Friday, November 4, 2011

Using Brights As Subtle Flavor Instead Of A "Pop"

Here's two outfits featuring the same citron colored Fila layering top, worn on the same day. The one on the left i wore for my morning constitutional. Upon returning home i thought it would be fun to use the same piece to create a more color oriented look. I was also in the mood to wear the coral blouse as a vest - the way i first saw it worn by Bev, The Style Underdog.

I was very struck by the way the citron really pops when placed next to it's color wheel opposite (coral) but the very same color is so toned down when worn next to a cool neutral. In the first outfit the citron livens up the grey look without the color 'popping'. If i wore this same citron in a warm, khaki outfit the citron would become much more lively because the warmth of the khaki would give it a 'boost'. 

The general color guideline is to wear all warms or all cools in any outfit and i find this is an excellent idea. But i really like the way that the colors work in the first look. The citron warms up the palette and adds interest to the look without screaming "Bright Color Here!!!"  This approach increases the flexibility of 'brights'. You can take the traditional route and pair them with other colors in the same temperature for ultimate impact. Or, mix them with colors of the opposite temperature to create a little life in a neutral palette. By the way, these pictures were taken less than an hour apart - the color changes of the citron top have to do with the way the surrounding colors affected it's influence on the camera sensor and our eyes.

Secret message to Bev: i miss you and i think about you and your family every day.

Life has been very busy around here! Winter is here big-time, witness the Halloween storm on the east coast. Mr. E decided to take advantage of 'the last sunny weekend' and a super bargain bed and breakfast rate and we spent a couple of nights on the Monterey Peninsula.  Oh it was gorgeous! But a wee bit last-minute!

Happily, part of the hecticness has been The Dashing Eccentric related. I had a fascinating conversation with a boutique owner touching on friendship, mentoring, creativity, and business. I was fortunate enough to photograph the fruit of a local artist's collaboration with a clothing designer and a lingerie manufacturer. Rumors circulate about a possible guest post. A product review in progress has the potential to point readers towards a custom-fit clothing at a great price. I've even been doing writing on the Emily Cho material.

So what am i doing typing this instead of getting crackin' and whipping out those fascinating future posts? Beats me! I'll sign out now, and you all have a great weekend!

Citron top: Fila
Grey Hoodie: Free People (gift)
Grey Jeggings: Target Mossino
Scarf, Skirt, Coral Top: own design
Trainers: Merrell
Boots: Bass Lamont
Belt: Hobo


  1. Oh, oh, I love that sleeveless blouse-as-vest. I am going to borrow that idea right away. Your new connections sound exciting. It's so great when your blog grows organically, and you meet wonderful like-minded people.

  2. I really love the more colorful look on you! That peach/coral blouse/vest is a stunning color on you.

  3. I love wearing the blouse as a looks beautiful and I do not think I would have tried that...great idea! I am certain there are several of us who miss the Style Underdog!!

  4. Love your style and have so enjoyed hanging out. I found your via the Citizen Rosebud. I have started a 40+ webring and hope you'll considering joining. It's been grand to find so many stylish women over 40 who are sharing their style ... it inspires me.

  5. Thank you Patti! it IS fun when these connections grow! i only wish that i had more time to write - i am determined to stick with it and try different approaches to make that time increase.

    Thank you Ms. Pesu! i love it too. i love color a lot, it's just keeping an eye out for those particular ones :)

    oh, Pam, i miss her so. i had her e-mail but lost it when we migrated to Thuderbird. it would be so nice to know Bev and her family are doing well, wouldn't it?

    and blouse as vest would be killah on you!

    Welcome Wendy!! your webring sounds exciting (tho i'm a terrible 'joiner'). Bella has a comprehensive weblog of 40+ bloggers out there - she is the greatest for bringing people together!

    All these ladies inspire me, too. It's wild how 'ladies of a certain age' have been 'invisible' for so long, but once the self-publishing blog appears - we all come out of the woodwork! i'm all for it, thank you for doing your part!

    Happy Saturday! steph

  6. what a personality just like Queen Lady