Saturday, December 18, 2010

No Repeats W & W: Day Five

What i wore most of the day around the house. Beautifeel shoes. It got this dark by around 2 in the afternoon. Dramatic weather, for sure!

Grocery shopping means you have to leave the house - into 40 degree F temps and a nice, steady rain. I'd just sprayed my Bass Lamont boots with waterproofing spray two days ago. Perfect time to get 'em wet!

I also needed easily accessible pockets and more warmth. Thus, Royal Robbins jean style jacket and Nine West wrap cardi. Gloves via The Berkeley Hat Company. I'm wearing Smartwool socks under those boots.

I've had this necklace since i was around 22 - but instead of that great lemon quartz bead, it had a square, kitchsy clump of milky semi-opaque stones, base metal flowers, and rhinestones. It was pretty great how it was, and my friend Shawn (a guy) still brings it up on a regular basis, but i'm not feeling so 'ironic' these days (in my manner of dress). I'd been looking for the perfect way to showcase this quartz bead for a couple of years - who knows why it finally hit me now!  I love how it turned out, especially as i've been on the hunt for more statement pieces.

You can just make out the stars at the ends of the chains at the center. That chain tassel is so fun to fidget with! Plus, chain tassels are very 'in' these days......groovy.

I hope you all have a great weekend, the last before Christmas! We're headed to The Dickens Fair and also plan to do some gift shopping.  I hope it doesn't get too crazy for any of you out there.....

Ivory Cotton Sweater: Royal Robbins
Skirt: own design, inspired by The Hidden Seed
Jean Style Jacket: Royal Robbins
Black Wrap Cardi: Nine West
Gloves: The Berkeley Hat Company
Pumps: Beautifeel
Boots: Bass Lamont
Wool-Blend Tights: Hanna Andersson


  1. I like the quartz bead tassel, well done.

    Not into our No-cal rain today. Just wet and messy. Hard to doll up.

    Happy holidays to you, Dash- xo. Bella Q

  2. Gorgeous boots - and LOVE the leopard detailing on your gloves! Sarah xxx

  3. oooh, I like the necklace! I have new boots. Do you think I need to waterproof them or did they likely come waterproofed? We're expecting snow...

  4. Thank you Bella! it is hard to doll up in all this commotion (thunder and lightning scared hell out of the cat last nite! luckily he ran rite in when i called him). & it's supposed to last a whole week! be careful, and happy holidays to you too!!!!

    Hi Sarah! i rec'd the dupes of those gloves from my stepma in a stocking a few years ago - warm & great looking. they finally wore out, when i came across their twins at the Berkeley Hat Co. kismet!

    Hi Terri! TY! re: boots, ya got me there. i have no idea. maybe ask where you got them, or search online? i hope you get the 'convenient and picturesque snow' not the 'no heat no water need to dig the car out of 8 feet of snow' type of snow! good luck!