Sunday, June 24, 2012

Stop Me Before I Alliterate Again!

 I'm joining in with Patti of Not Dead Yet Style's Visible Monday again this week, and it feels quite apropos when featuring this outfit. I've always felt very 'visible' in tank tops, as they really showcase my bust.For much of my life this issue was moot, as i ran cold and who wants to wear a tank top in the fog, anyways?

But moving inland meant climbing summer temps, as the landscape disrobed herself of her modestly veiling fog. At first my own eyes were shocked to see the women of this part of the world divesting themselves of cumbersome vestments as well. Until the heat hit, at which point the wisdom of baring flesh became as apparent as........well, as the feminine charms with which each individual lady was blessed.

Yet i still feel a bit awkward in tanks. This one possesses a bit more thickness than average, which helps. The ribbing, thicker edging, and higher armholes all combine to ease my uncomfortable feelings. I still have to deal with the lack of any 'third layer', such as a jacket, cardigan, vest, etc. Reaching for a third layer has been second nature for me since i was in junior high! But it's just too hot sometimes, besides there's nothing stylish about mindless habits.

Which is why i like to have a couple of other tricks up my sleeve. Metaphorically speaking. In this look i relied heavily on 'the law of threes' (self-imposed). I find that repeating any motif three times in an outfit gives the look structure. Basically, it looks like you did it on purpose. In this look, i have two threes. (I don't know what is up with this post, but i'm making less and less sense the farther in i get!) The first: yummy coral tones in the tank, socks, and scarf.  The second: floral motifs in the belt embroidery, necklace, earrings, and scarf. As a rule i prefer to keep my threes to a maximum of three, seeing as it is a law and all. And i want to look pulled together, rather than obsessively compelled. However, in this case the necklace and earrings are both quite delicate, and the floral motifs on the belt and scarf take a little attention to discern. So i gave myself a waiver.

I also relied on another fashion fundamental - fabulous feet. Any look improves immensely with the addition of one or two to die for shoes. My philosophy? Pull out your most outrageously scrumptious shoes at the slightest provocation. None of us lives forever. What are we waiting for!

I, for one, am waiting for any outfit tricks you have up your sleeves - whether you happen to be wearing any or not.


  1. Very cute outfit! I feel the same way about tanks, and the only time I am wearing just a tank is when I am in the car, feeling the stifling heat of the afternoon. Once I get out of the car, my thin, lace cardigan, little more than a cover for my arms and buddha belly, goes right back on where it belongs. :)

  2. Amazing look--and not only can you carry it off in the bust, but in that slender torso as well. This rule of 3s is new to me, but definitely something to ponder.

  3. You look gorgeous and your rack is fabulous in that tank top! You have amazing shoulders and posture, which helps a ton.

    I prefer to be covered up too - it's mostly a necessity here, though.

  4. I stay away from tanks mostly because I'm very small chested and have narrow shoulders. But I do wear them under shirts sometimes.
    This is a great color on you and so fun with the colored socks!

  5. I like your law of threes - must contemplate that further today. You look glorious in your coral tank with your perfect posture and frame! Love the socks too.

  6. When I design hats I use the law of three's as well. I cant remember where I read about that design technique but it is mentioned somewhere in the texts about good design theory. I have the same issue with tanks but with the humid hot weather in the DC area I have no choice but to wear them. I never tuck mine in because I have a short waist. I think yours is amazing and very appropriate the color and jewelery, hair scarf are all great touches. I probably would have worn ballet flats with that skirt so I applaud your unique touch with the western slides,gives this look that extra flair.

  7. Welcome Jeanine! oh, thank you! you know a thin lace or crochet cardi in cotton or linen sounds absolutely've got me adding to my wishlist :)

    thank you Terri! according to Adrienne further down, it's a known design rule. I probably picked it up in art class somewhere. i find i use it most when i'm stuck putting together a look, also it's great for focusing shopping (what items will help me create threes?)

    heehee, why thank you Miss Sheila (blushes)! nothing beats a great bra ;) off, temp makes such a difference!

    Hello Joni! isn't that funny. we both think we're outside 'the spectrum of normality' - but no one is going to run screaming away after spotting us, yelling 'oh! the deformity!' i say give it a whirl sometime if you're boiling (tho i don't see that happening anytime soon in your neck of the woods!)

    i love corals/tangerines so much. hubby thinks they are 'old ladyish', but on this one i just have to ignore him.

    Thank you Patti :) do you like coral? it would seem very nice with your coloring, but i can't remember you wearing it (not that my memory's anything great). have fun with the threes!

    Adrienne, thank you for bringing up the design angle. i am certain that i learned the threes in art class sometime - and nice to know you use it in your millinery, too!

    i'm happy to hear you wear tanks in the heat, damn public opinion and sheer crankiness! how much of a creep do you have to be for vibing people who show some skin when they are just dressing appropriately for the weather anyhow? okay, rant off!

    again, wearing a good bra makes a lot of difference, as does taking care with accessories, proportion and fit. Your question at your blog about what to wear when sweating fits into this discussion, i've written 'write a response' down in my calendar because it's a great issue and i do have some thoughts.

    All of you are so complimentary, it is very sweet and its putting a smile on my face :) i hope you all have smiley days too! steph

  8. Steph, I have a crocheted shrug in that same coral and it is a fantastic summer staple! I fell for the color, not really knowing how I'd fit it into my mostly blue and green pieces. Turns out it goes with everything, I guess because they are opposites or nearly so on the color wheel?

    The openness of the crochet keeps it lighter than a regular sweater, as does the shortness of the cropped shrug length. But visually, it adds just what I need to add modesty to my shoulders. Surprisingly, the fabric is acrylic, but it feels so much better than the nasty old sweaty acrylic of my youth. More like a linen blend.

    The design/outfit trick that I've been learning to use lately is the mantra, "It doesn't have to match, it just has to GO." It has really opened up all sorts of new combinations for items I already own (see coral shrug with blues/greens above). I'm also forcing myself to add the extra piece that doesn't necessarily add function, but does add style: belt, scarf, necklace, hat, funky glasses, etc. The minimalist in me gets itchy if I add more than one, though.

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