Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Short & Sweet

 Busy couple of days starting today, so i'll be terse - here's something new for you to look at anyways.

(if you want something to read, just scroll around the archives, there's plenty available.........once i start typing, i can't stop!)

Those turkeys (13!) had been 'cultivating' this spot a couple of days before and i had a devil of a time keeping my balance. The air was mighty blue by the end of this shoot....

Blouse: own pattern, inspired by Style Underdog
Skirt: own design, inspired by The Hidden Seed
Petticoat: own design
Socks: Little Miss Matched
Earrings: Liliswan on etsy
Necklace: gift (the chain on the rose necklace is very delicate - for this look i wore it entwined with a gold rope chain for a different look)
Shoes: archaeologically ancient Maine Woods
Hat: The Berkeley Hat Company


  1. Ok, I will read the other posts. I just got my power back so I'm getting to visit everyone. Thanks for the comment on Sal's blog. BUT, I do feel the line between us is a little thicker then you mentioned. Just thought you should know :) Off to read more...

  2. Well, that was dumb of me. i just went and read my comment - i was ATTEMPTING (however unsuccessfully) to imply that our 'age association' was tenuous as i am just squeaking into the 40's from the HIGH end, while you are squeaking into the 40's from the LOW end.....altho if you told me you had yet to reach the big '4 oh' i'd believe it. you just look so full of energy and life. plus you have that anti-stodgi style thing....

    i'm glad your power is back on! i hope it wasn't too hectic - and congrats on your mention at AP! i was so excited to see that - your blog is stellar!! have a great rest of the week!! steph