Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Turn My Back On Blogging?

 Never!!  You know me, i'm always just trying to come up with a snazzy/controversial post title. Life continues quite busy, here you see some of the fruits of my efforts.

The jacket i made from a vintage Anne Klein for Vogue Pattern of a cotton/spandex sateen. It has a very soft hand and is nicely stretchy-comfy!  The highlight of the design is the wonderful seaming on the back, so i decided to use topstitching thread for the first time to show off this feature. I should have gone with a darker thread so it would be more visible, but after all this work i'm not going to rip out and re do!

I like how the front makes a little hourglass shape against the darker tee.  On this jacket I challenged myself to finish off the inside cleanly - it came out quite nicely! I also added pockets under the front peplums, closing them with a thin strip of velcro. I feel this jacket could still use a little pop of something - i may add trim over some of the seams, or studs, and of course the button situation is still up in the air.

I love the way this outfit feels very me and has a certain utilitarian feel even though the individual pieces are quite clean and spare. I drafted the skirt inspired by Hot Patterns Slouchy Fly Front Skirt. It's made of a fantastic olive drab slubby stretch woven (which would make a divine moto or 'jean style' jacket). Plus it's only $9 a yard! I've also made up this pattern (with the slit in back and the hem straightened) in a black stretch denim. I like the curvy shape and relaxed feel.

Here's a better look at the detail on the back.  I have a whole bushel of outfit photos to share with you - i better get cracking!  Hope you are all having a fun fall, and not overly horrendously hectic!!

Jacket, skirt: self made
Tee: Target Merona Ultimate Tee (two years old and still in primo shape!)
Sandals: Aerosoles
Belt: Betsey Johnson
Bracelet: Justina Leigh on etsy


  1. I love those inner pockets. I played around turning a velour zip hoodie inside out and discovered it had two I never knew about. Be still my heart. I always thought the best part of being a guy was those hidden inner pockets in jackets. LOL. The way I feel about houses is that I like to look out windows. So sometimes I think clothing is just an elaborate arrangement of pockets. The ones where the Japanese started putting bags on the outside or how the bags hang down off of Daisy Dukes.

    I think the more subtle topstitching is just right - makes the focus the seaming rather than the dotted line contrast. When something has lots of high contrast seams, you start to think the whole point of the construction is to get as many outlines in there as possible and this way, it's like Donald Brooks, you start wondering what wonderful hidden adjustments are hidden in the seams. ;)

    I like the slouchiness of the skirt. I had been rethinking my straight skirts and found that the ones I like best have the possibility of a little undulation. This idea came out of applying your outfit evaluating system - which I continue to use to great profit.

  2. The seaming is magnificent - I love the back of this jacket. The whole shape is so you, feminine and fitted. The skirt too (love the pattern names - "hot" indeed).

  3. Fabulous detailing on the back - that is my kinda jacket!

  4. The jacket turned out beautifully! Beautiful seaming and cuffs. I don't really think it needs any more added detail. Time to open up an Etsy shop for custom orders!

  5. The seaming on that jacket is just perfect and I love the little peplum effect. And I agree with Terri, I don't think it needs any more detail; it's wonderfully interesting as is.

  6. Wow--all those seaming details! Looks gorgeous and I know a lot of work--kudos to you!

  7. Oh my gosh, that jacket is GORGEOUS!! I am envious of anyone that can create like that. I can barely sew a button!!

    And it looks fabulous on you!!

  8. You are amazing. The details are beautiful!

  9. I love the jacket. I am having a hard time finding jackets with a good shape. Even the supposedly "shaped" ones seem boxy.

  10. oops, I meant to type Geoffrey Beene and not
    Donald Brooks.

  11. Hi Vildy! i love pockets too - i love your theory! and windows are so much at the heart of a house. Comparison to Mr. Beene hadn't struck me at all until you pointed it out - i see it and like it! slouchiness would seem to meld well with your take on clothings...i am v. happy the system is still yielding benefits!!! :)

    Thank you Patti! i like the lines very much as well. And Trudy is a treasure!

    Thank you Ravina!!

    heehee Terri, maybe not at the rate i sew ;)

    Hi Gracey! thank you all for the input - the nice part about sewing is you can wear things and let it mull while you decide what you want to eventually do about it.....;)

    Thank you Paula!

    Hello Joy! well, you know sewing buttons is an excellent place to start!

    Judith, you make me blush.

    Hi Cynthia! it's very very true, in fact that is one of the reasons i'm motivated to spend time sewing. believe it or not, i find more 'unboxy' jackets these days than in times past! good luck with your search!

    Happy Wednesday! steph

  12. You are way up there in sewing Girl you've got skills!!!Nice seems at the back !!!

  13. Hi angie! yes, they took a lot of pins! lol. but they turned out pretty good! steph

  14. Beautifully made! Great job!