Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Try A Trend

Just a short post to remind myself that yes, i do want to get me some stripes! I had the good fortune to thrift this little skirt, courtesy of my fairy godmother. It's very soft, almost circle in cut, and striped. I've been eyeing stripes for ages, especially the ones around one to one half inch in classic or neutral colors. This french blue is perfect, the color itself as well as the association. Yesterday i threw on a simple outfit based on this skirt to see if i really did like wearing stripes as much as i like thinking about wearing them.

Turns out wearing them is even more fun! The fact that the cut of this skirt is all wrong for me, and the stripes are at a strange angle, didn't even bother me. I doubt i'll wear this skirt as is very much, in fact i'm mulling over ways i can use the material (in good condition) to make a little top. But i do plan to snap up any suitable stripes i find in future. Blouse, skirt, scarf......yum. Why i didn't realize this from how much i've enjoyed wearing this CAbi striped jacket is beyond me. Maybe it's that the style of stripe is so distinct?

Any trends you're trying these days? How are you liking them? Any surprises?


  1. I LOVE it! Why do you not feel that the style is not right for you?

  2. Stripes! I mostly love horizontal and chevron. Vertical stripes really bother me (on me) unless they're either 1)extremely low contrast and thin: a pearl grey chalk stripe on a medium gray pant or 2)are on something like a silky dress where they will keep distorting as they are being worn - so they don't stay vertical.

    Here's what I just tried that shocked me at how much I loved it. Has all the elements I thought I would hate: pastel plus floral. I wanted to try the mint trend, remembering a fine knit scoop neck cotton tee shirt dress I once had in mint. The light in the thrift store is too golden and you can get a real surprise when you move an item out of that light. I found a cotton blend stretch blazer that I thought was mint. Turned out to be a cross between that and Tiffany blue. It's shrunken because, though marked Large, I suspect it is a junior size large. But that fit is all right with me. Has a sizeable collar and lapels. I'd been trying narrower lapels. But collar stays up nicely and frames face. The fabric has a woven in widish set stripe of a quarter shade darker and seems almost intermittent, now you see it now you don't. And then, an all over soft white pattern of roses and foliage.
    Aiyeeee. And it looks amazing and has a trick of being one of those colors that is lighter than my skin, which isn't so easy, me being pretty fair. So it makes me look tanner. I'm in love with this jacket. I even put it with a difficult dress I have - a black mod style ponte knit sleeveless with an empire seam that I use mostly to throw on if the delivery man is expected and I'm sewing in my underwear or as a foil for some vividly patterned cotton coats I have. The light green or blue jacket makes this look terrific and stylish.

    I'm looking forward to reading more of your ideas on color. I'm at the point where my warmer weather wardrobe is pulling away from the dock of the cooler weather wardrobe. It's like they belong to two different people. Partly, it's that I think of one as Sunny half and the other as Cloudy Half. Still, there's not much relation between color, texture, pattern. Every year I think I will revamp the Cloudy wardrobe to be smooth, distinct, contrasty, exciting and every year I fail.

  3. You look great in stripes. Very adorable skirt. I love my boat neck striped blouses; they go with everything.

    Trend I'm trying now? Maxi skirts! To a conservative office :) So far, so good.

    Also enjoying my first Fluevogs. You were one of my inspirations after I saw yours from the visit to the Fluevog store :)

  4. I love the french blue of these stripes - so perfect and summery.

  5. Love, love the stripes on this skirt - they're just right! I adore my sailor-stripe tees and I am thinking of a striped blazer for summer. You look wonderful!

  6. Hello STASHworth! first, Thank you! it's just this skirt has some severe issues around the waist/hips which i've hidden with the tee and belt. And, just for me, i'd rather wear clothes that i don't have to fuss over like that.

    therefore if i find this fabric's twin out there i will buy a couple yards and whip up a nice circle skirt tout suite!!

    Hi Vildy! wow, that jacket sounds amazing and especially with your coloring. ah, i love it when you try something new like that and it sparks your coloring, etc. in a whole new way!! It's like getting to be a different person for a bit with no commitment!

    "....if the delivery man is expected and I'm sewing in my underwear...." heehee, i'm glad i'm not the only one who does that! really, if you're doing a bunch of fitting it's the most sensible approach. it does make me think of the monty python guy who would play the organ while nude. !!!

    I took the remaining color wheel pics i need today, hooray! the pictures and photo editing do take time, but i am so glad to be getting this accomplished. if you still have questions after my remaining posts, let me know and we'll see if we can make some progress~!

    Thank you Ms. Muslim!

    Welcome Lynne! Wow, you knocked that maxi skirt out of the park - and with those Fluevogs, just amazing!! That is very sweet to have a bit of you looking so fab - i love the way those blues and your hair make your baby blues just POP!!!

    Hi Gracey! yes, i am surely in the mood for a bit of sun! even if the weather disagrees ;)

    Hullo Patti! you look so great and effortless in stripes near your face. They really bring out your wonderful hair by contrast. A striped blazer would be excellent! and thank you :)

    Happy Thursday~! steph

  7. It was your color post and pictures that made me think of dubbing the main seasons sunny and cloudy. But going further and lumping it in with the deceptive store lighting I so often encounter: each season has, of course, plenty of the other characteristic in that there's sunny days in late fall/winter and cloudy in spring/summer but the light is different!
    It's the warm(yellow light) season and the cool (blue light) season.
    Now how is one to figure anything out?

  8. Oh, I think the circle skirt is pretty wonderful, in part because the stripes DO fall every which way. Makes the skirt interesting to watch as you walk. ;) And the white tee looks nice with it!

  9. Great skirt! Yep, stripes are so sweet. I'm eyeing a long-sleeve Boden tee in a navy-and-cream stripe (unfortunately, backordered for 6 weeks). There's something very clean and fresh in stripes. And that Cabi jacket is a great example of the interesting versatility such a simple print can add to a wardrobe.