Sunday, October 31, 2010

Summer Wrap Up

Happily, today (Halloween!) has dawned nice and bright, so the little ghoulies and monsters should be able to run, squeal, and hold up the locals without fear of damp or cold.  However, the last couple of weeks have been typical Bay Area winter-type weather - damp, some rain, fog, a bit chilly.  I have a couple of summery outfits i haven't posted yet, so i figured i'd better slap 'em up here before they seem completely out of kilter!

Another grocery-shopping-day look.  Note predominance of pockets and tell-tale bright pink pen.

another view:

I love that skirt so much more since i made the 'coordinating' petti. Even when i wear the skirt all by itself.  It makes no sense, but that hasn't stopped anything before.

God, i just love the way linen crinkles and wrinkles and drapes.  That blouse is a linen/rayon blend and by the end of the day is just has this amazing texture. Not to mention it breathes wonderfully in the heat.  It also lasts like iron, i did you not! If i had to choose one fiber for all i wear, i'd go with linen.

Same pin/chain trick. Next you can see the multiple waist fastenings i like - knotted, belted, & tied.

This last outfit (below) was fine. But i've decided to toss this blouse (after i cannibalize it for buttons, lace, etc.). I got it on sale at April Cornell a few years back. Very nice details - buttons with loops, skinny circle-ruffle on neckline, lace and ruffle on sleeve - but the fit is just atrocious. Constantly 'falling to the back', kind of too long to wear out and loose (plus the front placket always shrank, causing the hem to dip up in the center), yet not long enough to tuck in or knot properly.

Here's a detail of how i got the blouse to kind of (not really) stay in place:

I used a hair elastic to gather up the 'knot', then hid it underneath the belt. It looked fine, but the blouse kept moving around too much for me.

I thought this clock would look so fun with this outfit.  It's a present from my mom - i love old clocks and i love birds, so it was really sweet of her to find this one for me. This clock is perfect as a kitchen clock (hmm, i think it's time to move it over the greenhouse window above the sink again...).  The funniest part is, through some mix-up, the details of which i've forgotten (mom?), mom ended up getting a duplicate and now we have matching kitchen clocks!  Of course this makes it that much more special. I'm having a feeling that i was certain i'd lost it in the move to Tony's when we married, so mom got me a replacement, but then i found the original....

Mom, does this sound right to you or.....?

Happy Halloween everybody!!!

Jacket: Royal Robbins, altered
Top, Petticoat: own design
Skirt: own design, inspired by some girls wander
Shoes: Maine Woods
Pen: Pilot Rolling Ball Extra Fine
Belt: Betsey Johnson

Blouse: Folkwear Patterns Gibson Girl Blouse, made by me
Dress: Converse One at Target
Underskirt: Liberty of London for Target
Belt: Betsey Johnson

Blouse: April Cornell
Skirt, Petticoat: own design
Sandals: Naturalizer


  1. OK, I'm writing this at the bottom of the 9th inning with the Giants (torture!) leading, so it may be weird.
    You really liked the clock, so I told you I would write your name on it so it went to you when I leave this mortal coil. When I moved to Napa, for some reason after I had packed up all the boxes, I looked for it to make sure it was still around (I had a broken leg, what can I say?), and I couldn't find it. Looked through all the boxes, 'fessed up to you, then got one on eBay for you. Then I found mine. Neither one works.
    Thank you so much for coming to help me with Halloween. We had a screecher, a yapper and a woofer helping me - but your being here is wonderful. Smooches. Plus, Yay! The Giants shut out the Rangers!!!

  2. Great rubber idea. I also love linen but I mostly end up with cotton.I like the skirt in the last photo .It's great that you made it!

  3. Hi Mom! thanks for clarifying - i knew it was something about it getting lost during a move.....those dogs should have sore throats today after all that barking at the doorbell last nite! lots of fun!!!

    Hi Angie! thanks! nice to know another linen fan, it has it's detractors. skirts are great to make. simple, with a big wardrobe impact. & you've been whipping up some great ones yourself recently!!

  4. Hello, hello! Thanks for commenting and for visiting my blog. I love discovering new kindred spirits in the blogging community. Are you a Nor-cal "girl"? Bay Area or where?
    Feel free to introduce yourself:

    I am so down with creating community. Find me on IFB: Citizen Rosebud, there's a group for Nor-Cal bloggers. -Bella Q

  5. Hi Citizen Rosebud! thanks for dropping in! let's see - i was born in Fresno, raised and lived in the East Bay since i was about, the family's been in CA for generations. so, yeah, No Cal girl here!

    (my grandparents always said that Northern California starts at Fresno, where they've lived since the 1920's.....ever notice how many people say northern California starts wherever they happen to live? ; ) i don't blame 'em!) steph