Saturday, October 22, 2011

What A Difference A Day Makes......

Or, "Why I Stink At This Style Blogging Thing".

Of a Saturday Mr. E and i ended up in the Elmwood neighborhood of Berkeley, as is so often the case. We'd been bopping around town a wee bit when Mr. E realized that he needed to get to the pharmacy - back home in Pleasant Hill - before it closed in an hour. However, we had not completed our Berkeley hanging out.....i suggested he run back home, transact his business, and meet me back at the cafe at 6:30pm for more knocking about.

Pookies like people-watching, too.
Let's see, an hour and a half to myself in a darling little neighborhood commercial zone. What to do, what to do.......I know! I'll go clothes shopping! First i stopped by Jeremy's, a Bay Area institution reknowned for it's designer bargains. They seem to achieve these incredible deals through buying a lot of samples which are dreadfully abused and misused in photo shoots, runway shows, satanic sacrifices maybe. Fabric tears (not seams, fabric), makeup and lipstick stains smack in the center of a bodice - this on items selling for $70-150 or more. Many ladies swear by the bargains they find there. Sadly, all i run across is frustration. Jeremy's requires bigger shopping cajones than this girl possesses.

Sheila will be pleased to know that Jeremy's featured a saggy boob bag!
I then strolled into Krasa. Krasa's motto is 'Get DRESSed' or, as the charming owner Elena expresses it, "Everybody in dresses!" Krasa carries every type of dress a modern woman might need - sundresses, office dresses, cocktail dresses, bridal shower dresses, clubbing dresses - all at excellent price points (generally $35-200). Krasa also carries a vast selection of unique leg wear, perfect for the starving student wanting to spark up the Saturday night outfit for a smaller cash outlay.

I fell for the gorgeous olive floral-burst Nine West dress right off the bat. Be still my heart! I tried it on and Elena graciously took my picture. Elena next suggested a coral and magenta dress (picture below), which looked smashing as well. Well, the clock was ticking and my pumpkin was approaching. I left to go meet up with Mr. E. I handed over the camera as we snacked at a sidewalk cafe.  He took one glance and said, "Let's go get this green one as soon as we finish eating."

 We then spent a lovely half hour as my stylish swain picked out a few more items for consideration. In the end, i only (only!) bought the 'olive cocktail' dress. But i plan to pop into Krasa on a regular basis from now on, and i urge anyone in the area to do so as well. Elena is passionate in her desire to revive dress wearing - in Berkeley, the belly of the Birkenstock-wearing beast. If anyone can pull it off, she can! Beautiful, practical, well-made, flattering and lifestyle appropriate dresses at very attractive price points. That's my definition of a smart business that deserves our patronage.

This dress is very happy in it's new home.
So, how does this post demonstrate my blogging failings? "of a Saturday" was a month ago! Everyone knows that internet readers want new content, they want it fast, and they want it now!!! What blogger in her right mind lets this type of material sit around on the hard drive that long??!?!  Take a real hard look at your monitor, dear reader, squint a bit and you may be able to see allllll the way down that fidgety internet connection to discern   -   me.

Dresses: Nine West from Krasa
Sandals: Aerosoles
Black velvet shoes: vintage Filippo Raphael


  1. I like your new dress! Next time I come to the Bay Area, I am going to have to find you and persuade you to take me to all of these places.

  2. Cynthia, consider me 'pre-persuaded'!

    We'll have a blast!! steph

  3. I love your dress and your story. Your husband is a dream, keep him. (mine is too - he wants me to "spoil myself" more than I ever do). Whenever I get an hour to myself in a city --- well, you know what happens next : >

  4. Awesome post (and awesome dress).
    And you're so right about Elena too! I have the luck to know her personally and I can confirm she's really charming and sweet; and very passionate about what she does. You pictured her perfectly.
    You made me eager to stop by Krasa again, as soon as possible. :)

  5. This post was definitely worth the wait. I enjoyed it immensely. I'll never be able to look at a purse like that again!

    Love you in the fresh and feminine dress. Especially wonderful with those black shoes.
    You look like a dinner date waiting to happen.

    I think the idea of shop specializing in dresses is brilliant. They claim that the dress era is on the way out but not so long as a shop like that exists. Who could say goodbye to a look like the one you chose. If it goes out of fashion, then fashion had best gather her skirts and make an about face.

  6. Great choice and great colors to play with. A nice addition to your wardrobe.I also love the vintage shoes.

  7. You look AMAZING in that dress...I am so glad you bought it!! What a fun afternoon!!

  8. That is a truly stunning dress! Does it have a purple underskirt or something in the first picture? This has my mind thinking of a frilly underskirt peeping out...

    And I laughed at the saggy boob purse, although you have to admit, the clasps on the top make them look very "woe is me". :)

  9. That husband is a keeper!! You look terrific in that green dress!! I love it. It looked good with the leggings too!!

  10. Your new dress is a beauty! You can't go wrong with the purple and green combo, especially with black velvet vintage shoes.

  11. That dress is so fantastic, you look amaaazing!
    Also, one of my best friends works at the Elmwood Cafe!

  12. Thank you Patti : ) heehee, i AM very lucky. in the interests of full disclosure, we do have our rough edges - but you've read enough of this blog to know that - ha! "(mine is too - he wants me to "spoil myself" more than I ever do"that is so sweet!!! give your hubby a nice hug from all the style blogger ladies out here!

    Welcome Feddichka!!! how fun that you know Elena and Krasa! yes, you need to get over there right away! : ) how nice to hear you felt i conveyed Elena's wonderful spirit!

    Hi Vildy! well, Sheila's the one who 'opened my eyes' on these type of purses. and your 'dinner date' compliment is very nice!

    "...If it goes out of fashion, then fashion had best gather her skirts and make an about face." your way with words! vivid image + completely conveys a unique idea = how every writer wants to do it!

    Thank you angie! and you too Pam!

    Hello Sheila! that's actually my slip edging (inky colored lace). it DOES go, doesn't it? the slip has a slice in it, i'm plotting how to wear it showing without looking weird.

    oh goodness, you are a scream! 'the facial expressions of saggy boob purses' - what a topic! ; )

    Thank you Joy! i'm waiting for things to cool off so i can wear it with leggings - great minds : )

    Hi Judith! The color combo and the dramatic print made me think of you. Which was a very nice think!!

    Hi Ravina! Thank you! How fun about your friend - combined with Feddichka, we're having an Elmwood neighborhood online meetup. Yay!

    Happy Monday! steph

  13. What a great story.

    Both dresses are so pretty. I think this begs for a ladies' field trip. :)

  14. Go back and get that coral colored dress, too. The colors are super on you!