Friday, January 13, 2012

Printed Wide Leg Pants and Hope For The Non-Photogenic

Whew! I am happy to say that my recent rhinovirus didn't irritate my asthma. However, i've had to take a lot more rest than usual & i'm thus a little behind. I started a thread over at the You Look Fab forum and thought you might get a little inspiration and a nice chuckle from it.  Quoting myself:

The response to Angie's post on printed wide leg pants today seems to point to this fad dying a short, painful death. I, like a few others on the forum, wore this style in the 1990's. I enjoyed the comfort and the feminine feel - a similar vibe to a skirt. I only had 2 pair, as the cut, print, and drape varied so much and it was hard to find ones i liked.

In the first pic i'm wearing rayon floral pants with a denim shirt tied at hi-hip and a 1940's navy wool crepe jacket. Yes, that is a fuschia alligator clip in my hair - in my defense, i was not going out! The year was around 1995 and i wore dark brown booties with this outfit. Pic two gives you a look at the straw boater with navy grosgrain ribbon that i loved to wear with these pants, as well as the interior of my 1974 Dodge Dart. It was actually a pretty cute outfit, but the pic does not reflect that at all.

In short, what made printed wide leg pants work for me was adding structure (jacket, hat) and a little toughness (denim shirt). I believe this formula would still work today (provided i could find a pair i liked ;)
As to topic two, pic one is about how i look in your average snapshot. I'm over 15 years younger in that pic and even looking at my youthful form i can't say that pic is all that flattering. But i have since learned how to pose, where to place the camera, a couple of makeup tricks and now i can come across as less disheveled and goofy, at least!

To illustrate, Pic 3 is me in the same jacket in a 'going out' outfit (original post here). Pic 4 is without the jacket. I'm older but i have learned to take better pictures. Folks who know me say that generally i don't look as ridiculous in real life as i can come across in snapshots. I think my blog photos look a little *better* than i do in real life, or maybe me on a good day.

Which may not be brutally objective - but what can i say, i come from a long line of very vain women!

Anyways, i know some of you think you are also not very photogenic and i wanted to let you know that you can learn how to take pictures of yourself that you feel better about. I understand not wanting to go hog-wild with 'improving' every little thing. At the same time, you don't want to be so bothered by how you look that you avoid the camera and it's benefits.

I hope this gives you some encouragement if you could use it! Happy Friday!


  1. Love that three tiered skirt!! Come on over to my sight and enter to win the Shabby Apple skirt I am going to give away!!

  2. Oh, I love the photos of you at a younger age. I can't recall ever wearing a pattern in my wide-legs, but I had a navy pair. It's wonderful that you still have the jacket.

    As for posing, I like the control it gives me over self-presentation. I know that in real life (sitting at my computer?) I'm unkempt, but the blog pictures I can work with until I'm pleased. However, the developing wattle is getting harder to manage!

  3. Thank you Pam, it's my own design so that is nice to hear! heehee, when i went over to your site i got very excited that you were giving away that nice skirt Gigi is wearing ;) ah well. how fun and thank you for tipping me off!

    Hi Terri! it IS fun having you back! i do enjoy seeing younger pix of bloggers as well - i've dug up a few more i hope to post in coming days. & that's fun you had a pair of wide legs too!

    "As for posing, I like the control it gives me over self-presentation." That is a great way to put it, and reflects my feelings as well. Thank you!!

    Happy Saturday! steph

  4. More photogenic if you say so but I don't see how anyone could be cuter than your young self in those pix, whether she knew how to pose or not.

  5. As I have the advantage of knowing you and seeing you 'in the flesh' as it were, I believe I'm qualified to say that you are as gorgeous - if not more so - in person as you are in photos.

    Nice tips on photographing oneself. I definitely could use those!

  6. :) Vildy, where would i be without you? You are so sweet! you know how it is, grass is always greener .... and at 33-34 i wanted to look like a grownup at least some of the time :) but you are right - nothing wrong with cute!

    P, you make me blush! i don't know about posing, but your great, natural smile comes across like gangbusters on film!

    Happy Sunday! steph

  7. What is amazing is that your skin still has the same youthful glow NO lines or wrinkles. You had some head of hair when you were younger.. I think I had a floral wide leg jumpsuit that I wore to death in the 1990's. If I had a picture of it I probably would laugh myself silly over it. I do like to receive tips on how to take the best photos of myself as possible. Every little bit helps.

  8. I actually love the idea of printed, wide leg pants, though I think I'd prefer cropped to full length. I guess the trend is a bit 90s though, isn't it. I don't know, I think I still like it.

    As for taking better photos, I know it's something I should think about more, but I've resigned myself to the fact that I just don't photograph well. I'm just better in person.

  9. Adrienne and Gracey, you both have spectacular smiles which blast through the camera and light up all of your pics! It's your not so secret weapon :)

    Adrienne, you are very sweet but i do have wrinkles etc. It's just you have to get closer than full-length to see them in a pic!

    Gracey, you are so tall and legs are so looooong that even in your snaps you come off quite resplendent. And it's just a personal thing - i'm very visual and enjoy taking pictures, so learning how to model increases the emotional content i can work with if i want to. I include these tips so if people *want* to learn, they know they can.

    Adrienne, you are giving me motivation to get off the dime with a posing video i want to do - but i need a cameraperson!

    Take care, steph

  10. I will always be a skinny pant girl. that said I like the idea of variety being out there- all types of bodies and personalities that need to express their style in different ways!

    The 80's was an unkind era style-wise, but there are some good elements that can be harvested from it. Those wide printed pants may be one of those elements.

    I agree with you about learning to pose in front of the camera- anyone can take a good picture and it is a wonderful thing to look back on old pics and remember fondly the memories that come with the outfit.
    the Citizen Rosebud