Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No Repeats W & W: Day Two

 Best Laid i list my 'workaday capsule' items - with pictures!  Yesterday i set out to photograph the pieces on our expandable free-standing clothes dryer. I was wearing some of the items, so i would stand next to the clothes dryer to 'include' those pieces. Cute, huh?

First of all, the constrast between the light and dark items meant that either the light items were blasted out with light and you could see the dark ones fine, or the light was subtle enough to catch the detail in the lighter items but the darker items were lost in murky shadow. And if that wasn't bad enough - downpour!  Fortunately  i believe in wash 'n wear (no dry cleaning for this girl), and i don't melt, so no disaster resulted.  I just had to come up with a plan B, which you see below. I photographed the groups of tops, bottoms, and third layers (sweaters and jackets) in two groups each (light and dark). I do have a few pre-planned accessory sets. I'd planned to photograph those yesterday, but........let's just say i hope to get to that today!

light tops - left to right, top to bottom: grey l/s henley, ivory l/s sweater, s/s polo (soon to be cut up to a ruffle tee), light and dark grey lace trimmed tanks.

dark tops - left to right, top to bottom: black l/s sweater, crew & vee neck s/s tees, scoop neck l/s ribbed sweater, black lace trimmed tank, scoop neck l/s dark grey sweater.

light bottoms - left to right: khaki slim cargoes, khaki capris, khaki dirndl over grey ruffle skirt, mlle. pointy-hem button-front skirt. shown in top photo: grey jeggings.

dark bottoms - left to right: black jersey 'posh pants' by Carushka, skunk skirt.

light third layers - left to right: khaki crop pinstripe jacket, jean style jacket, palm tree jacket (Issey Miyake).

dark third layers - left to right: black cashmere cardi, black cotton wrap sweater, olive drab no-button cardi, Tweeds sweater.

That's twenty six items, although i doubt the weather will allow me to wear any of the tees or tanks (quantity 6) as a top by itself. But they will be useful as layering pieces or under a third layer. To make it more of a 'challenge' i could have whittled this down to fewer pieces, but that just seems kind of overly artificial - the point is for me to get used to working with this part of my wardrobe (plenty of 'cake' here, i also noticed). I don't see how excluding some of these items will further that aim.

gratuitous mushroom photo
 On to yesterday's outfit - i confess, i wore jeggings as pants!!!  Really, i'm not condoning it as a practice. However, the driving idea behind the 'workaday' capsule is comfy, casual items for wear around the house. If i'm not going anywhere, i may as well. In my defense, the black sweater is pretty thick, and i wore one of the lace trimmed tanks from the second picture underneath. Those tanks are really long, and i spent most of the day with it pulled down to mid-hip/the top of my legs. Especially in the back. Also, the distressed wash of the fabric 'fuzzes out' a lot of the detail beneath.

Oh for crying out loud, enough justification - they're still jeggings!  ........mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa......

The necklace is actually a rolo bracelet to which i've been adding these 'potato pearls' and a couple of charms.  A week or so ago i was thinking how much i'd like a necklace that looked like this bracelet - so i clipped it into a 16" snake necklace and " wah-lah " ! Having so much weight along one area of the necklace makes it move and curve in a very distinct way.

Sweater: Royal Robbins
Tank: Old Navy
Jeggings: Target (Mossimo)
Boots: Bass Lamont


  1. Honestly, if they looked that good on me I'd wear them too. I tried on that very pair and they did not work for me but the hunt continues! Viva la Jegging!

  2. I like your capsule. It must be fab to have such a consistent and compatible set of colors to work with. Sometimes I think I ought to define a color range and just not let myself buy anything outside it. But that would be too sensible. And also, I think my preferred color scheme is in the process of shifting over the last couple of years and that might be part of my problem.

    Hmm, maybe I should blog about that.

  3. I like what you did with the bracelet/necklace.

    I have some jeggings and they are comfy!!

    If I didn't have to dress for work everyday, I'd live in sweatpants and yoga pants or shorts!

  4. oh, Erin, you are a true sweetheart : )
    here's hoping your fantasy jeggings find you this year!

    Hi Cynthia! well, limiting the color scheme works for me! one idea you could try is pulling out a 2-3 color capsule from your existing items & dress out of that group for a few days.....whatever colors you have that you like together and that you have enough of to do the experiment (& newts get in free!).....or even just put together a bunch of outfits & photograph them. it's one way to get a feel for it. but a changing color sense does 'throw a spanner in the works, as they say in the UK!

    - hey, blogging about that is a great idea : ) !!!

    Hi Joy - thank you! heavens, i can't believe a STYLE BLOGGER said that ; ) hee hee!


  5. What a neat idea! I'm looking forward to seeing what looks you put together from the capsule, also can't wait to see what the ruffle tee looks like.

  6. Hey Sis,
    Maybe you already knew this, but on that camera is a button on the top for macro shots. It has a flower icon. It will allow you to keep the focus close when you are taking shots of stuff like mushrooms and flowers.

    That's a really nice shot of the mushroom.

    -Ur Bro

  7. Hi Allison!! thank you!! (p.s. & feel free to send some of that 'i get Naturalizer boots for $20' mojo this way ; ) hee hee! steph

    Hey Bro! i actually used the macro setting to take some pix of some super-teensy shrooms out back just today! the one in this post looked like a textbook example of an Amanita phalloides - one of the two most deadlist liver-eaters out there. (don't worry mom, you have to actually EAT IT to be in any danger). green-tinged cap and everything. they are super photogenic, though! have a good evening and rest of your week!!!! love, sis

  8. I have grey ruffled skirt envy...and if the truth were known, I wear jeggings around the house.

  9. Hi Terri! well, that skirt is very easy to make (oh no! i'm being a sewing bully!) - all the secrets are coming out now.....tee hee......steph