Sunday, October 16, 2011

What IS It That Bloggers Gaze At?

 As promised, another look or two featuring my new love. These outfits are more casual, taking advantage of the versatility of this piece. The styling in this post is pretty self-explanatory - you've seen all these pieces before.

But you may have wondered now and then about so many outfit of the day pictures you see on style blogs - what is that lady looking at? As it happens, there are many reasons for a style blogger/model to look someplace other than the camera lens.

Modeling takes a degree of nerve, and some bloggers frankly feel uncomfortable looking straight at the lens. Others are not 'out' as bloggers in their private or business life, and not showing their face mystifies their identity.

 There are additional possible factors.  Even if you post a modest three times a week, the sheer quantity of photos adds up quickly. Most bloggers strive to add a degree of variety to the look of their photos - but on a long term basis running around to photogenic locales for scintillating backdrops is not practical more than occasionally. The outfits provide a degree of difference, but is it enough?

Fortunately one of the most cost and time effective solutions is for the model to vary her poses. This provides visual variety, as well as affecting the emotional tone of the photograph.

And, to be blunt, the point of style blog photographs is to show off the clothing, accessories, hairstyle, and other style choices of the blogger in the most attractive possible light.  Certain poses and gestures are more flattering to certain styles of clothing, or may emphasize a particular feature of the outfit which the blogger/stylist would like to showcase.

But the reason i was looking off to the side during the 'black cargo pant' shoot had nothing to do with any of that. It had everything to do with why i love living in California, and right here in particular.

Blouse: Bobeau
Jacket, cargo pants: thrifted
Jeans: Levi's discountinued
Belt: Betsey Johnson
Mid-calf boots: Bass Lamont


  1. Nice wildlife! Usually, in my case, it's a cat that is just out of frame.

  2. Love your blouse! I began as just a face mask to hide my identity....then I went headless...then I looked it is mostly right into the lense!! I give up!

  3. I do it for variety too, and try to think of something very pleasant : > What a beautiful creature you saw!

  4. You wanna see gazes? :D Not fashion but...

    And then of course there is that nutty Toast catalog with the zombies modeling clothes. I had to give up on fashion mags for a long time because I couldn't take all the clothing displayed on prostrate models. Clothes for having the vapors.

    Did you see the site that had average people duplicating the contrived poses of models? Gazing off to the side is totally mainstream. :)

    I really do love your casual looks coupled with the dressy blouse. I noticed that on YLF it seemed to be divided between those who loved some of your looks because it was also their own style and those of us who loved what was not our style.

  5. Cynthia, you have the best photobombers on the web!

    Hi mom!

    Pam, it has been so fun and refreshing to see more and more of you over time! You had us all dying of curiosity!! : )

    Patti, you have a great face for photos. Beautiful and friendly as well!

    hi Vildy! i have seen some of those 'mock poses' - i remember a guy who was critiquing porn on Phil Donahue ages ago who had guys from the audience pose like ladies in playboy - lots of very uncomfortable laughter in the audience.

    "Clothes for having the vapors" - ha! hand those ladies the smelling salts!!!

    you know i didn't notice that on YLF but now that you point it out it's definitely the case. different motivations, perhaps?

    Happy Monday! steph

  6. Fabulous casual outfit! Over time, for me, discovering varying poses becomes an evolving piece of the blogging process..

  7. Love the styling with the black cargo pants!

    We are so lucky to live near wildlife. I usually have to trek a bit further afield than you to see the critters in their semi-natural habitat, but the occasional oppossum inching along our fenceline is always a nice reminder that this area was once theirs not ours. Maybe it will become theirs again someday.