Monday, November 14, 2011

Jeans and White Blouses......

to the tune of "Knights In White Satin"

Your blogger is on a jeans kick, no holds barred. Jeans are so so so very easy to wear in the Gal On The Go lifestyle led by so many of us; denim mixes with all colors and textures; denim plays well with clothing high and low, casual and dressy; and in winter they keep your legs warm and battle the wind.  Of course, all of this is a mute point if you can't find jeans that fit, or a pair that looks sleek and un-adorned. Which made jeans a mute point for this blogger until i knuckled down and got into the 'Durn It! I'm Making My Own Jeans!" project.

When a whole new ocean of looks opens up for me, i like to jump in and splash around for a while. (Translation: expect a lot of jeans-related posts in the near future.) Turning to this look in particular, for some reason it made me feel quite 'polished' when i put it on. Looking at the pictures i can't say i see it, but the feeling was strong at the time. As you know, i am and have been a Rough Around The Edges gal since i was a wee tomboy. I've spent untold time, money, mental and emotional energy in my quest for the perfect RATE effect.

Thus, feeling polished and liking it was a new experience. It was almost startling, as this was not anything i'd been planning for or trying to achieve. What fun to have my version of 'polished' pop up so unexpectedly and feel so right!

What i AM constantly trying to do is spread my wings, both personally and stylistically. It just goes to show that if you set your mind to something and stick with it, eventually you'll get results. They may not be exactly what you expected, but come they will.

Have any of  you had any of these type of unexpected abilities show up on your style journey?  Or has your journey unfolded more as you expected?

Jeans: McCalls' 5894 Palmer & Pletsch 'The Perfect Jean'
Blouse: Converse One Star at Target
Scarf: gift, from KPFA Crafts Fair
Pearls: own design
Belt: DKNY, thrifted
Jacket: Ralph Lauren (i think it's just getting old enough to be vintage this month!)
Boots: Dansko


  1. I have a theory that we curly haired women always have to have a touch of RATE. We just can't do Audrey Hepburn or Jennifer Anniston with those crisp clean-cut edges. I personally love it, and I love it on you. Your jeans are indeed "The Perfect Jean" : > Yummy boots too.

  2. Since this seems to be a theme, not only with Patti, that textured hair (and/or skin) needs some coordinating degree of texture in the fabric, I've been experimenting with smoothing down my hair with smoother fabrics and fluffing it out more with texture. I don't have actual curly hair, though I could torture it into waviness by shampooing with conditioner only and scrunching it - until the wind hits it! I just use 2 different brushes. But no conclusions yet as to whether this is worthwhile.

    I have fashion epiphanies all the time. Today's was while trying on some things at Goodwill. Found a crisp silk wrap blouse, checked in blues and greens. I had always dreamed of this kind of 50's sophisticate style shirt. It was a a tad small and I let it go without regret because I realized that I don't want people to notice my clothes, only me, mostly my face (and variously messy hair).

  3. I've always been a RATE gal, too (as a curly-haired woman, I'm going with Patti's theory.)

    However, I've been surprising myself a lot lately with some of my choices, which are leaning toward a more tailored and less casual look. I've even bought a curling iron to smooth out my curls-- something I haven't done in years (decades?). And it surprises me that this all feels like "me".

  4. Patti, i think you got it nailed. Unsurprisingly!!

    Vildy, that's a heckuvan epiphany! and it's been one of my mottos from forever - as wild as the clothes get, i want the focus to be on ME. Woman, you are just a fountain of post topics, springing up right and left! Wow!

    Ms. M, that is fascinating. And both of us have been over a year at 'sprucing up the look' - i would have thought that after a year, things would be settled down and pretty well 'ironed out' (har). But it's actually really nice to find that things keep percolating, and we aren't fossilizing!

    Happy Friday! steph