Thursday, October 28, 2010

In Which I Tenderly Smooch Some Bloggin' Patootie


Style Underdog has been doing 'copycat' posts for a couple of weeks now. She'll find great outfits in catalogs, magazine, etc. then 'reproduce them' and in the process knock 'em out of the ballpark, vastly improved. Recently, she opened the field to her fellow bloggers, challenging us to do our own copycat posts and she'd post our links. Did you notice the timing of that - right after that well-deserved shout-out feature on Already Pretty?  Yeah, she's like that......

Copycatting sounded like lots of fun...for me, especially copying the Dawg Herself.  It's a tossup if i'll grow up to be The Dog or Sheila - it all depends on IF i grow up.  But Ms. Underdog and i have such different styles, leaving aside the reliance on neutrals. So it all seemed a mere pipe dream.

Until i saw this post.  Hmmmm....i have plenty of ribbon, a jacket that mite kinda work.  Lord knows Style Underdog has a penchant for raiding her male relative's closets when necessary, so the button down could be obtained.  But - black velvet trousers?   Especially overly long ones?  Stymied once again!

But wait......eight years ago.....ordering Carushka velvet leggings via mail order.....the trouble i've had figuring out ways to wear them, fabulous as they started to snowball into Actual Possibility.

Still and all, it's a wee dressy for around the house - even pour moi.  But nite before last, Mr. E proposed a trip across the bay this very nite, to see the incomparable Stew With HEIDI!!!! Enough for me.  All systems go!!

to quote you know who,"That is all."

secret message for S: don't think this 
gets you off the hook!


  1. Ha! The tag and title for this post are inspired. As is this inspired-by ensemble.

  2. Hi A-Dubs! you are too kind. and a girl has to amuse herself one way or the other....

    Cynthia! you're too much! thank you! steph

  3. Wow -- what a snazzy outfit. I love the black bow around the neck. Very stylish.

  4. I'm absolutely going to have to try the ribbon thing! Serene

  5. With this post of yours and a little help from style underdog I have become quilt free of coping from magazines ,cataloques the web. We all do it so it's a good idea to come open and give credits.Yours is a very well put together outfit.

  6. Hi Shy! thank you! i loved the ribbon, too - it really caught my eye on Ms. Underdog's outfit.

    Welcome Serene! i just went over to check out your blog - i think you'd look great in a ribbon bow! just snag one off a likely looking present, like i did, or use a belt off a random dress, like The Dog. or if you come up with some other fun 'source' for your bow, come back and let us know!

    Hi Angeie! very very very very well put. i really enjoy giving credit, since we're all so interconnected to each other in so many ways. it's fun!! and thank you. : ) steph

  7. Am I S? I don't know.

    You look so different! It's awesome - what great inspiration too!

    I suppose I should do a "knock off" outfit, but things have been a little nutty around here lately.

  8. he heee! i was hoping i wasn't being too vague. but yes - after the fun i had doing this post, and wearing this outfit, i decided i have to do a 'Sheila copycat' too!! it mite be a little trickier, since your color sense is so outstanding and i rely on newts. but i'm determined!!!

    oh a knock off when it seems fun! we're all already amazed at everything you get done as it is. give the rest of us a chance to catch up : )

    it's funny, my husband thought i'd cut my hair! i just put it up like i do most days, but took one minute to blow dry my bangs down instead of pinning them up and air-drying. & once i decided what look to copy, it was a snap to get dressed (the creative decisions have been made already). so it wasn't any more time or effort at all. but like you said, its a very different look.

    copycatting's a great way to experiment, get out of a rut, expand your 'range', or just try something different. i give it a 'thumb's up!'

  9. i found your from fashion underdog, so cute! i love the little neck tie!

  10. Welcome Kinsey! thank you, and thanks for stopping by!! steph