Monday, January 9, 2012


......are living in my rhino! Thankfully they seem to be on the wane, but i've been a sleeping vegetable the last 44 hours. The main blogging-related thoughts i've had during this time have been, "Why does my hair have to look so cute when i'm too much of a slug to take any pictures?" Deep thinking? Not so much :)

But i did do some mindless web surfing, so i'll point you to a couple of interesting links. First, re: this outfit - a hat always makes you more visible. I tossed this one on since my hair was filthy, as mom likes to say,"The bugs were jumping off of it!" It actually makes the look, showing that bad behaviour is sometimes rewarded. I'm also starting to really get the hang of wearing this jacket, something i'm very happy about. I had even considered giving it away a week before this look. I've often found that deep frustration and dissatisfaction comes right before a creative breakthrough - does this happen to you?

On to some links. The morning before i took to the bed i read this awesome 'Quality Checklist' by Amy of Quixotic Pixels. I got so inspired i went straight to Mr. E's closet, grabbed an offending tee, and started taking pictures so i could add to the list! Add any items we missed in the comments and i'll edit this post to include them.

I need to replace some panties. I have about six nylon lace Victoria's Secret pair which have performed yeoman's service for around eight years and shown no wear whatsoever until now. I bought some Target house brand pair a couple of years ago - the cotton boyshorts with lace trim have held up brilliantly (discontinued), but the lace on a few bikinis is just getting ratty and accumulating all type of strange linty-pills. ewww.

I've been drawn towards briefs or 'granny chic' undies for a while. They show less under a lot of outfits, and i like the cut better just alone - the lower leg looks good and a waist just under the navel minimizes my tummy.  The Skimp Skamp brief apparently has a massive, loyal following (including MEN), and i've decided to buy a pair or two and try them out. I've found that nylon/spandex is very comfy to wear, lasts like iron given proper care, and is most flattering under clothing. Cotton undies kind of stick and pull under cotton pants or skirts, which can get uncomfortable as well as look weird. The Skimp Skamps fit these criteria, and with so many great reviews it's a natural to start there.

I also like to have a few lacy, colorful pair in my lingerie drawer.  J.C.Penney's house line 'Ambrielle' has a lot of really fun, wild panties at reasonable prices.  Check out these in 'Leopard Shadow'! The reviews are good, so i'll check these out as well. Do you have any "Holy Grail" knickers you'd like to share with us?

With all this panty-surfing, i happened upon the blog of HerRoom founder Tomima Edmark. What a fount of wisdom! If you have any burning questions regarding 'small clothes', do a search on her blog. How to shop for a bra that keeps your nipples from 'pointing east and west', proper laundering of lingerie, are you pulling your panties up too high.....this lady blew my socks off!!! Let's face it, the internet makes it incredibly easy for any old blowhard to set themselves up as some fantastic 'expert'. But it also makes it possible for people who are the real deal to get valuable information out to us regular slobs. This lady is the real deal!!!

Phew, i'm ready for a nap! Hope you enjoy your day, and don't forget to visit Visible Monday!!


  1. Wow, thanks for the links to Amy's Quality Checklist (I'm all over that one) and the Undergarment Lady (she knows her stuff)! The internetz are a fabulous invention.

    Sorry you've been sick! But thanks so much for posting ans linking to Visible Monday. You do look great, love the hat.

  2. panty-surfing hee hee! I just did an out with the old and in with the new myself. I also was bedridden for the last 48 hours but my hair was not cute at all!
    Love this jacket - I love that sort of fit, a sharp shoulder, nipped in waist and fitted back. Great hat!

  3. Great outfit. That jacket is just amazing. It fits beautifully.

  4. Loving the hat!! I'm trying to wear hats more...very intimidating.

  5. Any chance we'll get to see the results of the "small clothes" shopping? I swear by the cheap, cotton kind and purchase a multi-pack once a year. Hope your rhini is feeling better. The hat looks great.

  6. While I love some of JCPenney's house brand stuff (especially their St. Johns Bay tee shirts), the Ambrielle underwear is really hit or miss. I've found that the same style can vary widely in quality between different colors and patterns.

    So before you grab several pairs in a variety of colors, double check that they actually are cut the same. And especially check if they have a rough seam up the back. Nothing worse than an itchy bit of elastic under your pants where ladylike scratching is impossible!

  7. Hi Patti! VM is great, so easy and very fun! i'm glad you liked the links - the underwear lady is phenomenal!

    Hi Veshoevius! yes, this is a great pattern - i love the shape, and i learned a lot by making it. Hope you are feeling ship shape!

    oh, Thank you Debbi! you do wonderful with jackets yourself :)

    Welcome gracefully50! that little fedora was pretty darn cute on you :) maybe start small (beret, cloche, etc.) and work your way up!

    heehee Terri....i promise to 'report' on the results, not sure i'll let you 'see' what i end up with! those cotton multis you get at costco and stuff can be pretty good. i'm just picky and cotton wears out quickly for me.

    Thank you - definitely better today!

    Have a great day all! steph

  8. Hey Louise we cross-posted!! jinx!

    Thank you for the insider info - i can just imagine scratching 'the offending area' on a pine tree like a bear - no, not so ladylike. i had been planning to inspect and try on beforehand - now you've given me the backbone to do what must be done. Thank you!!! steph

  9. I found some lovely lace-edged panties at the Gap, but of course they stopped making that style! Grumble grumble. Hats do "top off" outfits wonderfully - I have one that I love to add to outfits in the summertime as it has the added bonus of keeping the sun off my face and staying chic!

  10. So glad you didn't get rid of that jacket - a darling outfit!

    At first, the idea of hardly ever shopping for underwear again appealed to me, then the longtime commitment didn't. :D You mean this weight gain of mine isn't temporary?