Friday, June 1, 2012

A Wee Bit Of (Possibly Pathological) Fun

 I just loved wearing this outfit. Easy to wear. Tons of detail and texture without being fussy or overwhelming. Very romantic without being saccharine, twee, or 'too young'. No limitations on any activity whatsoever. It even has sun protection!

And how nice for my readers that i'm not wearing those baggy Faconnables - nothing beats a change of pace, am i right? Do you find that leather reduces the 'sweetness' of an outfit, the way i do? I feel that the leather slides really ground this look from the front.......

....from the back, it's the jute-embroidered belt. Another fave of mine, the outfits which transforms itself when seen from different angles (however slightly).

That's that in terms of this look. But i have been a busy wardrobe-planning bee! I've finished my first Sorbetto blouse (i'm wearing it now). I have coton voile for Sorbetto the Second with Sleeves, it's pre-washed and the grainline rectified. I've transferred my adjustments to the pattern, it's ready to cut.

But mostly, i've been planning and listing like the Tasmanian Devil! i've been working on my Personal Minimum Wardrobe Plan from Sewing Plum's blog. I've decided i need five columns: Summer Categories, Strictly Summer Items, Temperate Items, Strictly Winter Items, Winter Categories (Temperate Items span summer and winter uses). I'm finding that this particular document hits a sweet spot between concrete advice and flexibility to customize the list to your own needs. The PWM bridges the theoretical to the specific material in a clear, sensible way i've not yet found in any other plan. I'm enjoying working with this document as well as getting many very useful, concrete ideas out of this work. If you are interested in wardrobe planning, Sewing Plum's blog is so packed full of excellent resources i cannot begin to say. What are you doing here - go there now!!!  ; )

Here follows a list of the lists i've created in the last month - 'stash' list of fabrics on hand and their planned destinies (with swatches stapled to the list); master list of all clothing items in decent shape that i plan to keep in the coming year (ie, not too worn out or similar); list of blouse and bottoms patterns; list of wardrobe priorities for June 2012 (shopping, sewing, and alterations list); list of interesting fabrics spotted on May 27 visit to Stone Mountain and Daughter and some ideas for using said fabrics; list of socks to buy.

If that sounds a wee bit pathological - well, i can see why. I like to think it's harmless fun. Do any of you go through these type of theoretical/list making/whole hog planning phases in terms of your own wardrobe?


  1. Your shoes are fabulous!!!


  2. I love it when Sewing Plum writes posts explaining why she doesn't wear the styles she doesn't wear - these seem just right for me! Structure, no drape, no flounce, close fitting. I must be some kind of Classic, after all. :D I tend to go through my wardrobe asking What is the Reason for this feature? Just purged a skirt with asymmetrical hem. Couldn't think of any reason other than coyness. Tried the short side in front as is the high-low style now - just felt I was pretending to be pregnant. Or I ask Will I forget to be annoyed by this feature? Example, sleeve ends that end in flounces/ruffles. I guess what's left over is my wardrobe. :)

    What do you mean by Summer Categories and Winter Categories as distinct from the items that are Strictly Summer and Strictly Winter? You've got me stumped!

    I crave to be able to pigeonhole my wardrobe by all the various possible combinations but I find that if I start writing it out or drawing it, I am disinclined to be patient enough to check it again. I haven't tried photographing the combinations because I think it would be the same story.

    I do have some luck with limiting my hopelessly-beyond-minimal wardrobe by thinking to myself that *this* is the best example of the kind of piece and so I don't need any more (other colors). Because I will always choose in favor of wearing the one I like best, anyway.This doesn't seem to apply to shoes, though. I'm happy to have the same shoe in lots of different colors.

    I'm looking forward to reading more about how you're working this out, though.

  3. BTW, you live in California, so this may not play in so much but I separate my temperate items by mood. Some items just look like a spring palette, prints to me and some like fall. Example: I have a lightweight matte stretch fabric long sleeve sheath. The fabric has a slight overall crinkle pleat effect like origami gone south. It's a dark grey with a tiny cinnamon repeating offbeat triangle. No reason in the world this wouldn't be quite comfortable in the spring but psychologically for me, no.

  4. Welcome Georgia! they are Charlie One Horse and insanely comfortable. Also my best consignment score EVER!

    Hello Vildy! aha, even though you wear a hot pink patent leather scuba jacket, i knew you had a minimalist heart ;) Isn't it interesting how our style can be so well defined by that from which we abstain?

    re: my wardrobe list. i took pix of the actual documents (sounds quite scandalous, doesn't it?) and made a new post explaining it. i hope it gives you a better feel for what i was talking about~!

    your points about seasonal preferences are very sound. growing up in Berkeley and Castro Valley, it was always such a temperate weather (mid 50's to mid 80's) that i would pretty much wear the same type of stuff year that i live where there's more pronounced seasons it's enjoyable to vary clothing based on what's going on outside. But the bulk of my wardrobe separations are based on practicalities than 'mood'.

    i think.

    Happy Day! steph

  5. Very pretty, feminine outfit. I adore the bow on the hat.

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