Friday, December 17, 2010

No Repeats W & W: Day Four

EEEEK! a pair of black, knit, non-sweat pants are a great idea as part of my 'workaday' capsule.
But these particular black, knit, non-sweat pants are just too old and worn out - faded 'off' color, droopy hand.  They need to be cut up and used as a pattern for a nice, new pair.

So, how to spice up a plain black 'base'? One way is to showcase a fun jacket and a few related accessories. The subtle color and pattern of this jacket and the delicate necklace and earrings are easily lost when combined with a lot of bright color and vivid patterns, but with a 'blank' background even subtle pieces like these can take center stage.

I'm wearing the scoop necked Mossimo sweater with the black lace necked tank underneath - the lace neckline peeks out from underneath and gives a different neckline to the sweater, continuing the 'lacey flowers' theme. I also layered my cashmere cardigan underneath the jacket for warmth (you can see it underneath the bust). Since all three pieces are black they kind of 'meld together' and read more as one piece than as three. The top of the three earrings is a garnet heart, the middle is a silver rose from Benitez Jewelers. I somehow lost the other of this pair, i hope i can buy another pair (with pearls in the middle?) at the Dickens Fair this weekend.

Another approach is to use the black to 'soak up' the many brilliant colors of one outstanding, outrageous piece. Go even further by choosing gloves in the opposing color (lavender lives across the color wheel from yellow), and choose an unexpected, old-fashioned piece to showcase your fashion cred (lorgnette, opera glasses, or long handled wooden spoon). (It was bread baking day.)

I've set up the accessories shoot and the test photos seem fine (not wonderfully artistic, but fine). So i'm off to the shoot!

Jacket: own design
Cardigan: L. L. Bean
Sweater: Mossimo from Target
Lace Tank: Jockey
Pants: Carushka
Earrings & Necklace: liliswan from etsy
Rose Earring: Benitez Jewelers
Belt: Betsey Johnson
Shoes: Bass Lacey
Apron: gift from Shackford's


  1. Ooh this entire ensemble/silhouette is very reminiscent of Katherine Hepburn. Classic, clean lines, masculine shapes with feminine drape, all long and lean, with plenty of little delicate details to draw the eye. You look pretty fabulous! Sarah xxx

  2. Stef--this is great advice about working off a base of black! I really like what you do with your it naturally curly? And what is it you are baking?

  3. Oh how I wish I could sew!! Good advice re: working from a base of black. I really like your accessories, they're lovely.

  4. oh Sarah, what a wonderful compliment!! thank you! & what a way you have with words: 'masculine shapes with feminine drape'. wow!

    Hi Terri! thank you! that's my natural hair texture - i cut it myself (a trim of literally 1/8" will REALLY liven up the curl, along with a bit of thinning), and use gel/conditioner half and half on wet hair, dry naturally.

    i started cutting it myself because of $$$/difficulty in finding stylists. and if you do even a teensy trim every 3-4 weeks it totally highlights the curl. i don't want to be in the salon that much!

    i made ginger-raisin whole wheat bread. Fannie Farmer Baking Book.

    Hi TGB! it's never too late to learn ; ) (it is easier for certain temperaments.) and thank you!!

    Happy Saturday All!! steph