you and Chaz in the same paragraph on personal style!

    You certainly look ka-pow feminine in this outfit.
    I could really use a top like this if only it
    weren't quite so NotChazBono in front there. That's the problem I keep trying to solve in a way I like. Read something recently about
    how a silk underlayer allows everything over to slip around. And though I don't like camisoles, I may just try this route.

  5. oh Patti, those tops would be gorgeous on you! with your curly hair and floaty scarves and skirts....bellissimo! the brilliant part is the lace is very soft and super stretchy, so they are quite comfy too. Fun!

    Vildy, "those smart alecky husbands. :D " indeed! grrrr..... i'm always tongue-tied at the moment, then end up subjecting my blameless readers to my feeble staircase wit. well, you know how it is getting carried away with a metaphor ;)

    silk sounds good! always nice to wear, and should keep you warm as well. we await your report!!

    happy friday! steph

  6. You look great, as usual! I'm loving the lacy top with the white skirt and fishnets - there is so much depth to this outfit! =)

  7. (big smile) Ravina, what a nice compliment! Hope you didn't get too wet in the rain, luckily the forecast is sun sun sun this weekend - enjoy :) steph

  8. I enjoyed very much rolling through your fashion-blog.
    Did you ever tried to close only the lowest button of your Denim Jacket?
    I think it would look quiet eccentric ;-)
    Greetings from Germany

  9. Ann Ferriday tops are one size. I am an XS and they fit me perfectly. I have three as well. I wish I could find more on ebay that are new with tags. There was a seller on ebay who sold them and they were NWT.