Monday, November 29, 2010

Win Some, Lose Some

Well, it's that time of year, and a bug of some species or another has come and gone from my sinuii - however, my nose is still protesting the insult.  Ugh. Slowly things are improving, but the business of the season makes me grumpier when i'm not feeling 'up to snuff'.

not happy about my sinuses

Saturday we had to brave the elements, consumer and weather.  We were headed out for shopping in Berkeley and it was cold and rainy. A perfect time to break out my new Mountain Hardware GoreTex shell (purchased eight days ago at Mountain Hardware's last-ever factory sale in Point Richmond for $50, retail price $359-400) and my Gore Tex Merrell hiking shoes (purchased at REI used-gear sale in mint condition for $19.99, retail price $99.99).  I also got the less than brilliant idea that jeggings would keep my legs warm and i wouldn't have to deal with any trailing skirts, drooping tights, etc. I could just layer up on top and stay warm that way.

Well, i didn't have to adjust anything all day but those jeggings provided no warmth whatsoever.  Frankly, i have no idea why i thought they would. Anyways, Sunday i wore wool tights, petti, skirt and was much warmer.  The Gore Tex jacket and shoes were great - lightweight, comfy, and nice and dry!

fur-trim gloves in pockets

As the day wore on and we walked all over town, i put on my hat to keep warm. My flower pin kept getting 'lost' on my jacket lapel so i moved it on upstairs.  I'd tucked the jeggings into my wool socks to keep warm, and it did work temperature-wise, but the jeggings kept bunching up around my socks. Which looked kinda dumb - but imagine how these pants would look tucked into my in-transit boots with these lace socks peeking out the top.  Different story, entirely.  

the events of the day take their toll
 When we got home, i traded my sneaks for sandals to go start some laundry - i ran into my neighbor D in the carport and she thought i looked cute!  By that time what i was wearing really wasn't on purpose - i'd just juggled things around as i went through the day. But thanks to a long-acting decongestant i was feeling much perkier, as you can no doubt see. Sometimes i have no idea how i ended up in the clothes i'm wearing - does that ever happen to you?

GoreTex Shell: Mountain Hardware
Wool Jacket: Ralph Lauren, about 12 years old
Burnout Velvet Top: Anna Sui for Vogue Patterns V2947, out of print but still available here, made by me
Jeggings: Target
Hat: April Cornell
Shoes: Merrell
Sandals: Naturalizer
Earrings: liliswan on etsy
Scarf, Ribbon Flowers: own design


  1. What a great score on the jacket! You look great. I made the same jeggings mistake and they almost made my legs colder! I hope you get feeling better.

  2. On the jeggings, I love mine, but for warmth? No. I have a 100%merino wool pair (black) for that!
    PS--You look adorable even with your sinus thing! (I had a sinus infection over the fun!)

  3. Oh, the Ralph Lauren jacket is what i like about this look. I have a very similar jacket i want to wear just as soon as the remix challenge is over. I'm also a big believer in those light-weight hiking boots. For years, that was the only shoe i wore.

    I'm not sure about the jegging thing yet, but I see women our age wearing them everywhere.

  4. I love the idea of jeggings, but yeah, no warmth. Skirts with tights are warmer, but I like the look of really tight skinny pants UNDER dresses. Makes the look less dressy ya know?

    LOVING your layering of scarves and hat & pin.Here's to warmer days, or more layers!

  5. I absolutely love the Burnout velvet Top! The pattern looks awesome!

  6. Good Morning All!

    1st - the ? of jeggings - looks like if i'd asked, you all could've told me they're cold! i wear them primarily for comfort (nerve damage in leg), i'm still not 'sold' on them except to wear as i would leggings....this is the absolute SHORTEST tunic length i'd go w/them (unless i was camping or something).

    Mr. Lonely -thanks for visiting! i dont' think i've seen a blog that so much of a diary before...interesting!

    Lisa Marie - it was awesome to find that jacket at that price - esp. since it was exactly what i wanted! thank you!

    hi Paula! glad your sinuii are better - i got a migraine yesterday from all the commotion in there! merino wool sounds extraoridinarily wise....hmm.

    Terri - i love that jacket!! it was on sale, not cheap (i was flush) & i've never regretted it. it's really warm, too. looking forward to seeing you in yours!!! (jacket, not the jegs!)

    Hi Bella Q.! thank you again : ) skinny pants under dresses sounds very good - i'll have to keep that in mind....& stay warm! i'm sure it's even colder up there in our state capitol!! brrrr....

    Welcome Mugdha! as soon as i saw that fabric i had to have it - the same with the pattern! it is Anna Sui for Vogue Patterns V2947. it is out of print but still available at the 'out of print' section on the Vogue Patterns website:

    thank you everybody!! steph