Monday, October 25, 2010

How Did You Spend YOUR Weekend?

This last weekend, we got a bunch of rain. Buckets, all over the place. Which is great, we can always use it here in the Meditarranean climate of the Bay Area. So i spent all Saturday in bed, after which i felt re-invigorated and refreshed.

As you may guess from these photos, Mr. E has succumbed to a friend's pleas for him to join his Fantasy Football league this season.  So all day Sundays and on Monday nights the computer is reserved for Fantasy Football use exclusively.  A similar situation pertains next door - i was joking with D. that we are a new variety of 'Football Widows' (widowed from computer access).  Between the deluge outdoors and someone being glued to the computer, my options for outfit photos on Sunday were limited.  (You can see how enthralled my husband is with my self-portraiture.  I'm guessing over-exposure. And his fantasy team is doing much better than his expression would suggest.)

I had to venture out in the rain to do the weekly grocery shopping.  After the 'Can Clothes Be Too Comfy?' discussion, that grey ruffled skirt was on my brain.  I wanted to try this skirt at a shorter length and see how i liked it.....but without taking the irreversible step of chopping it up. I took a clue from Audi's penchant for hiking skirts up to below (and sometimes over) her bust.  I safety-pinned the skirt's waistband to the bottom elastic band of my bra at four places -  et voila! a perfect just below the knee length skirt!

These shenanigans yielded an unexpected benefit - my bra stayed perfectly in place all day. The weight of the skirt balanced out the weight of the bust, so no hourly pulling down the back of the bra. Funny how something that seems so fussy to put together ends up being much less fuss to wear. Counter-intuitive.

At this point my thinking is to just keep the skirt as is, and pin it up when i want to wear it shorter.  Let us bow down to the goddess that is the safety pin!  According to this site, Penelope received over a dozen safety pins from those pesky suitors when her man Odysseus was lashing himself to the mast, blinding Cyclops, and generally remaining AWOL.  Penelope has always been held up as an example of stunning faithfulness, spending sleepless nights unpicking her own work, but if all those suitors could come up with was a bunch of safety pins....well.  Sometimes life just isn't chock-full of tempting options.

In other outfit news, i have pictures of a

*** NEW SKIRT *** 

to post tomorrow.  Don't Touch That Dial!

Jacket: made by me, McCall's Pattern #5594
Top, OTK Socks: Target
Skirt: own design
Shoes: antique Maine Woods
Scarf: Echo


  1. The skirt is much more excellent at the shorter length, I think. Although keeping it long so you can wear it both ways is flexible, if you think you'll really want to do it. & I'm sure you know this since you are wise but if you're hitching frequently it's time for a re-fit! I found the Bare Necessities bra fitting guide several years ago and it was, no joke, life-changing.

  2. Thanks, Cynthia! i'm liking it shorter a lot myself - i'm just s l o w when it comes to change ; ) but i'm pretty sure i'll end up shortening it.
    yeah, i could stand some new bras, but bra shopping is hell (not just due to fit)...also, partly all the adjusting is due to over-sensitivity from a medical problem. and thanks for the rec - i'll keep a look out for that book!! steph

  3. It's actually on the internet. For some reason, the way I'm constructed (large rib cage) if I follow the normal measuring instructions from other catalogs, I end up as a 41 -A, but with theirs, I am a happy and well-fit 36C.

  4. If you're tugging down your bra strap, you're buying bras that are too big around the ribcage (I used to buy 38DDs, thinking they would fit my boobs better - turns out I'm a 34).

    Love your creativity with the skirt.

    Ha! I'm a huge football fan - I'm in 1st place in my fantasy league (it's not online).

  5. hi Cynthia and Sheila! it's not too big, it's just old and i need to move in a notch on the hooks! honest! also, i had a blood clot/pulmonary embolism 3 years ago and ever since the left side of my chest/back is SUPER SENSITIVE. so i end up fiddling with my bra even when i don't actually need to (like it's moved literally 1/8", or not at all). it's funny - i try to explain what i'm feeling to my male doc 'it's just along where your bra band hits you, you know?' (blank look) off to Bare Necessities fitting site....

    ok, i'm back now. according to the Bare Necessities system i am a 32DDD. i don't think i've ever even SEEN that size. if i ever do, i'll give it a whirl and let you know........i especially like the quote on that site: "Measuring yourself for a bra is an art, not a science". my sister worked for a couple of Eastern European bra/corset fitting ladies in their downtown Berkeley lingerie shop for years....nothing beats experience and knowledge of different styles and brands. it turns out some brands are sized for transvestites - who knew!

    Sheila, i'd seen you mention your love of football on your site. I'n not surprised AT ALL that you're #1 in your league! i think Mr. E is enjoying it more than he thinks he's not 'serious', but he seems to be having an awful lot of fun so i like it.

  6. The skirt looks great at that length! I like being able to hike a skirt up of down; it makes it look like a whole different garment. If you decide to shorten this one to the length you're wearing it here, I think you could still hike it up and wear it as a knee-length skirt.

  7. Hi Audi! hhmmmm.....good point. you got the wheels turning!!! steph