Thursday, December 2, 2010

Busy Busy Days...

As a very dear and long gone friend of mine used to day, 'Good NIGHT!' I found out late Tuesday afternoon that i would have to run around like crazy on Wednesday morning, and i spent Tuesday night trying to prepare. I don't 'get going' easily in the mornings, so the more i can plan and pack up in advance the better my chances of having what i need and getting out the door in time.

When i returned home mid-morning, family matters required my immediate attention. My e-mail program, central to the whole operation, kept crashing. Matters resolved themselves, and all is well. But shortly thereafter i had to drive to pick up Mr. E at work (driving makes my leg very unhappy). On top of it all, we've been having the coldest two November weeks in the history of the San Fransisco Bay Area.  Temps have been dropping to the low 30's (F) at night and then rising into the 40's - low 50's during the day. Which isn't outrageous, except if you live in Walnut Creek and you have about 2.5 outfits suitable for those conditions....

Today's outfit was worn about 3 weeks ago, during a happy, milder time. Beautiful light shining through the trees, no need to bundle up like the Homme Michelin. A cotton skirt and lacy stocking provide the only 'protection from the elements' required. It's all just decoration!

I think i'll tie myself up with a ribbon like a little present!  And look, this picture shows my delicate little romantic birdie earrings. I love the birdies singing in the trees.  Tra la la......

aw heck, who do i think i am kidding. The outfit in this post started out like this:

Hope all of us have smoother days today!  Happy Thursday!

Jean Jacket: Royal Robbins
Blouse: own design, inspired by some girls wander
Skirt: own design
Stockings: Betsey Johnson (but the neon pink dye of the waistband runs & stains)
Shoes: Bass Lacey Oxfords
Scarf, Earrings: gifts
Hoodie: Aeropostale


  1. Thanks for the nice comments!Your outfit is a nice mix of different textures and and a lovely mix of subtle colors and patterns!

  2. Hi Angie! thank you! and i've been really impressed by your 30 x 30 - so much variety but at the same time it all looks very pulled together. a delicate balance to hit. Brava! steph

  3. Love the scarf and ditto what angie said--the textures! Looks like you are having some NE weather????

  4. Thank you Paula! yeah, on the whole i'll veer more towards texture than colors. re: the weather it's nowhere near what people in the midwest or northeast have to contend with, thank goodness! it's just we're 'weather weenies' here in the bay area, so we're not used to it. my husband teases me that if it gets over 72F or below 68F i can't take it....we're spoiled!

    and from the clothes angle, when you have a longer run of it you notice you keep wearing the same 3 things (since that's all you have that suits!) have a good evening, steph

  5. Steph--I love many details in this outfit post: first the patterned ribbon around your neck, then, the lacy tights with the practical shoes, and the scalloped edge on one of the tops. I'm having crazy days too and decided that tonight I'm going to relax by visiting all my 'girlfriends'!

  6. Hello Girlfriend! i hope you had a fun, relaxing evening! and thank you, i'm a detail *FIEND*

    i just read your friend friday post - your sense of commitment to your readers is very strong. it's uncharted territory, for sure, this's a lot of fun but i think 'real life' should always take precedence.

    otherwise, we'll have nothing to blog about

    ; ) steph

  7. I laughed at your last pictures - you've got guts to post that, girl!

    You are mistress of the detailed textures! Love those socks/tights.

    My real life has been getting in the way of blogging lately, but I totally agree that life should take precedence. :)

  8. Hi Sheila! i don't know about guts - but i'll do about anything for a laugh.

    and i'm always glad when a fellow blogger has real life fun!! like Erin's hiatus - on the selfish side i miss seeing her posts....but i have an affection for her and so it's great that she's happy and having fun! it seems you are doing a lot of fun stuff these days and that is as it should be. steph