Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sun Sprites

The day after i've posted a couple of articles with advice (from me) on how to take photographs - and i'm showing you an outfit that was an absolute pistol for me to photograph! Seriously, i don't know what was going on between me, my clothes, the camera, and the lighting........but i threw in the towel when i started arguing with my blouse.  Out loud.

So the outfit pictures that turned out the best show me mugging goofily....which could be worse.  However, i do wish that my pendant would have stayed more visible in these pics, and that you could see the striped ribbon and black bandanna detail a bit more clearly from the back.  If you click on the pictures it will show more clearly......but then part of the point of why i wore it that way is so these accessories kind of blend in to the clothes from the back, but then from the front you can clearly see that they are separate pieces.........who the flip knows what i'm complaining about.  I sure don't! I'm just happy as hell you're reading this blog.

Let's discuss the outfit, shall we? This is one of those 'quintessentially me' get-ups.  Like if you'd shown this outfit to me at seventeen, and told me i'd be wearing this at 48, i would have been thrilled.  In fact, this isn't that far out from some of my high-school looks......romantic, old-fashioned blouse, floral skirt, chunky heels, stray pieces of string hanging down for no apparent reason.

Sal at Already Pretty has a great manifesto up arguing for remaining flexible in your style, and setting out her ideas for doing so. And honestly, it's a change or die type of world we live in. But, as i said in the comments, i think remaining up to date as far as clothing and accessories trends is a lot more important for some style types than for others.  Edgy, urban, sexy, glam, chic, sporty, professional or business, avant-garde artsy - i think these style types really benefit by trying a lot of trends and incorporating any that work into their wardrobe STAT

But for people who styles run more to the romantic, ethnic, bohemian, retro-glam, gamine, plain old artsy, and (dare i say it) eccentric ............ being too keyed into current styles can detract from the essential flavor of what they are trying to convey.  A lot of these latter style types are purposely trying to evoke a different era. And while i concede that every era evokes it's own version of the past, you still want to create a little feeling of distance from the quotidian.  At least i do.  I like to exercise my flexibility by dressing 'true to my type' in new areas or activities (as in my notorious camping series). What do you think? Do you find that staying current with trends is more important to different style types, in different circles or professions, or at different times of life? Do you have any tricks for staying flexible within your own personal style?

Sex Tips for Eccentric Gals: Even when your look states commandingly: 'All buttoned up!', you still want to let him know you know that half the fun of buttons is in un-doing them.....give him a hint of what could be in store (if he plays his cards right)  by showing a little unexpected skin!

Hat: ??? from The Berkeley Hat Company
Blouse: Folkwear Patterns Gibson Girl Blouse, made by me
Skirt, Jacket: own design
Shoes: Clark's Passion
Bandanna: Target
Black & White Ribbon: Tail of the Yak, Berkeley, CA
Necklace, Earrings, Ribbon Flower: own design 

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