Friday, October 14, 2011

yeah, I Fell. I Fell HARD.

 You've seen this blouse here recently. What you don't know is that since i bought it, on September 25, 2011, I've worn it about six times. hmmm, sounds like someone was truly pining for a ladylike pussybow blouse! And in newtrals, no less.....

 This outfit was a pretty obvious one. In fact i plotted it on BART as we made our way home from the city, Nordstrom bag in hand.  My favorite aspect of this look is the complete contradictoriness it embodies. It's a very reto-sixties lady like 'dress', straight out of Belle de Jour, while at the same time it is a blatant example of outrageous pattern mixing. Nothing more fun than inhabiting two opposites quite comfortably at once.

These Betsy Johnson tights weren't my first choice - i came to them through a process of elimination. But in the end i like the way they pick up the geometry of the skirt and the mid-grey tones in the roses. The waistband on these tights is the most brilliantly hothothot pink i've seen since 1967!!! It has Betsy Johnson's logo name woven in the fabric - very fun, but it does bleed in the wash. They have to bathe alone in the sink, like cats.

Another reason i've been reaching for this blouse every other morning is the way it mixes with denim. Just like they were made for each other. It's hard to imagine a better piece to work into Angie's 'Smart Casual' formula. Another Bobeau blouse look to come this weekend - and a round of applause for Mr. Eccentric, our most excellent in-house personal stylist.

Blouse: Bobeau at Nordstrom's
Skirt: own design (suggested by Mr. E)
Belt: DKNY (thrifted)
Tights: Betsey Johnson
Jacket: YMI lets UBU (thrifted)
Shoes: Clark's


  1. Oh, I love this. The blouse is amazing and the styling is even more so. You look gorgeous.

  2. I adore that blouse! So pretty. I would have grabbed it as well.

    I have a Bobeau item in my wardrobe. This purple drapey cardi:

    (Psst, it's me, Sheila of Ephemera - my Google account is being weird).

  3. Oooh I am falling hard too for this blouse. Love the pattern mixing. And the story about the tights having to wash all alone : >

    Oh Hi, Anonymous Sheila!

  4. Oh no - not the cat in the sink issue!

  5. Hello Gracey! my goodness, you are so complimentary (blushes) thank you!

    Aha! the 'Anonymous' commenter! heehee! i can see you in it - that purple cardi is wonderful, esp. with your hair! hope google calms down!

    Hi Patti! well, in my humble opinion you would look great in this blouse and it would blend so well with your femme-romantic style. (...& it was on sale.....)

    Ha! well, mom, actually i was just using that to add some drama to the situation...'you know who' is way too 'traditionally built' to make it up to the sink!

    Happy Saturday! steph

  6. I love that skirt on you! It really goes great with that top. Match made in heaven!

  7. That is a fabulous blouse, and I agree, together with the skirt it looks both like a retro border-print lady dress and like awesome pattern mixing. Maybe that's why retro border print lady dresses were so popular back in the day (when was that?) Anyway, you look great.

  8. Great outfit - the counterpoint is so charming! I too love that ladylike look, with the tie front.

  9. heehee, Ravina, a great way to put it! thank you!

    Hi Cynthia! that very well could be why they were so popular - nice insight! thank you - i felt like this look was reminding me very much of your talent for pattern mixing while i was wearing it. It was fun to think of you that way!

    ah, P, you do ladylike like nobody's business! i hope you are having a great weekend!

    Happy Sunday!! steph

  10. I don't blame you for wearing that blouse so often - it's a beauty!