Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Buckle That Swash!

 Love this look, love my fairy godmother who picked out this blouse, love this coat, love my amazing husband who found this coat for that i have a blog and readers with whom i can share the love!

Love my mom who taught me proper grammar, love me dad who schooled me in the art of the pun.......sadly, mr. eccentric's aunty lost her own love just a few days ago. They were together thirty years, and lived life more fully than anyone i have ever known. It's a blessing to have no regrets, and one blessing that we can give to ourselves. But i don't know that it lessens the shock or the pain.

I also don't know how much i'll be 'on the blog' this coming week. Until i'm back, show a little wisdom and do what you can to follow aunty's example.

I'll be doing my best to follow her example too. Now let's all get out there and spread the love!


  1. Love that textured shirt!

  2. Stunning coat and nothing beats a classic like a great white shirt - sorry to hear of Mr E's aunty's loss.

  3. Sorry for your family's loss. You do her proud with your dashing look.

  4. That is one amazing coat, which looks spectacular with the white blouse. So sorry to hear of your family's loss.

  5. Thank you Vildy, Veshoevius, Patti and Judith. I so appreciate you taking the time to leave such kind words here. It was a shock, but Aunty is a very strong woman and very practically minded.

    and now to be crass and bring up the blog - my sister in law in coming into town - both she and A are gorgeous and amazingly put together! i'll see if they'll consent to an appearance :)

    Vildy, that's a great article you rec'd on YLF's weekly links:

    required reading for all bloggers and blog readers! take care all of you, happy friday! steph

  6. So sorry to hear about your loss. What a sad thing, and yet as you say they embraced life enthusiastically it's also good she'll look back without regretting lost opportunities.

    The coat is gorgeous. It was gorgeous over the dress you wore to dinner, and equally slick with white blouse and jeans. In fact, I love that white blouse-with-jeans look on you and the coat adds the je n'est c'est pas to push it over the top.

  7. I mean, je ne c'est quois. Mr Wieben, my old french teacher, would be shocked and dismayed at my faux pas above.

  8. Just found your blog yesterday, and lovin' your style - and this coat!