Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Unexpected Hospitalization

 ...of my sewing machine! I've been working on "jeans number two", a pair of boot cuts in black stretch denim with contrast topstitching in medium taupe. Now, when sewing for yourself you go along aways, stopping now and then to pin baste the remaining seams and try on your article for fit. All of you who sew will be familiar with this process. There are so many variables affecting the final fit of a garment, and as home sewers we are usually making unique pieces so we can't rely overmuch on past experience. It makes sense, and avoids much heartache, to have fitting sessions at a few points along the way. Couture houses and custom tailors use the same process in making garments for their customers.

Often the process of adjusting fit continues after the garment is 'finished'. The jeans you see in this post are the first pair i made. I completed them and wore them two or three times when i decided to pin up some excess along the inseam and see how they looked.  I ended up taking off about 2 inches out of the circumference of each leg for a sleeker fit. This collage shows the original fit of the jeans, the outdoor pics show them after 'slimming'.

Getting back to 'jeans number two'. I finished the front pockets and fly, the back pockets and yoke, then pin basted the legs and took a look in the mirror. Hey now! There's a look! I spent a few minutes turning this way and that, admiring those long, lean-looin' legs - oh yeah. (It's true, this behaviour is not strictly limited to the teenage set.) I scampered right back to the sewing area, highly motivated to flame on through the rest of the process, when my machine froze. Fortunately i didn't have to create a huge hole right in the crotch to remove the needle from my jeans, but further progress came to a standstill.

Fortunately The Cotton Patch is just down the road in Lafayette. They're a Bernina dealer, can do a service on my machine in 2 1/2 weeks - and they provide a loaner in the meantime! I had reconciled myself to a machine-less period of weeks at least (and no new jeans). You can imagine how thrilled i was to find the offer of a replacement while my old faithful was at the spa!!

 The loaner is settled nicely in my sewing spot, and my faithful friend awaits her cleaning, oiling, and lubricating at the shop. Really, after a quarter century of consistent performance it'd be awfully cold-hearted to begrudge her a vacation. Meanwhile, i'm off to the service for Aunt's companion. After a week of scarily dense fog the day has dawned brilliant and beautiful in their honor. I hope your days go beautifully as well!


  1. I had a Bernina! I've never tried making jeans (though I made a denim dress once) - so great going!

  2. I really like the slimmed-down legs, Steph. And so glad you have a fill-in for your beloved machine!

  3. Oh, no, poor sewing machine. I'd be devastated if anything happened to mine. And I don't even sew that often.

    Also, thank you for the calm space you offered for Thanksgiving; it made a huge difference. My calm space was under assault and knowing I had yours in reserve made everything so much easier.

    I'll post about my adventures later this week, but wanted to thank you.

  4. :P I saw the title of the post in my sidebar and thought, 'Oh no, hope everything is alright!' so it was a bit of a relief to see it was "just" your sewing machine. Hope the machine gets well soon though!

  5. Hey Veshoevius i had no idea you sewed!! Hooray!! ah, i love my little gal :) i only took the plunge because there is so much great info on sewing jeans on the web these days, and because i've gotten into the habit of making muslins. it's really awesome!!

    Thank you Patti! yeah, the loaner rocks ;)

    Hi Gracey - i was thinking about you for sure, i will be looking forward to hearing about your trip, etc. soon! Life can be full of very exciting experiences for sure - hope you can feel the 'internet hug' i'm sending!!! :)

    Hi elle! well, i couldn't resist but i tried to not be too much of a stinker by letting people know it was the sewing machine right away! (especially as i tend to react just as you did.) Thank you for your good-natured reaction, and i'll send the 'Big B' your best wishes!

    Take care all, steph

  6. Your a Hoot! I had to come make sure my blogger buddy was alright! Your jeans are really flattering. Glad to know it was just the B-lady that was sick.

  7. I like the print in your shirt! and those jeans are so flattering!!

    If you can, please stop by my Friday post...I would love to get other blogger opinions on this topic!